Are you the proud owner of an e-commerce site? Or do you own a store and not a website? Aren’t you satisfied with the amount of your average basket? You would be surprised to know how essential digital is in increasing your average basket …

For information, the latter indicates the average purchase amount of each customer of your site. So, if on 125 orders you have a turnover of $ 10,000, this means that your average basket is $ 80 (10,000 / 125). Digital in the broad sense of the term is defined by the global and structured management of data flows within a company.

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To put it simply, the concept of “digital” is more often used to designate all the actions carried out thanks to the Internet. Digital is becoming more and more part of people’s everyday lives, with 42% of the world’s population having access to the Internet today. This should not be overlooked!

In order to increase the average basket of your customers via digital, several options are available to you:

So follow these tips to increase the average basket of your customers.

1. Cross selling

Cross selling is a technique appreciated by traders to increase the average basket of their customers. McDonald’s is one of the precursors of this method. This little phrase will remind you of something: “Fries to accompany your burger, sir?” “. As you can see, cross selling consists of offering a product complementary to the product purchased.

Let’s say your customer buys a computer and you offer him a mouse with that. You have just made use of cross selling. It is a very easy system to implement on an e-commerce site and which can very easily make you increase the amount of your shopping cart. This is exactly what Amazon does by offering you items related to the one you are interested in. The famous online shopping platform offers Internet users a section “products frequently purchased together”:

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It also offers a section “customers who bought this item also bought”:

customers who bought this item

Be careful, however, do not abuse cross selling. So offer a complementary product at low cost. If your customer bought a computer for $ 1,500, do not offer him a complementary product for $ 1,000. Needless to say, doubling your budget will not work. More customers will be tempted by an additional purchase at a lower price.

2. Group offers

This variant of cross selling offers a “package” of the main product and its accessories. Generally, purchasing this bundle will result in a reduction on the total price. Thus, you can offer products that are little sold, or less visible to your customers.

3. UP-Selling

UP-Selling is an e-commerce technique that displays a product similar, but more expensive, to a product previously viewed by one of your customers. For example, your client intended to buy a product for $ 80, but you are offering them a product that costs $ 100. There are many strategies that can be used for up-selling.

4. Automatic email and AdWords Cookies

If one of your customers abandons their shopping cart, you can send them an automatic email, a technique used in automation marketing. This means that after having consulted certain product sheets on your site without having gone through the purchase process, the mail automation service automatically sends him an email encouraging him to place an order on your site.

Another way to get your customers to revisit your site is through the use of cookies and a remarketing strategy. When they go to other blogs, they’ll be hit by your AdWords campaigns, which will remind them of products they’ve viewed before.

5. Quality customer service

It may seem obvious, but offering quality service to your customers will encourage sales. For example, offer a simple and efficient delivery service, and if possible, free. Another piece of advice, set up a “click to chat”, a small instant messaging box that puts the client and an advisor directly in contact. Generally, over 70% of people value this aspect of your website, which shows the professionalism of the business. This allows you to retain your customers.

6. Highlight security

In order to reassure your customers, highlight the security of payments on your site. Thus, the use of the “https” protocol (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) allows visitors to verify the identity of the website they are accessing using an authentication certificate issued by a third-party authority, known for its reliability. . 3D Secure is also a good solution for ensuring safe service. This program developed by Visa and Master Card allows merchants to limit the risk of fraud on the Internet. These must be prominently displayed on the home or payment page to put your customers at ease.

7. Offer lots of options

Finally, during the shopping process on the cart page, offer your future customer to subscribe to various options. Thus, gift packaging for $ 2, insurance (if you are a travel agency for example, or you sell an electronic device), a warranty extension, a premium service, a membership card … are attractive options since ‘they allow you to generate a larger margin.

Balance sheet

In order to increase your average basket, do not neglect the impact of digital! Cross selling, automatic email, or cookies are ideal solutions to generate more profit. You also understand that the user experience of an e-commerce site is something that is planned upstream of the e-commerce site project as such. Nathalie Barthe, Vice President UX and Product Design at Logient, says it clearly: “A well-designed user experience is a tool to attract and retain customers, and ultimately, to drive them into action”. So take the time to think about the purpose of your site and take advantage of all the sales opportunities available to you to increase the sales of your e-commerce site.