Recently, we launched our training “The fundamentals of natural referencing” in digital format. For the creation of this training and marketing devices related to its promotion, we used the Learnybox tool. During the 3 months of training creation phase, I tested the tool in all directions and found it particularly well suited to any company or person wishing to embark on video training. Discover with me this great tool…

Are you a company and want to train your employees or customers? Are you a consultant or coach and need to transmit your video skills? Creating online training can be a good way to significantly develop your business, and, good news, I have the tool you need!

Learnybox will allow you to manage all of your online training activity by helping you create an elearning platform in your image and supporting you in promoting it.

Here are the tools you will find:

  • Creation of your online training with all the features you could hope for: quiz, course tracking, gamification …
  • Creation of a site at the same time to promote your offer.
  • Installation of a sales tunnel to sell your training with secure space for payment.
  • Promotion tools such: online conferences (webinars), affiliate program, mailing tool (with advanced automation option), popup and so on.
  • Customer relationship tool to track people training with you.

What I immediately appreciated, before even going into more detail about the tool, is having 100% of the tools you need to manage your training on the same platform. The advantage is also that all these tools communicate perfectly with each other for better efficiency.

I now suggest you go into the details of the main features.

1time step: create your training online

Some people will tell you to start by selling your product before creating it, for my part:

1: I prefer to have a product upstream because it is difficult to sell when you do not know the details of your product.

2: our training already existed in face-to-face format (in Paris), I wanted to digitize it effectively.

Learnybox will therefore allow you to create your training space as well as the various modules making up your program. Everything is customizable, you can have a space entirely in your colors and organize the training as you wish. Here’s what it looks like for us:

The home page with the different modules:

example learnybox training

And the module pages with our training videos:

example learnybox training

I was able to customize everything, including the organization of each of my modules. In the case of our training, we find:

  • Progression ;
  • The title ;
  • The trainer;
  • An introduction with the key points;
  • The training video;
  • Resources with training support and file templates for working.

Of course, Learnybox is flexible enough to customize both the design and the functionality. From features made available for your online training, we find: adding video, audio, image, text, file to download, button, recording (example for a language course, the trained person can register so that the trainer can correct behind), comments (classic or Facebook)…

On the content side, you can organize them in different ways. Depending on your learning method, you can unlock all the modules at registration, unlock them as you progress or even every week … You also have an option allowing you to offer training in the form of a subscription.

learnybox training method

To check the assimilation of knowledge, you can suggest quizzes. And to motivate, a gamification system can be implemented. In my case, different badges are unlocked depending on the progress:

gamification training learnybox tool

Everything I show you is really accessible even without any technical knowledge. It’s really easy to use, you can focus 100% on creating your training content. For example, it took me 1.5 months to create all of my videos and then only a few days to format them on Learnybox. I was then able to work on the communication devices which I will tell you about 🙂

Set up a sales tunnel to sell your training online

A sales tunnel will be a series of pages bringing your prospect gradually to the purchase of your training.

In my case, you have:

  1. A first capture page that requests the person’s first name and email in exchange for downloading a guide. When the person enters his email, he is added to a list which will allow him to receive the guide but also a series of automated emails (I will come back to this key function later).
  2. The person is then redirected to a training presentation page.
  3. Then on a sales page.
  4. Then on a thank you page after purchase.

Example My capture page

example page capture tunnel sale learnybox

Here, the same, everything is customizable. Once the sales tunnel has been created you can monitor the performance of each stage of the tunnel and do AB Testing to improve it!

learnybox tool tunnel sale

Through the tunnel, you can also associate tags with your prospects based on their actions. Example: if the person goes to the end of the tunnel, they have a specific tag that will allow me to personalize the emails they will receive later!

Set up an automated automation / mailing system

Your tunnel is ready, you can, before promoting it, set up automatic emails. LearnyMail allows you to retrieve the emails of people who have traveled through the tunnel to offer them a series of automated emails. This is called automation (if the topic interests you, go here).

In my case, I configured 3 sequences of emails according to the profile of the person:

  1. A sequence for prospects having downloaded the guide which offers them email coaching to convince them to follow the training.
  2. A basket abandonment sequence to convince them to finalize their order.
  3. And a final sequence for clients in order to offer them complementary products.

For each sequence, I can add as many emails as I want, at the rate I want. I can also add tags according to the actions (example the person clicks on a link, it is added to another sequence…), again everything is possible, your only limit is your imagination 🙂

marketing automation learnybox

Of course, LearnyMail also allows you to send emails in a more traditional way. In this case, it works like any email marketing tool.

Tools to promote your online training

It doesn’t stop there, Learnybox offers a variety of tools to promote your training.

You can in particular:

  • Create a site to present your activity (I did not use this feature because we have our site but when we launch without any support, it can be very useful). The tool also allows you to have a blog to regularly publish content to work on your SEO.
  • Organize conferences / webinars : I haven’t had the opportunity to test yet but I plan to do it 🙂 On the other hand, I was able to follow webinars organized with the tool and the result is there.
  • Add a popup system to “capture” emails from your prospects.
  • Create an affiliate program to pay your partners a percentage in case of customers for your training.

The icing on the cake, a CRM is also included to monitor the relationship with your prospects and customers. For customers, you can see where they are training, answer their questions (Learnybox included an online support tool).

Conclusion: an ultra-complete tool for creating an online training site

After 3 months of strenuous testing, I am totally convinced by the tool. I really appreciate finding all the tools in one interface. During the past few months I have also been able to test the technical and commercial support of Learnybox over and over again and just like for the tool I have been really pleasantly surprised. The Learnybox teams respond quickly and always with appropriate advice.

And on the tariff side? You have the choice between 3 formulas, depending on the formulas you can create one or more training courses and access different functionalities. The subscription starts from 89 € HT per month without commitment. The little tip: take the year subscription to get 2 months free 🙂 With the year subscription, the monthly cost starts from € 74.16 excl.

price creation training line learnybox

Ah and I forgot, you have 14 days to test the tool for free to get your idea! So what are you waiting for to get started?

Visit the Learnybox website to start your online training activity today.

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