▷ How to speak in public? 2020 -

Speak in public can sometimes be complicated when you’re not used to it. It can be scary, stressful or unsettling. So you wonder how are these people doing conferences or videos to be perfectly comfortable. Follow these tips and you will see that you too can do it!

How did I learn and still learn to speak in public?

When you’re young, the only training you get to speak in public is when the school asks us to give presentations to the class. In the professional world, it can be our superior who asks us for a presentation. But other than that, we don’t have a lot of opportunities to speak in public. It is therefore complicated the first time to succeed in doing better than a speaker.

Just like in sports or business, you have to train in order to become good at something. For example, shooting your first basketball shot is always more complicated than shooting the 100th.

So how do you get better? For my part, I was not very good 5 years ago, I hardly spoke in public and making videos was unimaginable for me. Yet today I’m much easier to speak in public, whether on the street, at school or even at parties, I’ve even created my own financial independence YouTube channel.

To get there, nothing very complicated. Simply train every day, whenever the opportunity arises. Come forward when your boss requests a presentation on a subject, speak during your outings with friends, be the one who animates the evening and no longer be a mere spectator. Take the plunge whenever the opportunity arises and you will get results as you go. Set goals and you will see that in the long term there will be change.

Now, if you have to speak very soon and you have to be on top, I can advise you to prepare your speech and film yourself on video. Film yourself again and again until you like the video and you feel ready for your presentation / talk.

How to overcome the fear of speaking in public, the fear of being judged?

You want to speak in public, but you are afraid, afraid of being judged, afraid people will make fun of you because you are not very comfortable?

well don’t care! Whatever you do, whatever you do, there will always be people who will criticize you as well as those who will love you. Even the biggest are criticized. so focus on those who like what you do while taking constructive criticism to improve yourself, but don’t bother with free criticism.

You will not be perfect anyway when you are starting out. Everyone has to get started sooner or later and nobody gets started with infused science. The most important thing is to get started. Aim for the long term and in a few months, a few years, you will see that you will have made great progress.

Many people do not look long term, they look for the next few days, weeks, and want everything right away. You have to think long term to achieve something great, to change. For my part, for example, I am already preparing my future, I would like to travel in the coming years, and get out of the daily metro-work-sleep. All this takes time and does not happen in a few days. But in a few years, it’s possible!

Why do you want to speak in public?

Maybe you want speak in public to improve yourself, to make a presentation a success, to be more comfortable during your next meetings …

Anyway, if you want to achieve your goals, the most important thing is to get started. TAs long as you don’t start, you will not progress and you will surely regret it one day or another. For my part, when I started on YouTube not long ago, I was afraid that my videos were not good enough, that I was not comfortable enough, etc.

But basically what people want is your advice rather than form. The form always remains a “bonus”, the bottom line is bringing value to people. Even today, I am making progress and in a year I would have made more. The most important thing is that I got started.

If you want to progress quickly, I advise you to create a YouTube channel and make videos on a subject that interests you. Even if you don’t post the videos, practice speaking when the opportunity arises.

Here are all my tips for to speak in public, I hope this helped you get started or improve. If ever, you can come see me on my YouTube channel here to follow my progress. Good luck in all your projects and get started! ?