▷ How to make your first video on Youtube? 2020 -

Do you know what is really blocking people from creating their YouTube channel? It’s not about finding the time, it’s not about going public, it’s not about finding ideas … It’s about taking action to make your very first video on YouTube. Let’s see in this article the questions generally asked by people who are still hesitant to get started …

Who am I to tell you about it? My name is Nina Habault and I have 2 YouTube channels: the first talks about CWT Advertising with 10,500 “Mademoiselle CWT Advertising” subscribers and the second talks about success for “web student” students with 11,500 subscribers. And I, too, a year and a half ago, I was afraid to go for my first video, and today it’s still a great pleasure to make several each week.

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How to be comfortable on video?

You have to put things in perspective: you are not in front of an audience of 1000 people who listen to you attentively live. You are quite simply in front of an object which is nothing more or less than a camera and which does not judge you and does not laugh if you stammer. When you post the video, you don’t even know in advance if it will make 2 or 20,000 views. There is no point in putting that pressure on yourself from the start.

I’m afraid of criticism! How to do ?

If this is your first video and you want to take a few shots anyway, don’t make the mistake of going and posting your video to your private Facebook account. Indeed, people know you and will first look at you, the way you express yourself, the way you approach the subject and even without wanting to, they will judge you. You’ll risk being caught in your tracks very quickly, as you’ll be discouraged by the critics.

You have to let the YouTube referencing be done and wait for its real subscribers interested in your theme who will focus on the content, rather than the form. A tip to do as it is your first YouTube video is to publish your video in the Facebook groups of your theme to collect your first qualified subscribers.

What material to start with?

If you want to do serious work on YouTube and publish regularly, buy quality material directly. You will start strong, with quality, and your subscribers will know that the next videos that arrive will be as pleasant to watch and listen to, especially in 2017.

Many use the Canon GT7X or a NIKON D3200 SLR, and for sound, the traditional Audiotechnica ATR3350. It will only be necessary to customize your own decor for the background of your videos to your image.

What subject tackled for his first video?

Simply make a video that you are passionate about and dear to your heart. So, in addition to the video quality, you will hang on the bottom your audience thanks to your passion. To make it easier, start this first video with the subject you know most about your subject.

How to become good on video?

No secret here: it’s practical! I was the shyest person in the world, and yet I trained. You will even end up having a lot of fun getting out of your comfort zone by seeing the wonderful help that you will bring to your community!