▷ How to make your company more ecological and respectful of the environment? 2020 -

Pollution, global warming and contaminated water are ecological concerns that affect everyone. Nowadays, many companies are trying to reduce their cost of energy consumption while preserving the environment. This leaves room for the emergence of new ideas that will allow everyone to take a more environment-friendly approach at work.

Manage energy well

In order to manage energy well in your business premises, you just need to follow both the innovative and the most basic approaches. For example, at the end of each meeting, remember to turn off all the lights. These tend to always stay on even when there is no activity in the room. An economic idea would be to replace traditional bulbs for LED bulbs, which last longer and use 80% less energy. Another source of energy: heating. Pay attention to its excessive use because each degree counts. For example, lowering the temperature from 21 to 20 ° C decreases energy consumption by 7%. Also, when using the heater, be sure to close all doors. This simple and effective gesture will allow you to keep the heat in each room. Also make sure that the heating is turned off in the evening and on weekends since no one will be on the premises.

Progress monitoring

Even if you are not a company specializing in renewable energies, you can still seriously integrate ecology into your activity. For example, you can set ecological targets at the start of the fiscal year such as a maximum limit for non-recycled waste, or an ideal ceiling for energy consumption. You will then follow the evolution of your business on these criteria, in addition to the usual economic factors of the income statement. Thus, you will know precisely on what points your objectives are achieved, and on which you still need to improve.


There is no question that computers and printers consume a lot of energy. To minimize power consumption, make sure that all office devices are also turned off (not “on standby”) when not in use. You can also leverage email and keep documents in clouds on your computers to limit your use of the printer. There are, however, a few effective tips for making printing greener. For example, favor two-sided copies and do not hesitate to use recycled paper. You can also operate your printer with recycled and refurbished ink cartridges like those found on sites like TonerPartner. Finally, rather than an inkjet printer, it may be worth considering a laser printer. Indeed, the latter uses toners which are more expensive than ink cartridges, but also more durable. This will limit the impact on the environment and lower your costs for office equipment.

Waste management

Every business produces waste, which contributes to the growth of waste masses in recycling centers, once again having a negative impact on the environment. But now more and more companies are having to sort their waste to better treat it. To do this, an inventory must be carried out in order to list the different types of waste (cardboard, plastic, glass, etc.). When you have learned about the services and regulations, you can start sorting and storage. The ideal remains to limit as much as possible the quantity of waste produced because this represents a burden for your business. However, by promoting astute waste management, you will be able to reduce costs and save money.