▷ How to optimize your local SEO in 2021? 2021 -

The opinions left on the internet, whether good or bad, are very important to consumers of your products. A study found us that eighty-six percent (86%) of users focus more on reviews. This reflects the importance of reviews for your SEO. Also, it ensures your credibility …

Collect and respond to reviews regularly

Collecting reviews can be a very complicated task. In order to get reviews, the easiest method is to ask your customers face to face to leave a comment on your page. To do this, you must first ensure that your customers are satisfied.

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It should not be done either too early or too late.

Don’t be afraid when your business receives a bad review. It’s part of the game. No business is perfect.

Bad reviews also help to show the transparency of your establishment, but you must ensure that they are not more in the majority than the good ones.

This is why we must constantly collect and respond to opinions. This can be a tedious job when you have multiple establishments.

Chains or franchises do not hesitate to use platforms to facilitate exchanges with their satisfied customers.

LocalRanker is one of those platforms that will allow you to respond with automatic response templates and collect all your Google reviews in one place.

There are also platforms like GMBs, Tripadvisor, Yelp and others that collect the opinions of various Internet users on all kinds of businesses, but the most important is Google.

Fill out the form well with good information (categories, schedule, phones, photos, attributes)

The creation of a record allows you to appear more easily in the search results.

It is often said that this is the cornerstone of the visibility strategy. A well-informed file allows you to appear more quickly and more precisely. Indeed, Internet users have the reflex to use the data present on the sheets.

It is therefore important to fill in your file well. This consists of putting in the necessary information such as the category to which you belong, the opening and closing hours or availability hours, the telephone number on which customers can reach you.

Recently, attributes have become more and more important for GMB listings and your local SEO. The attributes are visible on your file and are used to indicate to Internet users your equipment and services:

  • If you are a restaurant: there are attributes to say that you are doing click and collect or delivery;
  • If you offer a service, you can indicate on your file that you make appointments online;
  • There are attributes for hotels (wifi);
  • Attributes to indicate that your business meets health standards (COVID-19).

Also add photos representing the services your business offers. Make sure your information is consistent.

This makes it easy to find you in searches. You have more chances of attracting customers.

Use platforms if you have several establishments to modify, because the work can be significant when you have 10 or 2000 records.

A well-filled form with the right information can be the lever for increasing your turnover.

Regularly post Google’s posts to gain more visibility

Purchase intentions are more important when customers find Google posts on your listings. This allows potential customers to be attracted to an offer you make.

There are posts for Covid-19 news. Have you set up this type of post?

The regularity of these posts ensures you greater visibility and better customer loyalty.

Optimize your SEO on your site (search for keywords, tags, technique)

If the 2021 SEO goals are taken into account by the structure and strategy of your site, it is important to optimize the site for local SEO.

To rank your site well, you need to have relevant keywords, specific tags and a suitable technique.

It is essential to use relevant keywords in the titles or in the body of the text. The relevance of the keyword can result in the addition of a word that helps make it more specific.

For example, for the marketing of a restaurant, instead of “restaurant”, we can write “restaurant Lyon”.

They also have a very important indirect role. Tags are most often the results that appear in search results.

To optimize your SEO, you also need to improve the technical part of your site (sitemap, indexing, crawl, robots.txt). Do you have a site that loads quickly? Is your site mobile friendly?