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Facebook engagement is the scope of your publications on the Facebook page that you manage. Facebook offers a simple analysis of each of the three potential areas of engagement: the likes, comments, and the shares. But how can you use these statistics to increase your engagement rate?


Facebook’s algorithm

The first thing to know is that Facebook works thanks to an algorithm. An algorithm is a program capable of storing data about each user. Facebook can then mobilize them as needed: it can analyze on the one hand, for personal use, the pages that will correspond to the user; on the other hand, for the pages, the users who would best match their subject.

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For example, the algorithm analyzed that the
young women tended to react more to pages about irons
smooth as older men. So if a page talks about straighteners,
people who will react most often to the publications on this page will be
most often young women. Suggest this page to young women
will therefore allow create engagement
most important

By crossing them with the statistics
On other pages, we can look for similarities among users. We
finds for example that some women who subscribe to pages of irons
to smooth are also subscribed to makeup pages. Facebook will know
that he can offer the straightening iron page to all the young women who
subscribe to makeup pages.

The algorithm will know that it gets a maximum
of engagement by sending advertising to these people, rather than to
people with an interest in boats for example. With this data,
Facebook will be able, for each theme, to define the standard profile sought by
each page: the one that will generate engagement for sure.

But then, how to help the Facebook algorithm
to find as quickly as possible this ” typical profile »And boost its commitment? It exists
several basic steps to boost engagement on Facebook.

The advertisement

When you launch your first ad, Facebook will
show your publication on the newsfeed of people of all profiles.
Based on the results of commitments made by this publication, your
second ad can target profiles with more precision
which your first publication worked, and so on until
obtaining the standard profile.

The advertising you do on Facebook will only help to speed up a process that could otherwise take a very long time. In fact, by word of mouth on Facebook, your page could not wait for its objective until after 1 to 3 years. Thanks to advertising, a few days or even weeks can be enough.

It is nevertheless important to specify that for a page to take off in just a few days, you should not be afraid to invest a large sum in advertising (from 1000 to 10,000 euros on average) and offer impeccable content to gaze of the target audience.

It should also be noted that it is better
test everything in terms of publications, and himself
renew regularly
rather than enclosing oneself in a scheme that seems
work, but will never really take off. Because despite the best of
advertisements, if your subject does not please the content or the form, there is
no chance that the engagement is there.

The choice of articles

You will therefore have to choose your publications with
meticulousness. Whichever direction you want to give your page,
Make sure you produce the best
possible content
in order to give internet users, ever more critical and
alerts every day, quality production.

For example, if you sell straightening irons,
make sure the product is of quality; if you write articles,
make sure the content is true and interesting. The bottom of your article
remains what will make the user react above all. If you choose
insert a photo or video into your article, because it catches the eye and
interested in its playfulness, make sure the image is good
quality and that the message be clear from the first moment.

The layout of the articles

Your publication must be impactful, because the
more often the user only takes a second to decide to grant
the importance or not of an article: it is its reaction time. It is necessary
also that form makes you want: do not hesitate to space out, underline, bold, use emoticons and sentences
of choc
. If the grip is good, the user will be in suspense and will invest
more willingly in your publication.

What to conclude?

Joining Facebook is nothing complicated, you just have to offer relevant and highlighted content. By following these 2 rules, you should be able to increase your engagement rate quickly.

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