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Do you use the Internet extensively and want to make the most of your time? Do you want to have additional income or just make ends meet? There are a multitude of offers on the net which will allow you to earn a little, if not a lot of money. Do you want to make money on the internet without having to create a site, without having to create an audience? Find out in this article How to earn money on the internet, the top 10 sites…


Earning money online is doable!

The Internet is Ali Baba’s vast cave. There are lots of tips for making money without setting up your online store and having no audience. It is enough to make use of your skills, knowledge or experience and benefit from it. But how ?

By offering services

If you have a particular skill, you can turn it into benefits, for those who may need it. If you are good at photography, you can sell your photos online. If you can write for the web, you can become a copywriter. If you are a teacher, you can sell courses online.

By letting your belongings

It is also possible to earn money by renting your belongings, by renting or a space at home (a room, a box, a cellar, etc. If you have, for example, a storage space, you can hire one -to those who don’t have one.

By making affiliation

Affiliation is a long-term means, for earn money. It’s about recommending a service or product to customers for commission. Commissions can be large sums.

By sponsoring

Sponsorship is another way to get winnings. In addition to money, you can also win gifts, discounts, promotions and more.

If you’re ready to get started on the Internet and make some money, here are some sites where you can make long term gains.


Udemy is an online platform that offers training and apprenticeship courses. The platform offers more than 100,000 courses and registers more than 24 million participants. If you have the vocation to teach, whatever your field, you can use Udemy to sell courses.

Given the very high traffic of the site, it is easy to sell well. But it also means that you have a lot of competition on the platform. If you want to sell your courses, you must create original, practical and above all content that meets the needs of a large audience.

The courses are sold at a minimum of 19 euros and a maximum of 300 euros. If you make the sale by yourself, you donate 3% to the platform. If Udemy does the selling, the platform takes 50% of the sales. Payments are delayed by 2 months since there is a 30-day money back guarantee.


5euros.com is a micro service site which offers a wide choice of services from 5 euros. All services must be done remotely, without physical presence. All forms of services can be provided.

The services can be very technical, but also new. Most buyers are looking for graphic design, web copywriting, video marketing or even translation services. Web development jobs are also in great demand.

To become a seller, you must register on the platform as a seller. You then have the choice between 3 forms of subscription, one of which is free, but limited to 6 services. The maximum price for each service is 50 euros, from which a 20% commission will be charged by the platform for each sale made. The platform also offers a lucrative sponsorship system. For a successful sponsorship, you get 1 euro.


Upwork is a market place for freelancers. It allows to sell its services in web writing, graphic design, web development or any digital communication projects, web marketing and many others.

If you want to sell on these platforms and raise a lot of money, it is important to be experienced. The marketplace is filled with thousands of beginners. It’s the experience that will set you apart from the rest.

For earn money on the platform, you must first register. Create your Upwork profile by specifying your skills. A robust profile, with significant experiences, will make you stand out. Your profile will be evaluated in 24 hours and after validation, you can start working.

If you choose the free platform option, you can submit to 60 jobs per month. Your proposal must contain a presentation of your offer and your price. If your profile is well constructed, it is very likely that customers will contact you directly.

On Upwork, you can be paid either by the hour or at a fixed price. For service charges, the platform takes about 20% if you earn $ 500. Between 500 to 10,000 dollars, the commission is 10%. Above $ 10,000, the commission is 5%.


If you have a pretty pen and are good at writing books, novels, sci-fi, or whatever, enjoy Kindle Direct Publishing to sell.

Kindle Direct Publishing is a platform for selling ebooks and physical books. It belongs to the Amazon group. If you are an author, you can use the platform to submit your works. The biggest advantage is that you have fame, but also traffic that there is on Amazon. If your book is highly appreciated by Internet users, Amazon can take care of editing it in physical version of your ebook, depending on the order.

To sell on KDP, you must have an Amazon account and then go to the KDP platform. You upload your Word document and wait for it to be validated. You can then put it on sale.

For commissions, Amazon collects 35% to 70% of your sales depending on the price you charge on books.

5. 1TPE

1TPE is a site of sale and purchase of dematerialized products (ebooks, videos, software, etc.). It is also an affiliate platform that allows you to earn money on two systems: either you sell a product, or you do affiliate.

If you choose the latter, you can earn money by selling other people’s products. You then receive a commission. Commissions can range from 30% to 70%. Some products may offer large commissions.

To do this, you must register, by creating an account on 1TPE.com. You select the product you want to sell and go to its affiliate link. To sell, you must have created a list of potential emails, advertise on Facebook for an immediate sale, or partner with people who are interested or have a list of potential buyers.

With this platform, you have to have patience. Because it is not by sending an email at once that you will win the jackpot. You also have to work hard to get a large sum.


Jemepropose is a site dedicated to jobbing. Jobbing is a form of service that we offer in particular in particular. In the context of jobbing, many services can be rendered: babysitting, administrative tasks, IT assistance, home lessons, gardening, shopping, etc.

Jemepropose is a general jobbing site. You can either run an ad to sell your services, or respond to existing ads. You can do both to maximize your chances of earn more money. To use it, it’s simple. You must register on the platform. You can then offer your ad for free, or by subscribing to the premium offer of € 9.5 / month. You benefit from greater visibility with this offer.

In general, the method of payment is between individuals. The service price is set by the employer or the service provider and is negotiable. The site does not take commission.


If you have skills in DIY, gardening, mechanics, or if you offer moving services or home delivery, this is the platform for you.

Needhelp is a jobbing site that offers services focusing on DIY, gardening, mechanics, moving, but also cleaning, ironing services, etc. The services you offer are covered by insurance to better secure customers and sellers.

To start using the platform, you must first register, by simply entering your email address. Then you complete all the necessary information. You inform in particular the fields in which you are competent. A verification of your profile will be necessary, so you need supporting documents.

For earn money, you just need to apply for a job. You will be paid on the site where you will receive a code to request payment. The funds will then be transferred to your bank account. The platform takes a commission of 18%.


If you have a cellar or a box, then it is possible to make it profitable. The Ouistock platform is a site that allows you to to rent your cellar or your box to individuals. If you have unused space, you can launch the ad on Ouistock. The operation is very simple.

You just need to register on Ouistock, launch your ad and wait for a proposal. The tenant pays the rental directly online. You set an appointment for the signing of the rental contract and for the delivery of the key to the tenant. The rental period is as you have agreed.

The rental is provided by the insurance company Axa. The more valuable the stored items, the more you can add € 3 to € 12 for more coverage. Regarding earnings, it will depend in particular on the size of your storage space. In general, you can earn between 50 to 100 euros / rental. About what round off the end of the month.

9. Shutterstock

If you have skills in photography, video design, clip and everything that revolves around this universe, you can join Shutterstock.

Shutterstock is a storage platform for photos, images, videos, etc. It is a simple and free image bank. It can be very profitable in the long term. To do this, you must become a member of the community by registering for free on the site. You then become a contributor. Then you upload your work to the site. You obviously keep all copyright on your creations.

For earn money, Shutterstock works on various payment methods. Customers can subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription or to an à la carte service (2 to 25 images per day). Users can also pay for a “license Plus” to use the images for commercial purposes. In this case, the photographer or image owner can receive 20% of the license fee.

It is also possible to earn money on Shutterstock, by sponsoring new customers or new contributors.


Superparrain.com is a platform that presents sponsorship offers on various products and sales sites. Its operation is very simple. When you make a purchase on a merchant site, you check if it has the super sponsor sponsorship system. If this is the case, you can get a lot of winnings (gift card, reduction, free of charge, etc.). It is also possible to maximize your chances of winning.get earnings by sponsoring.

On the platform, you can be in contact with several godparents. To take advantage of the various offers, you must register and become a sponsor. You then sponsor a business. You can be contacted by referrals who wish to become clients of the company.

Regarding earnings, these vary depending on the sponsorship offers offered. You should also know that the sponsorship system works with points. The more points you have, the more money you can earn.

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