▷ How to increase the visibility and sales of your business even with a small budget? Live conference Tuesday 29/11 5:00 p.m. Facebook CWT Advertising & co’m 2020 -

Facebook CWT Advertising & co’m lives are back. This time, we suggest that you discuss good communication practices on the Internet when you are on a budget. The advice will be perfect for startups and SMEs but also for all those wishing to optimize their communication budget. Discover the program…

Hosted by Catherine Daar, this live session will take place on November 29 at 5:00 p.m. on the CWT Advertising & co’m Facebook page. To be sure not to miss this live and the next ones, consider subscribing to our live notifications.

Training & Co'm

On the conference program “How to increase the visibility and sales of your business even on a small budget?” “


  • Web and com landscape today;
  • Why have the PR tactics of the past few years not worked? Including online press releases (2.0);
  • What you shouldn’t do anymore in 2016.

Strategies to increase your visibility

  • “Tought Leadership” and content creation;
  • Real time & Streaming;
  • What PR can learn from Growth Hacking;
  • Bloggers & Influencers Relations;
  • Low budget: Facebook Ads… and others;
  • Outcome measures.

The essential tools (free or cheap)

So you know what you have to do

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  2. Like our Facebook page if it is not yet the case to access the live D-Day;
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