Do you want to sell a product? Well if so, we strongly recommend that you try to sell it through a blog. Indeed, with a blog, you will have a lot more sales than with another platform. Why would you tell me? We will see it in this article!

Why sell through your blog?

Selling through your blog has many advantages. Most of the time, when an entrepreneur tries to sell something, he immediately thinks of marketing, advertising, canvassing or social media.

Trainer training

In the end, very few people think of the blog. Probably because it’s a longer-term sales strategy that takes more time to put in place. It is well known in this world that most people want to make a lot of money fast and want it all right away.

In reality, we think this is a mistake because there are very few people who have such success stories. Most successful entrepreneurs are built for the long term through persistence and strategy.

Starting a blog is also more complicated than other methods. And most people often mistakenly think that you have to be a computer scientist or very computer savvy to achieve this.

So, why is a blog perfect for selling? Quite simply, because it is not the seller who is going to seek out potential buyers and try to sell them something, but it is the buyer who will seek to buy something or to solve a problem.

It is much easier to sell something to someone who already wants to buy than it is to sell something to someone who originally did not want to buy your product. You might think it’s a small difference, but in reality, it’s a huge difference!

There are also other aspects that make blogging truly one of the best platforms to sell. SEO for example. SEO is the fact of optimizing your article so that it is as high as possible in the search engines and therefore that it gets the maximum number of views.

It’s interesting, because unlike social media, it’s passive income and it’s exponential. On networks, a post is only active for about 24 hours, so you have to constantly work to get results. On a blog, once the article is published, it can get views every day, even in 10 years. On top of that, there is an exponential aspect to blogging, because the more you will increase your SEO, the more views you will get, etc.

Now on to the method to sell through his blog. First, you’re going to have to create your product because you have to have a product to make sales. It seems logical, but it is not necessarily the case for everyone. If you don’t have products, it’s like having an empty store, people will walk in, but they won’t be able to buy anything.

Once you have your product, you will need to attract people to your store (here your blog) so that they can buy. To do this, we will write as many articles as possible on keywords related to the domain of our blog and our product.

The idea is to answer all the problems and all the questions that people might have about the topic in which you have decided to get started. Thanks to this, when people ask a question and search the internet for it, they will be able to find your articles.

For example, if you have a fishing blog and wrote an article on how to fish for tuna, someone might search the internet for “how to fish for tuna”, come across your blog, and buy you a product.

It is thanks to this kind of method that you will typically be able to sell a product on a blog. The good thing is you didn’t do anything except write an article, maybe you were having fun at the time of the sale.

Now, in reality, it is not that simple. If you want to increase your conversion rate and sell through your blog, you will need to set up a sales funnel.

Install a sales funnel

For those who do not know what a funnel is, it is the path that a customer will take from the discovery of your existence to the purchase of your product. In this part, we will see which is the most optimized sales funnel to sell on a blog.

On a blog, the best way to sell is to collect the visitor’s email. There are several methods for this, the simplest and best known is to collect the email with a pop-up page or a capture form in exchange for a gift (ebook, videos, reduction, etc.).

Then, you will automatically send pre-written emails in advance according to the days to the people who gave their email. For example, you will do like this:

  • Day 0: immediate sending of the gift and presentation of your story;
  • Day 1 at 7 am: explanation and value addition on how to fish for tuna;
  • Day 2 at 7 am: explanatory video on fishing;
  • Etc.

You will each time in your first emails offer free content and then go further by paying.

Then, around day 4 or 5, you will finish your sequence with the direct proposition of your product. You can even make an offer according to what you want to do, it’s up to you to adapt your email sequence according to your audience, your product and your theme.

To write and send emails automatically, there is software, this is called auto-responders. There are loads of them on the internet and you will find what you are looking for by searching a little.

What is interesting later is that you have obviously stored these emails. You will therefore be able to reuse them later to make offers, sell new products, service your customers, etc.

So there you have it, if you want to blog through blogging, you just have to set up your funnel once and it will sell for you afterwards. Once your product and tunnel are created, all you have to do is focus on writing quality articles and increasing your blog’s SEO in order to attract even more visitors to it. . As I told you, it’s very exponential!