▷ How to seduce its readers to encourage them to buy? 2020 -

We told you that keep a blog was as simple as publish an article every week and promote your publications on social media ?

So, like a disciplined student,
you applied these tips to the letter.

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Only here, you can see it in your stats: your audience is not engaged. Worst, your sales don’t take off.

Something is missing, you are making a mistake somewhere. But which ?

I’ll tell you: you don’t woo your readers. Result: they don’t buy. Would you give your BC number to someone who did not take a minimum to gain your trust?

For make a living from your blog, no choice: you have to seduce its readers.

Here’s how to do it.

Seduce readers with unforgettable blog posts?

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  1. Spend time on your headline. It should arouse the curiosity of your reader by mentioning an advantage they are looking for or an error that they want to avoid at all costs;
  2. Treat your blog post introduction. She makes him feel that the article is for him. You understand it, you sympathize;
  3. Your article must adhere to the promise you made in your headline and opening paragraph. You don’t want to be a liar, do you?
  4. Subtitles are essential. They encourage you to continue reading because you arouse curiosity or promise an advantage;
  5. Your conclusion should inspire your reader. It makes him want to roll up his sleeves and change his condition.

I explain in detail how to write a perfect blog post.

How to build readers’ confidence?

You know that feeling of
well-being when you talk to your best friend?

He’s listening to you. Smiles at you. You
ask questions.

In short, it makes you feel that he cares about you and that you can count on him.

how to seduce its readers and encourage them to buy

And if you could create this same
feeling with your blog readers?

Below are 6 tips to make them feel at home, like a friend:

  1. Engage your reader with questions. The most impacting include the personal pronoun you.
  2. Make him feel like you’re on the same page by using the phrases he understands, the vocabulary he uses, and the type of humor he enjoys.
  3. Vary the length of your sentences to make your conversation more fluid and pleasant.
  4. Tell personal stories. You are not just a blogger who writes articles and creates sales tunnels, right?
  5. Use comforting words: put a virtual arm around your reader’s shoulder. Reassure him with simple sentences like “We’ve all been there,” “You can do it,” etc.
  6. Pass on your emotions, your failures, your fears. After all, you are a sentient being just like your reader, aren’t you?

How to facilitate reading?

Writing engaging content does
not enough for seduce its readersong>. You also have to be welcoming. format
blog articles for easy reading:

  1. Use short paragraphs to make reading easy.
  2. Avoid annoying your readers with incessant chatter.
  3. Introduce pauses in your conversation, through visuals, infographics, bulleted lists.
  4. Take care of your readers’ eyes. Set an easy-to-read font size.
  5. Insert blocks of quotes.
  6. Be clear and limpid in your argument.

How to raise desire?

seduce its readers to boost sales

When someone appeals to you,
you find a way to stay in touch, right?

You send emails, sms, you call. You try to do everything to seduce him and not to be forgotten. Desire has to go up.

Find ways to stay in
contact with your blog readers and build a real relationship
with them by following these tips:

  1. Encourage them to join your subscriber list, as this is the best way to develop your relationship. For that, give them a good reason to sign up. Tell them how you will make their lives better, how happy you will make them. Place the registration forms in the right places: about page, page dhome, your contact page, in your sidebar, and under each article.
  2. Send a newsletter regularly, once or twice a week is a good average. Build a relationship for seduce its readers requires a good balance: not too intrusive, but not too distant either.
  3. Greet new readers with a sequence of welcome emails to get to know you. They will be more excited to learn more.
  4. List your services in your email footer, on your page at about and on a dedicated web page.
  5. Always encourage comments, in the conclusion of your articles or emails.
  6. Be useful and constructive in all your interactions: in each comment, each email, each publication on forums, Twitter and other social networks, you must build a solid relationship in which you do more than just receive. Being online doesn’t change the way relationships are built – if you’re still critical, defensive, offensive, attacking, sarcastic … well, that’s the kind of relationship you will have. If you are just trying to sell things to people all the time, it will not be an authentic relationship. If you are empathetic and generous, we will return it to you a hundredfold.

Last important tips to seduce its readers

For seduce its readers and sell more, no secret: you have to forget about selling and put people first.

You listen well, you ask
questions, you’re like a friend. Well.

But sometimes seduction requires
a little more than that, isn’t it?

Where are your red roses? Your surprise weekend? And your chocolates?

Readers like to know that
you care about them, and there is no better way to show them
than to give them a gift. Without any conditions.

Downloadable checklists, detailed tutorials, free bonuses. This is how you will build a relationship with your audience. Admit it. When was the last time you sent a gift to your subscribers without an opt-in?

To energize your physical business or your online business, you must start with a sincere commitment to your readers. Don’t just focus on selling. And you will sell more.