▷ How to spot influencers? 2020 -

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat … 1 in 3 Internet users subscribed to an influencer account on social networks in 2018. A potential audience of nearly 1 billion people! Find out how to identify (good) influencers to make the most of this new form of online advertising…

Don’t trust the number of subscribers

When we talk about spotting the influencers, the first thought that comes to mind is to throw ourselves on the big fish, those that have tens of thousands of followers. What if I told you that the number of subscribers does it really matter? Regardless of the social network, a person with an extended follower counter does not necessarily generate support.commitment, is not necessarily a follower of partnerships, and may not be receptive to your offer.

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Observe the comments and their content

To recognize an influencer, you have to take a close look at his social media. On Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, take the time to observe and understand the link between the public figure and his community. Do his publications generate engagement? In addition to the likes, how many comments are posted? And in these comments, how many are really of value? Forget “Like4Like”, “First” and other “Lb” which spam content and do not represent the influence of a person. Are subscribers committed to participating in the life of the influencer’s social account? Do they feel involved in what he / she shares? Do they trust him? An Instagram account with 1,000 subscribers who respond to each of their posts is more valuable than a 90% spammed millionaire!

Learn about the editorial line of the influencer

Once the popularity of the public figure is established, there is nothing to say that they will be able to promote your brand. To ensure his influencer status, he will have to study his online presence in more depth. Has he / she ever made partnerships with a brand? Did he / she talk about it in a YouTube video, a Facebook post, a Instagram photo or a Snapchat story ? If yes, what type of brand is he / she used to acclaim? His editorial line is it in line with your company’s values? If not, try to understand why. Is this person closed to paid partnerships, does he use his blog for strictly personal purposes? Or is she just waiting to be contacted by the right company?

Use an agency specializing in influencer marketing

Research, targeting and relationships with influencers are a full-time activity. It must require resources from you, both time and money. To simplify this task, many start-ups have made the brand / influencer relationship their core business. Hivency, the agency specializing in Instagram, Way2up, the expert in travel influencers or Reech and Point d ‘Organ will allow you to simplify your action plan.