▷ How to optimize the performance of your e-commerce site? 2020 Guide -

On February 5, FEVAD announced that internet sales in England had exceeded 100 billion euros for 2019. This historic figure is the continuation of the exceptional growth that began in recent years already. E-commerce has therefore become a very competitive sector and companies are fighting to gain traffic and visibility in order to generate sales of products or services. For this, they have a lot of means.


Invest in SEO

The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has always been the nerve of war since the origin of search engines. This is the set of techniques that allow you to optimize the position of your website on search results pages based on different keywords or key phrases.

Trainer training

It includes natural referencing, which optimizes its positioning outside the use of paid search engine services. When the engines offer to pay you to be listed, we do what we call an SEA campaign (Search Engine Advertising) which is a technique that allows you to be referenced on engines with an auction system.

SMO (Social Media Optimization) is also very important in SEO. Today, to benefit from the best advice in the matter, it is better to call on an SEO agency. The professionals will be able to offer you the best strategy according to your needs, your sector of activity, but also especially according to the budget you have for this purpose. Because yes, a good SEO strategy web requires a small investment on the part of companies.

Web marketing campaigns

Knowing how to adapt your commercial message to your target is not easy, especially when you use a single interface, the website. It is for this reason that it is important to work on the user experience to ensure that everyone can personalize the use of the site, in particular with the filters or the memories of preferences which will offer similar or recommended products by those who have the same preferences.

Email campaigns, ads on social media are all additional chances toincrease sales, hence the importance of generating qualified leads through an effective display strategy. Today, there are agencies specializing in the development of web marketing strategies.

Improve your ROI

To increase their online sales, professionals must succeed in reach prospects who are among their commercial targets. However, it is very difficult to know which target a visitor belongs to. When you run a physical store, you see your customers and you can target them by eye. On the Internet, you have to be much more intrusive and observe the behavior of visitors using tracers.

This is what makes it possible to obtain information with very powerful analysis tools. These are also the same tracers that we use to conduct retargeting campaigns (or retargeting). Finally, more and more e-mailing solutions offer special functions called automation that allow you to qualify your contacts and target them particularly with campaigns tailored to their areas of interest.