▷ How to manage your presence on social networks? 2020 -

Being omnipresent on social networks is good, but effectively managing your online presence is better. Community management currently represents a profession in its own right. Are you going to use this ability, on which you are going to prove your method? How are you going to prepare?


Which networks are most profitable for
your society ?

Before you start posting on social media, you need to determine which ones are the most compelling for your business.

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Is your company focused on business to consumer? Do not hesitate and bet on Facebook, the most remarkable social network for its quality.

Do you want to increase your professional contacts on social networks? Be omnipresent on Linkedin, the social network renowned for professional contacts.

Do you have a temporary profession with memorable news at specific times of the year? Increase your presence on Twitter, the live social network.

Whatever social networks you are going to be present on, whatever decision you have made internally or externally, here are five tips to adopt to develop your social media strategy.

Define your goals: what do you expect from your ubiquity on social networks?

Before you start, take the time to study this point. Indicate your profile of articles: what style will you take, what image do you want to disseminate of your company?

Pay the utmost attention to the editorial plan. This is sort of the particularity that you will build or cultivate on social networks.

Schedule your publications: start by defining a schedule, your presence at an exhibition, a professional meeting. This will increase your chances of attracting future businesses over several months.

Then choose the time to communicate on social networks: your company must be present throughout the week and on weekends. Finally, establish a niche in your schedule where you are only concerned with administration.

To support you, do not hesitate to use certain publishing tools, such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Agorapulse and many others.

Regularly follow up on assignments, especially if you collaborate with a freelance agency or community manager.