▷ How to launch your first podcast? 2020 -

Do you own a business or an online store? Do you want to communicate your offers, information, or services to a wider audience? There are new and very effective ways to do this. Have you ever considered create a podcast to do it ? This is an audio file (mp3) that you put online, so that EVERYONE can listen to it …

podcast information

You are starting out in podcast creation. You don’t know what it takes to make this type of content. However, you could read this if you want to start a podcast. You might also need the following data:

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  • A picture : Your podcast is intended to appear online. There are plenty on the net. For yours to be highlighted, you need an illustration that speaks to the user. For this, you must provide a fairly expressive and attractive professional image. You can download one, but for reasons of originality, it is better to create it yourself;
  • A name : An unnamed podcast doesn’t let the public know what it contains. You must therefore create a name which sufficiently explains the subject of your file;
  • A category : Categorizing your podcast allows you to classify it in a class or a theme. You must therefore find a relevant category that classifies the type of your message;
  • A description : Describe in a few words your content. It’s an essential method of referencing your podcast and getting the user to understand what you’d like to talk to them about, while arousing their curiosity.

Necessary material

The creation of a podcast requires the use of a
specific hardware and software. Fortunately, it is not very expensive.
You can dispose of it without much effort. You need to :

  • USB microphone : It is true that your computer already has a microphone. If you use it for podcasting, the sound quality will be awful. You have to buy a real one to connect it to the USB of your PC;
  • Recording software : Download software to record the audio for your podcast. You can choose between Adobe Audition, Audacity, GarageBand;
  • Sound enhancement tools: This is not essential, but for better sound quality, you will need: a portable Zoom recorder, stereo headphones, suspension arms, pop filter;
  • Skype call recording software : This tool will be essential if you plan to conduct podcasting interviews with Skype.


If you have all of the data and material presented above, you can proceed to the recording of your very first podcast. To do this, simply repeat the following operations successively:

  • Connect the USB microphone to the computer and turn it on;
  • Open the recording software on the computer and click on “record”;
  • Speak freely to create the content for your podcast;
  • Stop recording when you are done.

Don’t worry if you don’t succeed right away
first try, or if your voice is shaking. This is very common
when we’re just starting out. You can make changes later. You
will do all these edits during audio editing. This will be an opportunity to remove
the voids. You can also add an introduction, and a conclusion to
recorded audio.

Thanks to the software, you will be able to configure
volume automatically. Doing so allows you to avoid increases
sudden sound in your audio. So listeners will have a better experience
during your podcasts.

the record

When you have finished your registration and corrected
all errors, it will be necessary to choose a bit speed before exporting the
file saved in MP3 format. Rather than variable speed, choose
a fixed cock speed. Then set the sampling frequency
comparable to that of a CD recording. That is to say 44.1 MHz.

from the podcast

You should store your podcasts on a hosting platform. This you
will save them more securely, and listen to them more
easily before their online launch.

launch your podcast

After completing each of the previous steps, you
can now launch your podcast online. To do this, you must
select the broadcast channels the most interesting. You can submit them on platforms
as :

  • ITunes;
  • Soundcloud;
  • Sticher;
  • Youtube.

Ultimately, launching your first podcast
comes down to 3 essential operations namely: registering your
content to MP3 file, hosting your file on platforms
the publication of your podcast via the various channels of
diffusion. So don’t hesitate to use this form of communication. She is
more suited to new audiences who are less attracted to long articles in
line. Apply these tips, and launching your first podcast will be a