You’ve just started your blog, but you’re already facing a big problem. You don’t have traffic or if you do, it’s only a few passing visitors. Not really enough to roll on the ground …

So yes, creating a blog is within everyone’s reach. No need for extensive computer skills to get started. You find a domain name, a good host, you install WordPress with a cool theme and your blog is online! Nothing very complicated you will tell me.

But in fact, the hard part begins: How do you get visitors to your brand new blog?

Indeed, even having a beautiful blog, if you don’t have any visitors, it will be of no use to you. So why spend your time writing a bunch of articles and perfecting your blog down to the last detail if no one is reading you? This is totally it! Yet too many blogs find themselves in this case. In fact, you may have already posted content on your blog.

With each article, you have dreamed that the traffic is exploding like magic. But unfortunately, nothing happened. So, since you are a tenacious person and have read that you have to publish massively at start-up to be successful, you decided to publish another new article, telling yourself that this time, visitors were going to end up reading you. .

You know what ? Stop! Too many bloggers think that posting tons of articles on their blog is enough for the traffic to automatically take off. To post like crazy while crossing your fingers so that visitors fall from the sky is too common a mistake. So how do you go about making your blog visible and read? What are the techniques that really work and that will save you precious time?

Here are my 7 essential techniques to promote your blog and finally attract traffic.

1 # Offer long and quality content

For me, this is the most important advice. You absolutely have to deliver quality content to your visitors. Just put yourself in their shoes for a moment. Would you like to read and recommend a blog that has poor or average content? The answer is clearly no. No one wants to recommend something average and that’s okay.

In addition, quality content that brings real added value is more often read and shared. And if your content is very shared, you will be ranked better on Google thanks to inbound links, the famous backlinks. You will be more visible and you will naturally attract more traffic. A kind of snowball effect.

Plus, good content helps you be more believable. The reader will really get the impression that you have worked hard and that you have mastered your subject. You will be considered more easily as an expert in your topic. So if you need to work on something as a priority, it’s your content. No matter how you apply all the other tips that follow, nothing will work if you offer cardboard content (yes, it’s greener than plastic, but it doesn’t work!).

2 # Be active on the right social networks

Today, no one can ignore social media. If you want your blog to be visible, you should at least be active on a social network. But which one to choose?

The logic would be to be active on all networks to maximize your visibility. Big mistake ! Indeed, creating and animating a community, recovering followers, boosting and sharing content, it takes a lot of time. And to be effective, you will need to spend the same amount of time on each network.

Say you set yourself a 30-minute daily activity on each network to be truly effective. By doing a little math, you’ll find that it will be easier to get started with just Facebook and Twitter rather than getting started on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest at the same time.

I therefore advise you to choose 2 or 3 networks used by your target and to focus only on them. Indeed, starting a blog takes a long time. And as the days only last 24 hours, you won’t be able to do everything (remember to sleep from time to time…). Believe me, it is better to be present on 2 platforms than to be inactive on 5.

And finally, a handy little tip: get into the habit of posting your content at different times and reposting it multiple times. You will thus reach a maximum audience. And if you want to make your life easier, consider using apps like Hootsuite to schedule your posts across your various networks. You will save time and efficiency!

3 # Practice “guest blogging”

A simple and universal observation: when you launch your blog, you have no traffic. And without traffic, you won’t have subscribers or sales so your blog will never take off. So you absolutely need traffic to make your blog successful. As I explained at the beginning of this article, I don’t recommend listening to people who recommend that you post dozens of articles and wait for the traffic to take off. If you do this, you will never get there! This is the best way to quit your online project.

If you want to get traffic, you have to get it from blogs that have it. And the most effective technique in this case is “guest blogging”. It’s just about writing articles for influential blogs in your industry. How should you go about it?

The first thing to do is to list the best blogs for your topic. You must know some of them. Next, rank all blogs by importance and find which ones accept guest posts. Once that’s done, build relationships with these bloggers: comment on a blog post, send a personal email, share a post on Facebook… Consider leaving constructive messages and comments. Better not to comment than to make an unnecessary comment like “Great article, keep it up!” “. Take the time to build a real relationship with your colleagues.

In the meantime, write a beautiful post (2-3,000 words) that fits perfectly with the blog you are targeting. It is really essential to offer content that will interest the blogger and his audience. Without it, you won’t stand a chance. Once you’re ready, send your post directly to the blog you’ve targeted. If you’ve done a good job, you have a good chance of getting published. This is what I did with this article for CWT Advertising & co (by the way again a big big thank you to you !!!).

If unfortunately you are refused, feel free to submit your article to other blogs on your list. It’s important to retain your audience and get as many emails as possible before you start posting content on your own blog.

4 # make an expert article

Have you ever read those articles where dozens of people give their opinion on an issue? These are called expert articles. This is a very effective method of attracting a torrent of traffic to your blog. Very useful especially when you start!

To make a good expert article, you must first list the main influencers in your topic. Good thing, you already have the list of your blogs for your guest articles. Once this list is well established, send an email asking a question on a specific topic. Take the time to explain your request and clearly define the outline of the response to be made. This will allow you to better frame responses and avoid the risk of redundant content.

Once your article is ready, send a little email to all the experts contacted. Obviously remember to thank those who kindly participated. Most importantly, don’t forget to ask them to share your article with their subscribers and followers. Indeed, the goal is to trigger a torrent of traffic to your blog thanks to the cumulative audience of your experts. Without it, you are simply wasting your time.

And finally, a very very very important little advice! Consider preparing your email capture tool. Yes, you should know that more than 85% of people who have visited a site or a blog will never come back. So, take advantage of your expert article to capture as many email addresses as possible and grow your list (because the money is in the list)!

5 # test Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising can literally take your blog to another dimension. But I see you already saying ” Yes it’s good, but I can’t afford to advertise on Facebook. “ Well, think again! Facebook advertising can be very effective even without spending thousands of dollars.

Initially, I advise you especially to boost your publications such as your blog articles for example. For just $ 10, you can dramatically increase the number of shares and visibility of your posts. So, imagine that you publish 3 articles on your blog in the month, you will spend 30 € in boost. I find that rather reasonable, knowing that the price / efficiency ratio is often very good with Facebook ads.

Then, I advise you to test the advertising campaign tool. And again, no financial madness at the start. You can start with a budget of € 5 per day over 5 days for example. Let your ad run, analyze the results and make improvements. The most important thing in Facebook advertising is to determine your target and create content that will interest them (we always come back to the first tip of this article). Without this, no matter how much you use all the financial means at your disposal, your advertising will not work. So, go ahead and give Facebook advertising a try!

6 # adopt good SEO practices

Adopting good SEO practices is essential when starting your blog. But, what is natural referencing (SEO)?

SEO is the set of optimizations that improve the visibility of your site in search engines (Google in particular). This concerns, for example, the use of keywords, the site tree, internal linking, optimization of titles and tags, inbound links or even the loading speed of your pages.

In short, a multitude of criteria that will make Google love your site. Problem, setting up a good SEO strategy takes a long time. I therefore advise you to focus on 3 essential points at the start:

  • Work on your page and article titles: try to make your titles attractive to make the visitor want to click. I advise you to build your titles in method mode: “Comment + result” or with figures “20 tips for …, 5 solutions that will …”. These article titles more often generate clicks and engagement;
  • Include keywords in your content: consider integrating key words essential to your SEO in your titles, URLs, tags and body of your pages. To do this, you must first list all the useful keywords and phrases for your topic. Use tools like SEMRush or Yooda Insight to find as many expressions as possible;
  • Optimize the linkage of your blog: get in the habit of creating internal links to additional pages. This will allow search engines, especially Google, to better understand your blog tree structure. You will thus be better referenced. Finally, good internal networking also improves the experience of your visitors and keeps them longer thanks to your additional links.

So, apply these few basic tips daily and you will surely optimize your SEO on Google.

7 # Talk about yourself in the field

Yes, not everything happens on the internet (didn’t you know that?). It is important to also make yourself known in real life. Don’t hesitate to tell your family, friends and colleagues about your blog. Far too many people go out and do not dare to talk about their activity to those around them.

Very often, we go quietly into our corner without bothering to talk about it around us. It is a mistake ! Talk about your blog whenever you have the chance. Sometimes this will allow you to get a great touch back that maybe can change everything. So don’t be afraid to let people know about yourself. Activate your personal and professional networks. Use all the means at your disposal to make yourself known.

A simple example, put a link to your blog or your Facebook page in your emails. It’s silly, but it works. Make yourself business cards and distribute them to people interested in your services. If you do BtoB, approach companies by phone or email and present your services.

Staying in your corner is not the way to be successful. Each action you take will make you know a little more every day. Get moving and go for it! No one can blame you.

It’s your turn !

Starting a blog is usually something that is within everyone’s reach. But making it known and attracting traffic takes a lot more work. By applying these 7 techniques, I can assure you that you will boost the visibility of your blog and attract traffic. Because yes, as I told you, without traffic your blog is useless. You may have the most beautiful and fastest site in the world, without an audience your blog will be a waste of time and money.

So if you’re starting your blog today, or if you want to get down to it in a while, apply these simple and effective techniques. So of course, this will only work if you work hard and regularly.

To avoid dispersing yourself at the start, I therefore recommend that you focus on the essentials: build relationships with influencers in your theme, create content for their blogs and receive as many emails as possible thanks to an irresistible bonus (ebook , video…) and start over. Keep doing this until you have a large enough mailing list (minimum 400-500 subscribers) to post content on your own blog.

When you get there, I can tell you that the launch of your blog will already be a success. From this point on, you will see that you will enjoy working on your blog a lot more, that everything will be easier to implement and that your online business dream will become more real than ever.

If you want to have a read and profitable blog, apply these techniques. It’s going to take some work for you, but I can assure you that you will get real results.

About the Author

Project manager for a web media, Simon is above all passionate about WordPress and digital marketing. He is always ready to give good advice to those who want to start their business online. You can find it on its WiziFactory site and download its free guide “37 essential tools for a successful blog”. Her favorite motto: “Don’t dream your life, live your dreams”.