▷ How to optimize your Google Adwords campaigns for mobiles and tablets? 2020 -

Did you know that in the next two years no less than 165 million tablets will have been sold? Faced with such a market, having adapted marketing campaigns will be a real necessity for web marketers. If your marketing plan includes Google Adwords campaigns, you are already able to respond to this potential market…

Last week Google made a significant improvement to its targeting options. Until now, it was possible to target its campaigns for computers, for mobiles as well as for the iPad. Now it is possible to precisely target the tablets on which the campaigns should appear.

We can thus indicate the operating system concerned: Android, IOS and WebOS. For example, if you want to target only iPads, you will need to select iOS. For mobile phone campaigns, you can also select the target operator (Bouygues, Orange & SFR).

There are two ways to improve the performance of your campaigns:

  1. Create campaigns dedicated to each medium, including landing pages adapted to them.
  2. Stop showing ads on these media if your site does not display well and you do not yet have sites dedicated to mobiles and tablets.

If you don’t have dedicated mobile and tablet sites, wait before permanently cutting campaigns on these supports

Indeed, maybe your current site transforms well on these despite the fact that it is not fully adapted.

To be fixed, a small turn on Google Analytics is required. The new version of the audience analysis tool has brought many improvements to the study of the mobile audience. Go to the ” Google mobile “. The overview will give you the percentage of mobile visits. If the latter is high, it may be time to consider creating a suitable site. Section ” Apparatus »Will give you the breakdown by type of mobile and tablet.

It is thanks to these two sections that you can judge the quality of mobile visits. Have they brought you transformations? yes, no, maybe only the tablets brought you customers…

Analyze your information well to see which media kept on Google Adwords.

The importance of creating campaigns adapted to mobiles and tablets …

I told you at the beginning of the article, within two years the market will have exploded. So it’s important to be ready for this change.

Since mobile and tablet supports are completely different in terms of screen size and ergonomics, it is important to have a site version adapted to each support. If the mobile version will have to be simplified to what is strictly necessary, the tablet version may take over the information and services from the website, adapting them to the very particular ergonomics of the tablets.

Just as it’s important to differentiate campaigns for the search network from those for the content network, so it’s important to have specific mobile and tablet campaigns.

On the Adwords interface you will therefore create a campaign for each medium:

  • A campaign for mobile phones with the “desktop” and “tablet” options unchecked;
  • A campaign for tablets with the “desktop and mobile” options unchecked. If you want to have a campaign dedicated to a specific type of tablet it is also possible as seen above.

By dissociating the Mobile, Tablet and classic campaigns, you will be able to follow performance more precisely and make the modifications adapted to each medium.

For each medium, the keywords, the advertisements and especially the landings pages must be personalized:

  • The keywords should be simpler for the mobile campaign;
  • The landing pages must be adapted to each medium;
  • Ads also adapted to improve click through rates.

You will then have to test as many possibilities as possible in order to optimize your campaigns over time. A word of advice: make the modifications little by little to follow their fallout precisely. If you make too many changes at the same time, you will not be able to see what has had an impact on your ROI.

Have you ever launched campaigns via mobile and tablet supports? What were the results ? Do not hesitate to share your feedback.