▷ How to sell on your E-commerce site? 2020 -

Spoiler alert: this is not an article offering a miracle solution for your E-commerce site to work (it does not exist). Now it’s said, let’s get down to business. You have an e-commerce site, all beautiful, brand new, functional, now it would be about selling! Just like a physical store, you will have to be talked about. For this, there are a plethora of marketing tools on the web

Having a choice is good, but it can be scary! For good reason, it is important to be aware of all the levers and the different applicable marketing strategies before getting started.

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First of all, increasing the conversion rate of your e-commerce site goes through an essential step: realize that the site will not work alone and that it is not because we are budgeting on tools such as Google Adwords, that automatically sales will increase. IT IS NECESSARY TO WORK ON YOUR STRATEGY, continuously, before, during and after.

Once you have this concept in mind, you can get started. Each tool, whether paid referencing, display, affiliation or others, is to be used for specific situations. It is up to you or your agency to decide what suits your needs.

Let’s go back to our idea of ​​before / during / after.


Knowing how to ask the right questions is essential: what are my goals? What is my target? Which axis of my product / service should I highlight? Which tone to use? What are the web levers adapted to my strategy?

Obviously, the more you make a conscious effort to answer these questions, the more useful it will be for you. This may sound silly to say, but it is essential not to veil your face and fly over this stage by patting yourself on the back.

Defining this strategic set upstream of the launch of your marketing campaign will help keep a common thread and therefore keep real consistency over the long term. This same continuity is a key element of success for any marketing strategy. It makes it possible to install comfort in the audience which recognizes a way of doing things, to illustrate its words at the company.

Finally, consistency in your communication is perfect so as not to lose your client, it helps to clarify your speech.

So you will understand, sit down with your associates / colleagues / your spouse / your cat and brainstorm like never before.


That’s it, you take the plunge. Let’s say you have a merchant site intended to sell jewelry designated by your little hands. Your goal is therefore to increase your notoriety at first, it seems ideal to establish a netlinking strategy: writing articles, collaborations with bloggers / bloggers, community management (especially Instagram nowadays).

Then, you target paid levers like Google Adwords to boost sales on your site. The results will be more noticeable thanks to your notoriety campaign: beyond the primary benefit which is the fact of attracting new people thanks to the visibility that this advertising brings you, the Internet user needs to be able to validate your sign by reviews / items before proceeding to purchase.

Review of the races, you have to be patient, use the right levers adapted to your brand and especially not to skip the steps in order to get the best out of your marketing campaigns. Indeed, the success of your strategy is measured in particular by the synergy that you will be able to create between the different tools used.


Everything is in place, your little business is running, this is not the time to twist your thumbs! The first thing to do when your e-commerce site evolves is to continue your campaigns, increasing your efforts accordingly.

Until then, nothing too rocket science. What you absolutely have to understand during this phase is that you should never stop. Marketing is an integral part of your activity and is not limited to a kind of springboard for launching your business.

Of course, it is recommended to work alongside a digital communication agency which will, through its expertise, support you in the development, implementation and monitoring of a marketing strategy for your commercial site. But if you want to start on your own and what to say if it is not a hat!

So know how to evolve according to your business, take the time to develop your strategy well without losing sight of your common thread and everything will be fine.