▷ How to optimize your home page and grow your mailing list at the time of the GDPR? 2020 -

You have a lot of visitors, but your mailing list has been struggling for some time to grow? With the GDPR looming like a well-charged cloud in a serene sky, you are far from alone. However, if you are not a Narcissus blocked by the reflection of what is called Vanity Metrics, you want to convert your visitors into prospects and then your prospects into customers. And there is a sine qua non condition to find the path of growth: this is neither a pop-up (even if it helps!), Nor a supplication, but the optimization of your home page, and this, thanks to some copywriting tips…

Your website is your virtual home. When the candidates ofAn almost perfect dinner arrive at their hosts, their mood is determined 80% by the welcome: the smile of the one who prepared them a good feast and the layout of the entrance hall.

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The only difference between your site and Josette d ’An almost perfect dinneris that the candidates must still sit at the table, while your visitors will immediately press the little cross at the top right. The sanction is the same: a bad mark! Indeed, the Google algorithm hates pages that do not know how to maintain their visitors.

Copywriting: optimize your home page in 5 steps

An internet user’s attention to new information is estimated to be 3 seconds. It’s little, very little. Suffice to say that if your home page does not do the job requested, it is 95% of your turnover that suddenly goes up in smoke.

Despite this rather alarming figure, in reality, few companies realize the importance of an optimized home page. Simply because they don’t know how to approach it, this famous page.

In general, a website has several functions, like the rooms in your house. A kitchen, a bedroom, a living room. A blog, a contact form, a presentation page. But rather than treating the home page as an entry, it is treated as a crossroads, or rather a catch-all. Only problem: if you do not know yourself what the user is supposed to do, how can he know in turn?

1. Set a goal

Ideally, your home page should end with a call to action. The latter, have it in mind from the start, because all the content will depend on it.

If you’re in e-commerce and you don’t want to bother growing a mailing list, you can just redirect to your bestseller or your best collection.

If, on the other hand, you are a fan of email marketing, then your most reasonable goal is to subscribe to a newsletter. As you probably know, the best method is to have an interesting lead magnet.

  • An ebook;
  • 1 hour free video training;
  • Registration for a free webinar;
  • A free trial if you offer a program;
  • A coupon.

Your only limit here is your imagination!

Finally, copywriter’s advice, avoid calling your newsletter “newsletter”, which has a negative connotation, associated with spam. Simply replace this word with a more sympathetic expression.

  • The Copywriter’s Letter
  • The Minute Copywriting
  • Copywriter’s Note
  • The Copywriting Gazette
  • Daily Copywriting
  • Copywriting Club
  • The Society of Copywriters
  • Copywriter’s Mail
  • Instant Copywriting
  • A Word from the Copywriter

You get the idea …

2. Give an attention-grabbing title

On the internet as in a box on Saturday evening, you will not have a second possibility to make a good first impression. However, you don’t want to grab attention because you are a clown, like the best friends of these ladies who, in the end, find it difficult to conclude. You want to play it as cool as Ryan Reynolds: few words, but a lot of innuendo. Charm shrouded in mystery.

How to do ? Simply by including in your title your most solid profit, in a clear, concise, precise manner.

Generally, I structure my titles according to 3 frameworks: competition, inspiration, social proof.

  • Competition: Triple your turnover thanks to word persuasion methods;
  • Inspiration: how learning the art of word persuasion has changed my life and how it will transform your business!
  • Social proof: Who else wants to take off their business with the unique method that has proven itself through a century of marketing?

3. Present the problem and move the knife through the wound

Generally, an offer proposes the resolution of a problem, an obstacle that the prospect struggles to overcome alone.

You launched your activity on the web, the visitors reach your site but you are struggling to sell them your product or your service? Rest assured, you are far from alone. Tens of thousands of people try their luck on the net: they open an e-commerce or create infoproducts, blogs or coachings, pay methods at staggering prices without any results.

They promise to make millions without lifting a finger. In reality, you don’t care about becoming a millionaire tomorrow morning. Finally, you know that this is not possible, but you would just like to be able to live comfortably from your activity on the web.

The truth is, it will never happen if you just train on the technical aspects. You’ll continue to dig into your bank account because that’s not how sales work. Selling is about trust, communication and persuasion.

4. Decline your offer

At this stage, simply present your offer. Finally, “simply”, so to speak. Present it in a copywriting-friendly way, namely by highlighting the benefits and not the characteristics (which will be reserved for a dedicated sales page).

Here you will see the most effective way to:
make a magnetic offer, explode your turnover and live the life of your dreams by learning a simple marketing technique: persuasion by words!

5. End with a call to action

All you have to do is add a clear, precise and simple call to action, like …

To do this, simply subscribe to The Letter from the Copywriter. You will immediately receive a free guide to the art of storytelling for your business and several times a week copywriting tips for free.

And above all, you just have to sip a good cocktail while watching your list of subscribers increase! If you want to go deeper into the art of word persuasion, a Copywriter’s Confessions might be of interest to you.