Converting a prospect into a client does not mean that your work is finished, on the contrary! The recent acquisition of a customer opens new doors, which will allow you to make additional transactions and build profitable and long-term relationships with your customers. Following commercial prospecting, it is important to guide the client. The customer experience is at the heart of the business relationship.

Customer retention studies have shown that it costs five times more to gain a new customer than it does to keep an existing customer.

And this is where a tool can come into play: Marketing Automation. It is particularly effective in retaining customers.

Automation for after-sales service and sending emails at strategic times would get you good business.

It would also allow you to stay in touch with customers, turn them into active customers or even recommend updates. The only thing you need is a little creativity and some business acumen.

Confirmation messages

You should not wait too long before sending the first email after purchase. The perfect time to send it is right after converting your lead to a customer.

A confirmation message assures customers that their transaction has been completed successfully. It may contain an online receipt and a thank you message to show your appreciation.

You can also take this opportunity to attract additional customers, by offering newly converted customers personalized coupons so that they invite their loved ones to use your services and can benefit from discounts. You can also take the opportunity to get closer to your customers by providing them with links (in the form of Call To Action buttons) to follow you on social networks.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about your products

Admittedly, some customers buy products without really understanding them and often have trouble getting the best out of them. The lack of knowledge of a purchased item can be a source of dissatisfaction, which could lead to bad reviews and bad feedback.

Sending informative product emails, answering frequently asked questions, and resources with recommendations will keep customers informed about their purchases.

For example, if they bought a camera, send them tips on how to adjust the camera settings so that they can capture better quality photos. You can also provide instructions on how to resolve their issues.

Your product FAQs may also include your return policy, contact information, and information on how they can reach you in the event of additional problems with their purchase.

Comments and request for opinion

A happy and satisfied customer will have no hesitation in giving you positive feedback. By asking them for feedback, you are giving them the opportunity to be heard, which can strengthen your credibility and increase customer confidence in your products and your business.

You can ask them about their buying experience, the level of customer service and the quality of the product they purchased. Learn from the recommendations you receive and identify the things you need to improve. You can play the humor card. It is good to take risks. Soliciting criticism can ultimately be turned in a positive way if you encourage your customers to respond in a fun way to fun, original responses.

The Net Promoter Score is a simple management tool that can help you understand and track customer satisfaction. A simple question in a single format that helps you measure the loyalty and extent of customer satisfaction with your business or product. You gain the trust of your customers and this can lead to new recommendations.

Reactivation emails

Do you remember those customers who bought one of your products a few months ago? They seemed to be very active 3 months ago but have disappeared since? They did not disappear for nothing. Maybe they just need a little help to get back? A well-organized reactivation email would let you keep them coming back. It’s also an opportunity to make adjustments when you feel like customers are abandoning you.

You can motivate old customers again by sending them coupons or giving them gifts. If they do not seem to be inclined to buy one of your products again then send them a useful and relevant email, containing advice, tips, videos or guides.

Recommendation of additional products

At some point, your customers may feel the need to buy something related to their previous purchases, or buy a product that caught their eye. Always be open to the possibility that your customers are ready to make another purchase. This is where great opportunities for upselling and cross-selling (offering complementary items) emerge.

Provide recommendations by adding “You may also like” in your emails. For example, if they bought you a smartphone, send them a list of accessories such as cases, wireless headphones, or anything else related to a smartphone.

Try to sell these customers upgraded versions of their previous purchases. Use customer information and data analytics to plan for their next purchase.

Expiration reminder

As a marketer or seller, you need to know the expiration date of your client’s subscription. Don’t miss the opportunity to make sure customers renew their subscriptions by sending them email reminders.

Birthdays, souvenirs and holidays

It is important to know the “special days” of your customers, such as birthdays and milestones. Sending them a few words on these dates allows you to show them how much you appreciate the relationship you have with them, but it is also an opportunity to give them ideas on what they can buy for themselves or at one of their relatives.

You can offer them discounted items to celebrate these special days. For example, for Mother’s or Father’s Day, send them recommendations regarding gift options.

In conclusion, initially, you will have to invest time in it, but rest assured, the long-term return is worth it.

If you understand that email automation goes far beyond just lead generation, then you will quickly realize its loyalty power and ability to increase your income.

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