▷ How to stand out from the competition and offer an irresistible offer? 2020 -

How to stand out from the competition in a country where 1,619 companies are created in England every day? (1) Not obvious! Why would a customer come to buy from you rather than from a competitor already well established for years? Here are several ways to help you stand out from the competition and no longer be afraid of it…

See what works with your competitors

In marketing, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Just observe the strategies that seem to be working for your competitors. For example, if your main competitor sells furniture and on top of that offers free magazines to give decoration ideas to their customers and that is its main difference between all furniture stores, take inspiration from that. Don’t do exactly the same, but get inspired by the technique. For example, you can offer a weekly decoration video not by paper, but by email. So take the techniques that work for them and make a difference and do it even better.

Here are other examples often used by your best competitors: delegate each service by professionals, use influencers or bet on perceived value.

Observe what is not working with your competitors

This is a perfect example here of what Uber has done in relation to taxis. The Uber company simply operated what was wrong with competitors and pointed out that it did not make all of these mistakes. Try to read customer reviews and see what are the main faults that come up often.

For example, you sell trips and on the sites of your competitors you often see this kind of remarks: “There are supplements which are not indicated” or “We have no choice on the rooms and we are forced to have a view which is not pleasant ”.

Think about how you can make sure that there are no unpleasant surprises in your service.

Understanding your customers: the key

The most successful companies are the ones that listen most to their customers and respond to their needs. It may seem very simple and basic, but the main reason why a business fails is because of this.

If you put yourself in the shoes of your customer, they will feel understood and will have no trouble buying from you. To do this, you can use the technique of surveys using Google Form to survey your customer base. You ask them the greatest difficulty they have in your field.

For example, in creating an internet business, what often comes up is “lack of time” or “lack of traffic”. Fill these gaps and your business will flourish.

For example, I created a video that I offer my clients “How to make a living from affiliation in 5 steps”, because they are particularly interested in affiliation and this video helps them to understand how affiliation works.

Make a list of the best strategies used by your competitors.

Bet on the blue ocean strategy

The Blue Ocean strategy is to compare the business of your competitors with your own. This strategy allows you to highlight your differences with your competitors and bet on them.

After fifteen years of research in thirty different business sectors, W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne have identified what they now call the Blue Ocean Strategy.

The idea is that every business has competitors and the products are more and more alike. And, to get out of the “red ocean” of competition, it will have to make a leap in value, a real strategic shift that will lead to the creation of an entirely new market space, a blue ocean.

Then identify all your differences and you will have the answer to the question “Why buy from you rather than from a competitor X?” ”

Good after-sales service

Waiting music, patience, not having answers by email, unassigned number … customer service in England is bad enough for many companies. Use this lever as a loyalty brake to keep your customers.

This is what Captain Train did. For those who do not already know Captain Train and to summarize it very simply this company which sells train tickets with their customers in mind.

They also wrote a book about it called “The obsession with customer service”.

Respond with high quality to your customers and you will be way ahead of your competition.

Impress your customers by bringing more than they expect

A good way to impress your customers is to bring them more than they expect. For example, if you are selling online training on a specific topic, you can add a few more Bonus Videos without first notifying it. It will be a surprise for them that they will not forget.

Many sellers on Amazon put an additional small gift with the product ordered for their customers. It’s a small gift that often costs them just a few cents like a piece of jewelry, but in the long run it pays off because customers will buy it from them.

So what is the little difference you can make to build customer loyalty?


(1) Number of business creations in England