▷ How to optimize your Google my business listing in 2021 [Infographie] 2021 -

It is important to know how optimize your Google my business listing, this Google tool is very important for the visibility of your business. It allows you to create establishment sheets in order to boost your local SEO

This is a very interesting asset for making yourself known to Internet users at a lower cost, since it allows you to offer personalized search results.

Copywriting training

Using such a tool is essential to increase your online and offline communication on the web without a daily budget. However, it is important to master the use of this tool to ensure good results.

Get Google reviews for your SEO and reputation

Optimize your Google my business listing is an important operation to promote better visibility of your company and thus booster your turnover.

Reviews play an important role in optimizing your GMB listing. The more opinions you have, the more present you will be on Google.

For this, it is important that you can get more reviews and good grades because it is important to know that having reviews makes sales easier.

What to choose between an establishment with 2 reviews and another with 189 reviews?

The answer is obvious, isn’t it?

To retrieve reviews, there are several tips, one of which is to send a link to your customers to leave a review.

Google my business has a feature (short link name) that will allow you to generate links that will be sent to your customers. They will then be able to directly access the “opinions” section and make a comment.

Personalize a link by creating a short Google name that will direct customers directly to the “reviews” section of your business.

If you want an efficient platform, I recommend you LocalRanker. You can also send notification requests by SMS to your customers.

Just enter the last name and the number customer’s phone number in the LocalRanker interface to send them a SMS invitation and respond to them with sample responses.

Your client will only have to write his opinion and click on publish ; the positive opinion will appear on your Google My Business listing !

You can send the notice to multiple customers at the same time on the platform.

Then, don’t forget to respond to them, because Google loves that you respond to your reviews. Take the time to answer them well.

Fill in the information correctly on its file (name, address, opening hours, website)

The information that will appear on your Google My business file are very important to hope to be better referenced. Theoptimization of your Google My business listing requires filling in the information on the form. They must be fair, verifiable and consistent.

Don’t lie or use a fake address.

You must write the name of the establishment, we recommend that you especially not put keywords considered to be over-optimization.

In the long run, this will not be profitable for the brand not to mention the fact that there is the possibility of being sanctioned by Google with a suspension.

You will thus complete the filling of your information by mentioning your address, telephone number, working hours, website, etc.

This information must be valid, but also and above all very consistent.

This information once validated will then be indexed by Google Search, Google maps, which will be the basis of local SEO referencing.

Put photos optimized for your audience

Photos are a great way tooptimize your Google My business listing and there are several reasons for this. First, a photo is worth 1000 words, it is more evocative and meaningful than a text for example.

It thus improves the idea of ​​the values, services and products that the company seeks to convey. The more quality it is, the more it promotes the attractiveness of the Internet user for the company.

So she can improve the click-through rates of your listing, it also improves the quality of local referencing of your activity. Photos have the gift of attracting the attention of the Internet user, it is moreover the first thing that one notices during the research on your site.

So for optimize your Google My business listing, uploading a profile picture, cover picture and even a company presentation video is highly recommended.

You can also encourage your customers to do the same to make the visit of your file more interesting.

Optimizing your website for local SEO

Your website plays a very important role for your visibility, it plays the role of standard bearer and thus makes it possible to promote the company within the framework of a local SEO referencing.

This is why we need content in quantity and quality.

The site must be rich in quality articles dealing with important subjects which are of great interest to Internet users. You can use Google to have the words most often used during searches.

These words will serve you as keywords for writing your articles, you will need to update them on a regular basis.

It is also important to remember to animate your website with quality photos perfectly compatible with the theme. They will thus be able to illustrate words and facilitate the understanding of your ideas.

Be regular with Google posts (publish minimum once a week)

For optimize your Google My business listing, you should also use Google posts as a communication tool.

Like the other tips mentioned above, Google posts help improve the quality of your local SEO referencing.

Google posts give more visibility in search results. Between a company active on social networks and another, the choice is quickly made. Google My Business highlights companies with Google posts.

As for this google functionality, you should know that the secret is regularity. Using it on a regular basis will greatly benefit your brand image.

A google posts is only available for 7 days then it is no longer visible on search results.

A minimum pace of once a week is more than enough to have a good advantage on the leaderboard, but if you can do more, don’t hesitate.

The Google Post is a feature that is of great benefit to the SEO referencing local when it is used well.

It should therefore never be neglected when you want to optimize your file. Google My business. However, it should be noted that the quality of posts is also important in SEO so that it gives an advantage to the ranking.

I use LocalRanker to schedule my posts so that I don’t publish them every week. It saves me time and allows me to focus on something else.