▷ How to stand out in a market? 2020 -

When you start freelancing, it is often difficult to know how to win in your sector of activity against the many competitors already present. To stand out, it can be interesting to find a profitable niche market thanks to which you can obtain quality assignments and maintain your competitiveness over the long term…


1- Analyze your strengths

The size of your structure allows you to highlight your flexibility. Managing your schedule yourself and working without time constraints is an undeniable time saver in the progress of projects. In fact, your responsiveness gives you the advantage of offering shorter completion times than some agencies that have to go through internal validation and hierarchy stages.

With you, changes can be made quickly and you remain the one and only contact, which facilitates the proper monitoring of the file. Likewise, your independence of mind, your ability to innovate and be proactive are perceived as real added values ​​for companies seeking new visions and wishing to think outside the box.

Small advice, use the IKIGAI method to define your talents and weaknesses. Through your experiences, list the keywords that most accurately define your professional profile. In this way, you will be able to know more about your skills and know-how and identify the elements of differentiation to bring to your offer.

“Where your talents and the needs of the world meet, there is your calling. »Aristotle

2- Determine your specificity

To detect a niche where to break into, ask yourself two essential questions: what is your specialty (your unique value proposition) and what is the issue related to this specialty (the needs and expectations of your target)? Avoid being too general and presenting benefits anyhow to anyone.

You risk selling yourself at a low price and working on missions that bring you no added value, which are not consistent and aligned with your professional values. Choose a specialty that you really like, for which you will be clearly identified by your potential customers and which will allow you to make yourself indispensable.

If you are afraid of missing out on opportunities by positioning yourself in a strategic niche, note that with a global offer, not only will you develop no expertise but no reputation. The latter depends on specific skills to attract customers who are looking for precisely this expertise!

“Scarcity makes the price of things. “- Petroleum

By betting on this notion of scarcity, you can also enhance the amount of your benefits. Remember that your prospects are there for an expertise that meets one of their specific needs and that they may find it difficult to find elsewhere.

By placing yourself in an expert niche, you are therefore more likely to better negotiate your rates. In addition, as a confirmed professional, your experience becomes a factor of credibility and therefore remuneration. Consider asking for recommendations to support the value of your work. Your best ambassadors are satisfied customers of your services and word of mouth remains irrefutable proof of your efficiency and your legitimacy.

3- Take care of your communication

Post useful and relevant information, for example by writing advice articles, by sharing your ideas on the latest trends in the sector or by creating a portfolio to show your latest achievements. Also consider becoming a contributor in specialized media to illustrate your expertise.

Finally, take care of your presence on social networks and maintain regular exchanges with your community. This is how you can gain visibility and develop your notoriety.

Let’s also remember that your personality, your style, your history are all criteria that will differentiate your business and mark the minds of your targets. Be yourself, the others are already taken as Oscar Wilde rightly said … you know what you have to do!

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