We all know the benefits of a content strategy : increase your audience and your notoriety, qualified prospects, a lower cost compared to traditional marketing. But how do you promote this content?

Sometimes it can be difficult to gain visibility and reach the intended target. Here, I will deliver an effective and comprehensive approach from theinbound marketing to promote your content.

Before you start writing your promotional plan, it is relevant and even essential to ask yourself some questions that will guide you in your promotion process. Thus, you will have to answer the following questions:

Your promotional planning must include the organic promotion, but also the paid promotion. We will discuss these different levers for promoting your content in the following paragraphs.

You can build your promotional plan using several tools. I can advise you on several tools for implementing your plan. However, it’s up to you to choose the one you are most comfortable with.

  1. Trello
  2. Google Calendar
  3. Excel or Sheets

Organic Promotion


Natural referencing or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective methods of promoting your longer content, such as blog posts. To optimize your SEO, you can set up three blogging techniques:

  1. Build semantic cocoons on the theme where you want to position yourself;
  2. Optimize and update your articles blog post because Google likes fresh content;
  3. Optimizing the Featured Snippet or Google’s zero position.

For optimization on page, pay attention to the following points:

  • Include your keyword in the url, the alt tag, the title, the meta description, certain tags H2, H3;
  • Use a rich lexical field around your keyword;
  • Structure your content (H1, H2, H3, H4);
  • Write a meta-description about 160 characters;
  • Use connections :
    • Internal to promote internal mesh and build your semantic cocoon;
    • External when it is useful to your reader;
    • Towards content that encourages conversion.

However, if you want to deepen the topic of SEO, it’s here!

Bots and Messaging Applications

In order to promote your content regularly, you can integrate a redirection to your most recent content in your automatic scenarios.

Use these tools to create passages between your different communication channels!

Content promotion: Chatbot

Likewise, use your chatbot intelligently. Try to create passages to be blog topics that are on common themes. The goal is to show your expertise but also to help your buyer persona to have more information on a given subject.

This promotion strategy is therefore a win for you but also for your buyer persona. You gain visibility while it gains knowledge!


Email marketing remains one of the most important and effective ways to connect with and build lasting relationships with customers.

Promoting your content by email will not only help you to multiply the dissemination channels, but also to retain your customers / prospects since you will bring them the useful, updated and educational content they need!

Social media

No doubt social networks are the excellent channels for promoting your content.

However, if the majority of companies boil down to publishing a post with a link to their content, we have more effective advice but which also requires a greater financial investment.

  • Create or join groups – these communities around a theme are increasingly active and involved on social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn. Your reach and your chances of seeing your content liked, commented on and shared will be greater if you identify the members of a committed community, rather than spreading your messages to an unknown and unknown mass;
  • Make lives – Live is a wonderful tool at your disposal to interact with your community, ask for feedback about your content, but also to enrich your content.

Events or webinars

When you participate in online or offline events, don’t be modest. Do not hide these treasures of which you are also proud. Take advantage of this attention to quote one of your articles written on a subject you are tackling, or a podcast of which you are proud. It will only take you a few seconds to spread such a message, even though the impact created can make a difference for your business.

Being in direct contact with people is one of the most effective ways to promote your content, and therefore your business. You will never know how a potential prospect needs just a little help to make a decision about you!


As said above, it is essential to enjoy the moments of attention of your audience. The podcast is indeed the perfect opportunity!

Promotion with the podcast

Indeed, you will only have to digress on your new content which will take you a few seconds to finally return to the subject of the podcast.

Influence marketing

Let me clarify one thing! Influence marketing is not exclusive to Instagram. It does not go exclusively through influencers who promote different products or services. It can also be done in your field. You just have to take the time to find the right influencers for your topic, build a relationship with them, offer them your content and / or co-create the content.

Here are the steps to follow in more detail:

  • For find influencers :
    • Write Google queries related to your content;
    • Follow hashtags on social networks;
  • Learn sure :
    • Your mutual friend Google;
    • Their social networks;
    • Their blog;
    • The company.

You will be amazed at the amount of information that exists today on the Internet. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to find out about the person with whom you would like to collaborate.

  • Build a relationship :
    • Like, comment and distribute their content;
    • Find out if you have common contacts that can facilitate networking;
    • Start a conversation on social media or on email.
  • Submit your content or a co-creation partnership. You could write a direct message like:

Hello [Prénom]

My name is [Ton prénom] and I currently work at [ Le nom de votre entreprise] specialised in [Domaine d’activité].

I allow myself to contact you because I have been following you for some time on social networks and I wanted to tell you that I greatly appreciate the fact that you also share tool and original content so frequently with your community.

We just realized [Type de contenu] sure [Thématique], [Nom du contenu]. [Énumérez deux ou trois bénéfices de votre contenu, et comment il peut aider].

I’m really proud of this content and I think your community will also enjoy it. If you could share it, I would be very grateful! here is the link [lien].

Thank you for your time and good day to you,


[Ton Prenom]

Organizing content

To effectively promote your content, you could adopt more original and less widespread strategies on the web, which will differentiate you with certainty from your competitors.

  • Adopt the Guest blogging which consists of writing articles for free for a third party while placing in a natural and non-invasive way links which redirect to your content. This is exactly what I have been doing since the beginning of this article without you noticing. This practice is extremely useful for widening your audience, increasing your referral traffic and improving your positioning on Google;
  • Publish your articles on Medium and create links to your content ;
  • To answer questions on Quora and leave a link that deepens the subject.

Resubmit your content

In general, for a user to remember you and what you do, he must be exposed to your messages at least 7 times. This explains the interest of thinking about your content strategy and how to promote it!

However, try to offer content that is already performing and then breathe new life into your content. If, for example, you have a blog article, you can repropose it in different formats and forms including:

  • Infographics ;
  • Checklist;
  • Include it in a guide;
  • Podcast;
  • Webinar;
  • SlideShare;
  • Instagram Post;
  • Video.

Paid Promotion

Paid promotion is becoming more and more popular for promoting content. However, you have to be very careful not to lose your money without a positive return on investment. Your inbound strategy must therefore help you. The fact that you pay to reach a larger target does not allow you to disturb people.

Your message is useful, relevant for the target. In fact, you will have to follow the Inbound Marketing methodology ” get the right message, to the right target, on the right channel, at the right time ”, without distinction between natural or paid promotion.

To make your paid promotion, you have several possibilities at your disposal:

  • Google Ads;
  • Display Ads;
  • Social Media Ads;
  • Paid influencer marketing.

You will follow the same steps to find, build relationships and connect with these influencers. Here are some additional tools that will help you in the phase of identifying good influencers:

However, the difference is that this is a partnership that involves remuneration. It’s up to you to find common ground when it comes to gratification.

Improve your content promotion

Finally, in order to gain visibility and retain your community, it’s important to be consistent and relevant in producing and promoting your content. Don’t let your audience be desired. If they don’t have the information they are looking for from you, they will go and find it from your competitors.