▷ How to improve the productivity of your training organization? 2020 -
Management of contracts and agreements, monitoring of trainers,
edition of documents framing the services …
training requires specific commercial and administrative monitoring and
time consuming. To gain efficiency and improve productivity it is
necessary to use tools. Today, I suggest you introduce yourself
training center management software that will help you manage
calmly your activity from A to Z.I had previously told you about the CRM solution offered by Blue note systems, today, focus on their solution dedicated to training organizations.If, like me, you manage a training organization (OF for
friends), you know that administrative and commercial monitoring can be very
take a lot of time.When its activity reaches a certain threshold, opt for a
CRM dedicated to training centers becomes
quickly obvious.

Since OF’s activity is very specific, a specialized solution is needed for this sector of activity. This is the case with the training management solution offered by Blue note.

Advantages :

  1. Better commercial efficiency thanks to improved monitoring of training sessions;
  2. Simplified monitoring of all documents framing the training services;
  3. Reinforcement of the collaboration between the sales and marketing teams thanks to tools connected to each other;
  4. Statistics to better manage your activity;
  5. An assurance of respecting Datadock and the future quality certification of training providers (which will replace Datadock from 2021);
  6. If you are using an LMS, an easy connection between the two tools.

In short a great time saving and better
administrative and commercial efficiency.

Now let’s see the main features of the Blue note systems training management solution.

Features of the training center management solution

You will be able to integrate your catalog of
training, your sessions, your trainers, your trainees to better manage
all of your business.

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All stages of management are facilitated:

  1. You can send quotes and make them
    sign electronically (no more quotes to scan
    for your customers !);
  2. Manage the organization of your inter and
    intra-company, monitoring their progress, editing all
    documents (agreement, attendance sheet, attendance certificate and end of
    training …);
  3. Manage courses or
    training course to easily offer different modules to your customers
    on a single agreement;
  4. Manage your training schedule, but
    also that of your training rooms and places;
  5. Manage trainers: cost, schedule,
  6. Follow the registration of trainees (you can
    also offer them an online registration form);
  7. Automate the sending of summons,
    hot and cold assessments, certificate of presence, etc .;
  8. Offer satisfaction surveys and quizzes
    online knowledge assessment;
  9. Easily edit your annual educational report
    (a big time saver).

You manage all your activity from a single tool,
from training management, to CRM data and management

To better see the potential and see if
the tool is for you, you can request a free test. It suffices,
to do this, fill out the form offered by Blue note systems.

Click here to discover and test the CRM dedicated to training organizations

Article written in collaboration with Blue note systems.