▷ How to prepare your business for post-containment? -

While everyone is getting impatient with the confinement, the authorities, professionals and the self-employed must prepare to relaunch their activities at the end of containment. As the deadline is not clear, professionals must take advantage of this period to define a recovery plan allowing them to make up for the losses recorded due to the cessation of activity …


Digital has proven itself!

We have to admit that the world will change for good after this pandemic. Social distancing is likely to persist until the entire population has been vaccinated. With this new “lifestyle”, digital is offered as an essential medium for inform, to entertain, sell and buy.

As published in a previous article, the mass retail sector, for example, has seen an increase of traffic of + 161.92% with + 153.92% conversions.

The e-commerce sector of essential products exploded for obvious reasons. It follows that the physical presence of the consumer is not mandatory. Anything can be sold online.

Although the non-core sectors have registered a sharp decline for the moment, their figures will explode as soon as a return to normal is announced.

The lesson: whatever your sector of activity, you can opt for digital to run your business well.

It’s time to create a website for your business

Digital is becoming more and more omnipresent in our daily lives. With this crisis, it is believed that its role becomes even more decisive for consumers.

Be aware that no matter what your industry, as long as your company does not yet have a website, it is nonexistent in the eyes of Internet users.

If that’s the case, it’s time to think about creating a website to represent your online business. There are several solutions for creating professional sites, choose the one that suits you and do not delay in launching your online presence.

Have a website that converts

Creating a website is not enough. You have to know how to optimize it to improve its conversion rate and generate more sales. Optimization of conversion is a specialty in its own right that calls upon specialists from UX and UI design to provide the best user experience to Internet users.

The content of the website is also a factor that has a big influence on the conversion. It must be well worked in order to push the user to accept your offer and turn into a customer.

Here’s a detailed article on conversion optimization.

The local, more important than ever

Focusing on a local market turns out to be more important than ever in these special circumstances. Any business must be built a reputation at the local level allowing it to attract new customers to its area of ​​intervention.

Local SEO is one of the digital marketing techniques that would be of great importance for small businesses. It allows them to dominate local search results.

Paid referencing under Google Ads also allows you to position yourself well on local research. In this case, you have to choose the right keywords, bet the right amount and optimize the landing page to convert better.

Social networks also present an opportunity to create local audiences on the web. Then you have to know animate and build loyalty in this community by setting up a community management strategy.

Take care of your e-reputation!

Unhappy customers, disappointed partners, or dishonest competitors can damage your online business. Take advantage of this downtime to put things in order and take care of your e-reputation.

Check the reviews on your listing Google My Business, answer correctly with negative comments, do the same on social media.

Basically, look for all the endorsements of your business on the web and try to intervene to ease the tension or moderate bad comments.

Know that Internet users search the web to find out about your business, if your e-reputation is not at the top, you cannot expect new customers.

Train, plan and apply

This period of confinement is really the perfect opportunity to deepen your knowledge and learn new skills.

If you are a self-employed entrepreneur or a business owner, this is your opportunity or never learn about digital marketing and learn how to apply it for your professional activity.

Take part in online training, read articles or watch videos, the main thing is to get to know this area extremely essential.

Then try to plan certain digital marketing actions and turn them on to see what it could do for your business.

The final word

The containment period presents a great opportunity for self-employed and business owners. It is necessary to stay positive and try to plan the revival of its activity after returning to “normal”. This is an opportunity to go digital and try to build a good reputation on the web.