Facebook Marketing – How To Improve Your Facebook And Instagram Visual Creations? – February 9, 2021

Niri Brusa

Editorial project manager – CWT Advertising & Co’m

Do you want to improve your visuals, in particular your stories on Facebook and Instagram? The social network unveils several visual creation tips to help brands have a better visual identity and stand out online …

Successful visuals on Facebook and Instagram

These tips were originally featured on Facebook’s Boost My Business show on Facebook Watch. But Facebook has decided to present in detail the specific elements for successful visuals.

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To recap, here are the main points to remember

  • Use a tripod and ring light (or natural light) to give your photos a professional look;
  • Add one or more props that enhance the photo and bring your brand to life;
  • Take visuals from different angles to create an attractive and compelling image;
  • Use Instagram filters or editing tools to adjust colors and tones and make your photo vivid while remaining natural;
  • Keep it short and don’t forget to include a call to action.

Source: Facebook