It has never been easier to create a website. And it has never been so difficult to live with. There are many competitors on the web. The economic situation is delicate. The implementation of a successful digital strategy requires solid knowledge in web marketing …

Some have managed to make a fortune in record time.

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The current rush for the internet, the emergence of new technologies as well as the digital transformation lead many people to ask the following question: “How to make a living from your website? “

On the one hand, creating a website is now easy. With current technologies, you can get a beautiful website in just a few hours.

But on the other hand, there are more than 1.46 billion domain names worldwide.

Not all domain names are active, of course. But considering how the competition is being torn apart, it is very difficult to succeed in bringing out a new website from the crowd. For example, if you want to create a blog to monetize it, it will initially represent a drop in the ocean of the 300 million blogs currently active in the world.

How then to succeed in making a living from your website?

The success of a website will depend on several factors:

  1. The direction taken at the very start of an entrepreneurial journey : Bill Gates may be unknown to the general public today if he decided to finish his studies at Harvard rather than found Microsoft.
  2. The question of product / market fit : if the product developed, manufactured and marketed does not correspond to any market or expectation, this could lead to an impasse.
  3. Motivation : Given how difficult it is today to get new economic concepts accepted in saturated markets, you will have to fight hard to succeed in standing out. Passion will certainly be the pillar of your future success.
  4. Your skills : Given the competition, succeeding on the web requires solid knowledge beforehand. It’s a must. If you are not a specialist in web marketing, training carried out by real professionals will make the difference.

We have set up a training entitled “How to live from your website? \” : to help and guide anyone in their website creation project. Find the full program at the end of this article 🙂

During this training, we have at heart to answer the fundamental questions, so important for people who embark on a website creation.

Here are 3 sample questions:

1) How to create a website?

>>> Nowadays, you can very easily do this work all by yourself using CMS (Content Management System): WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, etc.

The list of CMS is very long, all have both their advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of CMS is that they allow you to add additional modules – the famous plugins – as you wish. On WordPress, thanks to the Yoast team plugin, you can for example index and reference your website without having to master any programming language. The addition of the WooCommerce plugin also allows you to transform a WordPress platform into an e-commerce site in just a few clicks.

2) How to capitalize on web marketing to increase your chances of success?

>>> This comes back to one of the essential questions posed in this article: that of the product / market fit. CWT Advertising tests are at the heart of the success of a digital platform: the use of new digital tools will therefore allow you to conduct a multitude of tests without having to spend large sums of money, which will not be the case. for example, if you use the services of a seasoned web developer for each new test. If you have a large budget, you can naturally hire a web developer, a webmaster or a web agency. But if you have a low budget, web marketing tools have real added value.

3) Once your website has been created, how do you promote your product, service offer and brand?

>>> There are many web marketing techniques to publicize and promote a website. For example :

  • Social media strategies;
  • Content marketing and blogging;
  • Natural referencing (SEO);
  • Sponsored articles;
  • Native advertising;
  • Writing eBooks;
  • Google Adwords;
  • Webinars;
  • Affiliation;
  • Retargeting;
  • Emailing.

During our training, we explain in detail all the best methods to achieve a living from its website. We also come back to the most popular monetization and web marketing techniques, such as affiliation, retargeting and blogging. We help participants succeed in being featured on the first page of Google, which is now a fundamental business vector on the web.


Some brands completely unknown to the general public have enjoyed tremendous interplanetary success thanks to the Internet.

It may be the same for your future success.

A few years ago, interplanetary success would almost have required years of work.

With digital, space-time has changed considerably.

In the B2B2C domain for example, you can in a few clicks, through a platform such as, buy consumer goods all over the world to resell them afterwards on your market, via your website.

At a time of digital transformation in our societies, you will certainly be able to live very well thanks to your website. But to put all the advantages on your side, it will be strongly recommended to start by following a training carried out by real digital professionals.

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