Maybe you created a blog with a lot of enthusiasm, but some time later it was neglected, therefore inactive. Are you starting to bother? Here’s what you can do to bring your blog to life…

Three essential questions to ask

Before you want to make money with a blog, whether it’s dormant or active, it’s good to ask yourself a few questions. After all, blog projects are not alike, and articles also differ from blog to blog. The question is:

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  • How long have you been quitting your blog?
  • What is the reason that led you to abandon your blog?
  • What is the current state of your blog?

The resurrection of your blog will depend on the answer to these 3 different questions.

How long have you been quitting your blog?

Between 1 month and 1 year

Of course, it’s hard to talk about a short immersion in the blog. Most of your followers will have almost forgotten you. Your blog is no longer in “their system”. You can just pick up the wire. But do not give up hope, because there is always the possibility of reviving her and earning money.

More than a year

Suppose your blog has been forgotten by everyone. Everyone except Google. This is one of the great advantages of SEO! Anyway, if you want to pick up the thread with some chance of success, there is still work to be done.

What is the reason that led you to abandon your blog?

Perhaps a delicate question. But if you want to get a neglected blog out of the swamp, the answer to this question might help if you have any idea how it got there. So we’re looking for possible causes for your sleeping blog so that you can keep your original goal of making money with your blog.

a) You no longer have time to devote

Blogging takes time. Perhaps a lot more time than you could have had at the start of your blogging adventure. And maybe you can’t afford to spend as much time on your blog as you did at the start of the project. Incidentally, sooner or later, the enthusiasm of beginners diminishes further.

Sometimes an incident can occur such as: illness, emergency, too much work with your studies, just no energy, quality time with the sweetest … In short, your private life can and must sometimes take precedence over your blog.

b) Internet users no longer find interest in your subject

You had a main topic for your blog at the time, but on closer inspection you found it less interesting than expected. Or that there is less to say about it than you think.

And of course, your readership is also there. Maybe you’re mainly blogging about topics that were hot and trendy a few years ago, but don’t bother anyone now. And every blogger knows how hard it is to keep blogging with fewer visitors.

c) You are short of inspiration

Linked to the previous point, which speaks. Either – for whatever reason – you are no longer warm (enough) for your blog (topics), or … you are not organized enough to regularly come up with new ideas for blog posts.

d) A technical problem with your blog

I think the impact of technical issues with the smooth running of blogs is underestimated. The appearance of your blog, its layout and the functionality of all possible features, everything that you, as a blogger, should be at least satisfied with. You can’t take pride in looking at your own blog anymore.

What is the current state of your blog?

Let’s take a look at the health of your blog right now. And of course, you should also ask yourself what you think of your blog project.

a) Is your abandoned blog still attracting traffic?

Dive into the statistics to see if your blog attracts visitors despite this long period of inactivity. It is sometimes surprising to see how many visitors still pass. Especially if your blog still receives a lot of traffic from Google, there is certainly still potential. Your blog and domain name apparently still have a good reputation on Google.

b) What items have remained popular?

Speaking of potential, which articles continue to be the most frequently viewed? This can hold surprises. And especially if you want to change direction for the rest of your blog, I would also see if some categories of blog posts are much better than others.

c) Check the optimization of wordpress articles

Periodically, the Google search engine makes updates. So, you need to check if the articles already published meet the new Google criteria. Because after an update of Google Robots, your old articles can come back in orange and even in red. So, you will have to put them in green according to the criteria of the Yoast plugin.

How to bring your neglected blog to life?

Relaunching old blogs ensures that they don’t lose their value. And it doesn’t have to be difficult. Use one or more of these tips to resuscitate your content.

Time management

To revive a blog, the question of time is essential.

  • Make sure inspiration automatically falls on your doormat;
  • Be less perfectionist (to be able to write faster);
  • Reduce the frequency of your blog and try to blog faster and more efficiently.

But if your time doesn’t always allow you to write new articles on your blog, hire a professional writer to take care of it.

Write on current topics

If you find that your blog is no longer attracting the interest of your readers, you can simply readjust your blog to current topics. This requires the choice of relevant keywords. If you lack the skills to properly analyze high-growth keywords, call on an SEO Expert. He will manage the SEO of your blog. Sure, it will cost you money, but you can rest assured that your blog is in good standing with Google’s algorithms.

Make a graphic overhaul of your blog

There are various reasons for the graphic overhaul of the design of a website, which should be considered as an efficient means of communication suitable for everyone.

Indeed, if your promotion policy has evolved, or if the navigation of your website is not adapted to the different screen formats or if the appearance of the site no longer reflects your field of activity, it is advisable to carry out a complete graphic overhaul of the site.

The graphic overhaul of your site will give it a new design, a new face. This will allow your readers to understand that you have come back with new inspiration and to be ready to follow you again.

Share on social media

Sharing an old blog via social media is the easiest way to breathe new life into it. Choose a quote or a play with interesting content and share these fragments via, for example, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Don’t forget to link to the full article.