▷ How to make the ideal Facebook post 2020 -

Calibrating your Facebook post well so that your community can share it is an art. Here are some keys to a Facebook post that will not go unnoticed by your fans …

Ask yourself before you publish

A post that works on Facebook is an interesting post. But how do you know if a post is of interest to your community?

Ask yourself the following question: “Will the information I give in this publication answer a question that my community is asking? ”

Or more generally: “Will the information I give in this publication help my persona achieve the desired result?

If the answer is yes, you can prepare your post and personalize it so that it reacts as much as possible of your fans!

The text of the post

The text limit for a Facebook post is more than 63,000 characters! No need to try to reach this extravagant figure, an ideal Facebook post actually only has … 40 characters!

The reason for such a gap? Facebook members have gotten into the habit of scrolling through their time line fairly quickly. Facebook is a social network, not a blog. People don’t seem to be taking the time to read a post that is more than one line long.

Tip: To catch the eye of your community, try using emojis at the start of the post.

The post link

A link posted in a Facebook post will receive twice as many clicks as a link posted at the end of text in a photo post. So give priority to posts with links in Facebook standards.

Finally, be aware that you can edit the text that accompanies the link: the title and the two description lines. Click on it when editing your post and provide details on what your fans will find on this page.

The post image

In the same way that it is possible to edit the text accompanying the link of your post, you can also change the image which accompanies your link.

how to create an ideal Facebook post for your audience

By default, Facebook will search the page you are linking to for an image to illustrate your post. Note that this image can be changed for another present on your page, or for a dedicated image that you have chosen for the occasion.

So you can customize the link you post down to the smallest detail. Now it’s up to you to be creative!

Post timing

A good post is a post posted at the right time. Test and find out when your posts are most successful. Each page has its appropriate timing for posting posts, even if there are general trends.

You are not at your computer at the time of publication? Do not panic, you can schedule your post when you want, or rather, when the moment is optimal for the success of your page.

The ideal Facebook post is at hand. Know that it is important to test the different posts you make. Try to play with the texts, the visuals and the hours you publish to find your rhythm and your style!

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