▷ How to make your social media marketing strategy a success 2020 -

A question that often comes up from the entrepreneurs we meet is, “How do we get the full potential of our social media platforms? “. One of the biggest problems in business and entrepreneurs in business is obscurity. Indeed, although your services and products are the best in the industry, if no one knows you exist, the survival of the business becomes almost impossible. So it’s very important to use platforms like social media to promote yourself, and to leave a mark in your industry. Here are four ways to invigorate our social media…

# 1 listen

The basis for selling more, at all levels, is listening. This is also true for social media. First work on being active on groups of entrepreneurs and on your company page in order to listen to the problems of your audience. Gather information about their challenges and goals. This way you will establish a very solid foundation for your future sales messages.

# 2 Content

After the engagement follows the content, which means on a daily basis. Content is the key to your success on social media. If your content is relevant, you will be able to build an audience that will impact your business.

Some people will fear being “annoying” by posting regularly on social media. However, it’s important to remember that a small percentage of your audience will see your content. It is therefore important not to be shy.

# 3 Commitment

Social media must be a two-way communication channel. Indeed, you want the engagement of your audience towards your publications; You like it to share, comment or like what you share. So be sure to thank them for their participation.

Indeed, if your audience feels that interacting with your content is of little use to them, they will be less and less interested in pursuing this commitment in the future.

So work on responding to comments, thanking people who share your content or whatever. These little touches can make a big difference in how well your customers value your company brand.


# 4 Construction

One of the most pleasant steps in the process: construction. This consists of developing your brand image on social media. The reality that strikes any business is that the more you are known, the more likely you are to have people who are unhappy or who don’t like you.

Work to remain transparent to your audience and take advantage of social media to demonstrate how you are addressing the issues that some customers may have with your business. You will send the message that you are a company that listens to your customers and always finds solutions.

In conclusion, building a strike force on social media takes time and commitment. If you put in the effort steadily and regularly, you can only come out a winner. This will create an effective source of leads for your business, not an audience you might call a “ghost”, in other words, that doesn’t serve your business well.