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Faced with the (relative) decline in display, native advertising is gaining momentum on social media as well as through sponsored articles. The latter – having, among other things, the advantage of improving SEO while maximizing the visibility of a brand by taking advantage of the prestige of an influencer – are enjoying increasing success …

And for good reason !

So many reasons that grow
young and old to use this lever where all budgets are
. And therein lies the crux of the matter: how, well
use the nerve of (commercial) war that is money ? try
to trace some tracks…

The interest of the articles
sponsored on the internet

The notion of “article
sponsored ”(and its corollary the infomercial, simple variant where
the content is directly provided by the advertiser and no longer written by
the publisher) is hardly new. We meet it today as yesterday in the
written press. Omni-connection, however, opened up new horizons for him:
Nowadays, companies dedicate to sponsored articles on
Internet budgets they had never released for the equivalent on
physical media

Why ? Quite simply
because the digital space holds almost endless possibilities, thanks to
buzz phenomena or search engines. Hence also the
possibility of killing two birds with one stone. On the one hand, the advertiser will make
know your brand from real internet users
, taking advantage of
the aura of an influencer. On the other hand, by the presence of links, it can
improve the results of its own site (storefront or e-shop). Likewise
that he can pleasantly complete his insert “They talk about
us ”or“ Our solution in the press ”.

Nothing better to gain
visibility and generate qualified traffic on the short, medium and long

The interest of native advertising in general and sponsored articles in particular is further enhanced by the trends seen in the advertising industry display. The latter, omnipresent a few years ago, suffers from the generalization of ad blockers, on computer as on mobile. Their use remains uneven depending on the country, but it will soon be in the majority in the so-called advanced economies, the trend also being on the rise everywhere else. In the same way, advertising inserts on social networks are also losing their effectiveness, as the example of Facebook Ads teaches us, Mark Zuckerberg’s portal is no longer able to attract young generations.

Increase awareness
through “premium” media

In a free market economy
competition, it’s not easy to win when you’re a newcomer … Neither
even to continue growing when you are an already well established player.

For the best as for the
worse, we know the strength of word of mouth. Reputation made and defeated
many fortunes
whether deserved or not. In this regard, the image of
brand is an essential point to work.

Not to mention the crises that
can lead a sign to imperatively restore its coat of arms, it
suitable for any brand of take care of your image and
to improve its notoriety. To ignore this reality would be to
condemn stagnation or even outright disappearance.

The great advantage of articles
sponsored is to put forward a brand on a support of authority,
prestigious, pledge of influence.
The media with many readers have
knew how to build loyalty and please them. If these media talk to them about such
brand, Internet users who read them will trust them. And this, even if it
this is a sponsored partnership, transparency always pays. It is therefore
the ideal solution to meet a new qualified audience and generate
new leads!

Suffice to say: we are
a thousand leagues from telephone or computer canvassing which annoys more than others

It is advisable however to choose its spots well, by checking their real traffic, their metrics, the reality of followers, etc. Please note, not all data advanced by the editors is necessarily authentic! In order to avoid disappointments, relying on a quality intermediary makes it possible to get started calmly. Many platforms have emerged, but the one that stands out today as a benchmark in content marketing is getfluence.com.

Talking to your audience
directly and relevantly

Be careful, it’s not all in the
number of visitors, nor in the domain authority, even if it is data
non negligable. In many cases, it would be better to encounter traffic
relatively small but highly qualified, rather than very high traffic
but made up of individuals who would have almost no chance of being interested
by your products or services. Privilege the qualitative to the quantitative you
will achieve a much better ROI in many cases.

It is therefore advisable to orient oneself towards potentially receptive audiences, which should not dispense with show a minimum of imagination. For example, if it uses a platform or a directory, an insurer should not be satisfied with the “Insurance” category. Rather, it will have to diversify its outlets, by talking about car insurance on sites in the “Auto / motorcycle” section, dependence on the “Seniors” side, etc. The list could go on.

In each case, it is advisable toadopt a language adapted to the target, in this case the readership of one influential media in particular. This is all the interest of trust the style of the influencer, who knows their readers, rather than providing them with ready-made content, corporate. If you are afraid to give carte blanche, opt for content developed in collaboration, or ask to check the article before publication.

As a general rule, a good campaign of sponsored articles can be run each month in order to constantly occupy “the field”, which makes it possible to monthlyize your communication budget and analyze the performance from one month to the next. performed. Just put your hands in the sludge!

Article written in collaboration with Getfluence.

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