▷ How to manage your customer subscriptions simply and efficiently? 2020 -
Recurring revenues, customer loyalty,
increase in the average basket,…
Subscriptions are on the rise in
business models. Yes but here, subscription offers require a
little more management. Recurring invoice creation, direct debits management
and renewals or changes to subscriptions… it is
essential to have a suitable solution to manage this effectively.

Why launch a subscription offer?

Box in various themes,
audiovisual content subscriptions, services, cloud software solutions,
subscriptions to equipment or vehicle rentals, loyalty cards, etc.
business model
subscription has been booming for a few years. Customers are now used to this type of offer
and see many advantages: always topical offer, price
optimized, services included and extended,…

On the supplier side,
the subscription can be a main activity
but also an additional offer to make sales
while offering an improved service to its customers.

Some examples of subscription offers for you
Inspire :

  • Access to premium content;
  • Access to a private network or club;
  • Access to a premium service beyond the offer of
  • Box with products in a theme;
  • Subscription for
    regular consumables;
  • Software by
    subscription with accommodation, backups and services included;
  • Location of
    equipment or vehicles by subscription;
  • Insurance for your basic products and services…

In short, these activities allow you to develop your
turnover while ensuring regular income.

How to launch your subscription offer?

Blue note systems, CRM solutions expert, offers subscription management and recurring billing software that will greatly simplify the life of companies wishing to set up a subscription offer.

Everything is thought to have, in the same interface, all
tools to manage the financial part simply and efficiently and

From the creation of quotes and commercial proposals to
anticipation of renewals, including recurring billing.
Let’s see what Blue note systems offers.

The essential features to manage your subscription activity

You will be able to enter the subscription at one time, its
frequency, its start and end date simply at
from the quote ordered by the customer. The invoices will then
automated and detailed reports will allow you to track your

Of course, everything is customizable in order to meet the
different constraints specific to your profession.

An alert system also allows you to manage
easily renewals by anticipating deadlines.

In terms of frequencies, everything is possible:
monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, annual,…

Everything is done to save you time, in
a few clicks, you create subscriptions or quotes. The system
can also be integrated into your application so that everything is managed

If you offer different ranges of offers (example
bronze, silver, gold), the change from one offer to another is done with a simple

On the invoice side, everything is done automatically and, if
you are international, the system supports different currencies, languages ​​…
You can thus manage several markets easily.

In short, a must-have for all entrepreneurs and
companies wishing to launch this type of offer!

You just have to test?

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You too are proposing a subscription offer or
plan to do it? What solution have you considered?
Tell us all through the comments.

Article written in collaboration with Blue note systems