▷ How to include sponsored articles in your business strategy 2020 -

Content marketing at the service of your branding

To explode your sales in the long term, it is important to think about your branding but also to put in place a commercial strategy. It goes hand in hand with a communication strategy that includes all of your content marketing. For a quicker effect, have you thought about sponsored articles?

How sponsored articles work

When you want to publicize your services and / or products, the first thing to do is to develop a communication strategy. For example, you will set up different articles on your own blog and provide different content on your social networks.

One of the most common practices is to use sponsored articles. These articles are content produced by experts in their respective fields. When you know that this type of advertising brings more clicks than a classic advertising strategy, it is therefore important to choose these content creators according to your objective and your target for a successful campaign … but also according to the size of their community!

Sponsored articles will have the significant effect of boosting your SEO through a choice of keywords and the establishment of links called “backlinks” to your site or your sales pages. Anticipate this kind of action, however, because like any SEO action, a sponsored article will not have an immediate effect.

However, these articles will then be broadcast on the various social networks of the expert (s) chosen for a tenfold effect if they are then shared by the readers!

For an effective campaign, it is wise to appeal to several influencers. You benefit from their large community while making your products known by experts. The perfect combo!

Combine sponsored articles and business strategy

Like any business, you plan to publicize your existing products or those to come. You have also planned a sales calendar listing the actions necessary to achieve this goal. This is called a business strategy. It therefore includes:

  • Your medium or long term objectives with an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses;
  • The definition of your target and the different channels to reach it;
  • An action plan with the products to come according to a given period (example: Christmas offers);
  • Budgeting (price of your offers, budget allocated to communication);
  • The action with the launch of your products and all the necessary communication strategy.

To promote your products in preview, sponsored articles can represent a serious advantage. Editorial influencers are considered experts in their community. By asking them to publicize your products, your business will be perceived as serious and credible. Nothing like it to strengthen your brand image!

However, remember to budget for this type of communication. The price of a sponsored item depends in part on the influencer you choose. An expert will not cost the same rate if, for example, he has 100,000 or 10,000 regular readers. To find the ideal influencer, you can go through networking platforms that will also save you precious time.

Boost your sales with content marketing!

We all have the reflex to trust the recommendations before choosing a product. The principle of editorial influence is based on this habit. A sponsored article aims to promote your product and position you as reliable. Such content will be less intrusive than conventional advertising which can be perceived as aggressive. In addition, sponsored articles allow you to stand out from the competition.

A content marketing strategy with sponsored articles is therefore ideal for making yourself known, developing your community and increasing your sales. These articles will generate more traffic to your pages, while adding value-added content on a regular basis, and therefore increase conversions and sales.

Another advantage is that this type of campaign is less expensive than conventional advertising and will have an impact in the long term. Of course, the expected effect will be even more telling if you regularly use this type of practice. A reader who regularly sees “recommendations” on your products will be more easily convinced and will eventually relay the information. Winning effect guaranteed!

Article written in collaboration with Getfluence