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As you know, we recently launched an ebook on good marketing practices on Twitter, after the direct sale on our site, we want to put it on sale on Amazon and the other online bookstores (Fnac, Itunes & co). Before selling an ebook on these platforms, several prerequisites are essential. Via this article, we will share with you our experience to sell your ebook, too. Let’s go…

In order to sell your ebook, you are going to have to go through the following steps:

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  1. Put your book in the right format;
  2. Obtain an ISBN number;
  3. Obtain an EIN number (for Amazon and Itunes).

Convert your ebook to Amazon, Fnac and Itunes

When we launched our Twitter Good Practices Guide, we took care of the design and opted for a pdf format for sale on our site. The pdf allows for a neat visual but is unfortunately not compatible for sale on online platforms. So you have to adapt it!

2 versions exist:

  1. Epub : widespread and used in particular on the Apple sales platform;
  2. Mobi: used for Amazon Kindle.

In parallel 2 ebook formats exist:

  • The “fixed layout” format: the latter, a bit like pdf, will allow you to have a more elaborate design but will not allow the activation of certain functionalities proposed by the readers (in particular the modification of the size of the characters ensuring a comfort of reading), ‘is therefore not suitable for small screens (SmartPhone);
  • The “reflowable” format which will adapt to all screen sizes and allow text resizing. In return, the visual aspects will be more limited.

Basically, if the content of your ebook is based on visuals, it is better to opt for the first format in order to keep a design close to your pdf. On the contrary, if your content is the main asset of your ebook, it is better to opt for the second format which will ensure optimal reading comfort.

The first solution you will turn to for converting your ebook will surely be the free tools available online. Note for example: Online Convert, Convert, or even Caliber software.

If your ebook consists of a simple improved Word, these tools will surely do the trick. However, they will not allow you to have an optimized version or to choose between the 2 formats mentioned above.

I tried several of these tools, unfortunately (or fortunately) our ebook having a neat design, the result was not at all expected. In this case, the best thing to do is to go through a conversion professional who will be able to assist you in adapting your ebook. This will allow you to be 100% sure of your design.

After some research via our friend Google, I found the Ebook-Creation.fr site which offers a complete and affordable offer for ebook publishers. They were able to support me on the choice of format, the creation of epub and mobi files and even on obtaining the EIN (we will come back to this later). The prices are affordable, for an ebook creation pack in epub and mobi format, prices start from € 89 incl. They can also help you with the integration of your ebook on Fnac, Amazon and the Apple ibook store. Their site contains a lot of information to help you self-publish, including their special self-publishing pack which includes: a complete guide in French to open accounts with Apple, Amazon and Kobo, the provision of an EIN and the provision of ISBN numbers, do not hesitate to consult it. I found the person I had very professional, I did not know much about the different formats, she knew how to guide me and inform me about the different approaches, do not hesitate to contact them from our go.

Get ISBN and EIN

Once your ebook has been converted to the correct format, it’s not over, you need to get your ISBN and EIN numbers. Quezako?

The ISBN is the number you can find on any book, it’s an international standard number used to identify a book in a given edition. To get it, the process is quite simple and free. You have to go to the Afnil website here, download the form, fill it out and send it back. Following the sending you receive a response by email with a series of ISBN number for your future publications. Please note, each edition of your book must have its own ISBN, if you have a Mobi version and another Epub, each must have a different number.

EIN (or Internal Revenue Number) is a required US tax number if you want to sell your ebook on Amazon or the Apple Ibook Store. There is a form to fill out and then send back to the American tax services by mail or telephone. The delay can be quite long by mail, it is better to opt for the telephone when you are in a hurry to sell your ebook. To know the process in detail, I let you read this page.

Submit your ebook to Amazon, Ibook Store, Fnac Kobo & co

Your book is in the right format, you have your ISBN and EIN numbers in your possession, all you have to do is submit your book to Amazon, Ibook Store, Fnac or any other platform for selling digital books.

For Amazon / Kindle, go here, create your account and follow the online procedures.

For Fnac, you will have to go to Kobo Writing Life and follow the different creation steps. For the Apple ibook store, you will first need to download Itunes Producter and then create an account in the iBook Store. More info on this here.

We will develop the subject of optimizing its presence at these different points of sale in a future article. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of the posting of this article.

Creating an ebook can be a good way to monetize your audience, if the subject interests you, don’t hesitate to tell us via the comments, we will write content to share our experience!