You want to start your online business and you are lost in front of all the information you read on the internet on this subject? You, what you want is launch your profitable online business as quickly as possible and that it generates you profits. It’s perfectly legitimate if you want to end wage labor once and for all…

But let me tell you one thing: it is not going to happen overnight, contrary to what dream sellers let you believe. But you can do it if you apply the right method and the right strategy. So I’m going to explain in this article how to start an online business from scratch.

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The choice of theme

Choosing a topic in blogging is a fundamental step, and if you plant yourself at this step, your business will not be able to function. Choosing a theme is like the foundations of a house: if the foundations are defective, the house will eventually collapse! You have to think carefully about the niche in which you want to launch yourself to study it and limit the risks of failure to the maximum, even if zero risk does not exist.

How to choose a profitable niche?

What you need to understand first of all is that a profitable niche is not related to the number of people in that niche. In other words, you should not seek the widest audience, but an audience which has a long-term interest and which buys. That is to say, you have to check the economic potential of your idea. You absolutely must avoid seasonal business (skiing, grape harvesting, etc.) or related to a temporary situation (job search assistance for example)

Then you have to choose a niche with a wide range of products to sell, like affiliate training for example. This will allow you to make regular offers to your readers and animate your site commercially.

You should not choose a niche idea on an intuition or on a personal desire only, but seek to meet the needs and expectations of your audience. This is the main element that will make your online business take off or not. Of course, I am not telling you that you should not choose a theme that you like, on the contrary, it is absolutely necessary for you to hold over time, but you must reconcile your passion for this subject wondering how you’re going to do it for solve a deep need in your thematic.

You absolutely must avoid being original: in an online business, originality does not pay! Rather, you should look for a proven idea, simply because that’s what people are looking for. As my friend André Dubois says, it is better to open the 10th pizzeria in your city, than to open the first Ethiopian restaurant. Why? Because people love pizza, but they will be wary of a restaurant that makes Ethiopian cuisine, because they don’t know it …

What is your marketing positioning?

Marketing positioning is the position that your offer / product occupies in the mind of your client compared to the competition. The goal here is to bring what your target customer has in mind with what you want to communicate. It is like making a universe for your ideal client or avatar. You have to ask yourself about your intention: if it should not retain a single thing from you, what would it be?

I’ll take you an example: let’s take the guy of romantics who officiates in Web Copywriting. This is to tell you, if I call him “the guy” it is that I do not even know what his name is in real life. On the other hand, I remember one thing: it is always filmed on video with a telephone handset in your ear! You know the old 80’s touch and handset phones … the ugly gray stuff, remember? Well here it is: I identified him with a crazy guy who talks on YouTube with a telephone handset by the ear … it intrigues and that’s what it is for. But suddenly, that’s what I take from him.

Another example ; the boss of the 1mn30 web agency, Gabriel Dabi-Schewebel: he always appears in a purple jacket with his cup with the 1mn30 logo in purple too. He even wears shoes that are also purple! In short, it plays on the graphic identity of its brand! Suddenly, he created a world easily recognizable among his competitors: it looks like the Milka cow! Meeuuuh …

Are you starting to understand better how to create your branding?

How to find your client avatar?

This too is an essential point not to be overlooked: how to find your ideal client for your online business. Determining the profile of your ideal client will allow you to create a link with your audience in your emails, your articles and on your sales page and therefore, in the end, this will allow you to sell more.

For example, the customer avatar in web marketing looks like this: men and women between 30 and 50, and therefore rather in an intermediate age group, who are already freelancers or entrepreneurs. The ideal client in web marketing is already involved in entrepreneurship and he is motivated to succeed: he is not a beginner or a novice, which greatly facilitates things. The traffic already knows what it wants, it is aware of its need, which is not always the case in other niches.

Once you have determined that, you just have to focus your communication by addressing your target directly, even if, in the end, you cast a wider net. How? ‘Or’ What? By adopting the language, the codes borrowed by your target client.

How to analyze the competition?

Do not be afraid of competition: a niche in which there is strong competition indicates that there is money to be made, and therefore that it is indeed a profitable niche . Whereas if you have almost no competitors in your market segment, beware: that means that there is no market!

You will know by doing your market research: for example by going to Amazon and looking for the best sales of books in your niche. Find out how many people bought the book and the comments from buyers, positive of course, but above all the negative comments: this will tell you what the readers do not like. You can also study the questions people ask on Quora or Yahoo Q&A: they will give you a good indicator of what people are looking for on the internet.

How to counter competition?

The strategy that should be yours to counter competition is to do what your competitors are not doing. You must be better than them. Listening to your customers, offering better after-sales service for example, where your competitors, after selling their product, leave you in the wild … if you have identified a flaw in what they offer, look to fill this gap.

Which communication channel to choose?

You should know that the choice of a medium rather than another is not decisive for the success of your business as long as the content is qualitative. Ask yourself which medium are you most comfortable with to communicate: in writing? Orally ? On video ? Obviously, you must communicate on the medium or media that your audience frequents, but if you are not comfortable on video, prefer a blog rather than the opening of a YouTube channel.

For example, I’m clearly more comfortable with the blog. I don’t know how to make YouTube videos, although everyone says that YouTube is essential. But rest assured: it is entirely possible for the timid for example or those who do not want to show themselves on video to still be present on YouTube. By publishing an audio podcast with a still image in the background, for example, or by publishing a Google slides slideshow and commenting on the slides that we scroll one after the other.

However, blogs have a much better ability to generate leads (subscribers) than a YouTube channel. Indeed, it is not everyone who makes the effort to read the description of a video, where you will place your link to redirect to an article or a capture page … the visibility of a call to action is much better on a blog.

Then producing content is only the first part of the job: then you have to promote it, and it has to occupy between 40 and 50% of your time. You may have super top content that responds to a problem in your niche, if almost no one knows that your blog, your YouTube channel or your podcast exists, you will not be able to get your traffic off the ground and therefore do Sales !

How to build an email list?

You know, we keep harping on you enough: “money is on the list! This means that the potential for making sales is contained in your email list. Having subscribers to your newsletter is indeed the best way to make sales. To secure your business, you absolutely must have your audience. How? ‘Or’ What? By capturing the email address of your visitors.

Your followers on Twitter or Instagram, the people who follow you on Facebook or on Pinterest don’t belong to you: if tomorrow, social networks change their commercial policy and decide to charge you for subscribing or to return the content you publish invisible because their algorithm will have changed, what are you going to do? You find yourself naked!

You don’t have to produce content to harvest email addresses even if it’s the most efficient way to do it. For example, you can collect email addresses by asking your audience to answer a Google forms questionnaire and request the respondent’s email address inside. A very clever way to get subscribers.

In your questionnaire, you can ask a strategic question like this: “What is your biggest frustration in (your theme)? “ or “If you had a magic wand to turn your pumpkin into a carriage, what problem would you like to solve?” “

How to explode subscriptions to your newsletter?

If the collection of e-mail addresses is absolutely essential to the point of being your number one priority, before even producing content, it must be recognized that this task is not always easy: this is due to the state of spirit in which your readers are.

When you read a blog post, watch a webinar, or watch a video on YouTube, people are looking for information, not buying. Also, at this point, your audience is “cold” traffic. To collect e-mail addresses from your subscriber list, you have to be clever. You can for example:

  • Organize a contest on Facebook or Instagram ;
  • Offer free training ;
  • Offer a coaching session ;
  • Offer a free guide ;
  • offer access to a webinar ;
  • offer access to a free resource base or a private club.

How to create your own information product?

Now that you’ve started building your subscriber list, you need a product. Do not panic: if you are doing a whole mountain on “how to create your own product”, know that you can advantageously start by making Affiliation and recommending the product of others. It is better to recommend an excellent product, software or subscription from someone else than to create a fairly poor product yourself and which will not sell!

If you choose to create a product, what could be easier to create than an e-book? Obviously, in your e-book, you must offer value-added content, propose action sheets to download or exercises to do for example. You can also offer sheets to download. But in this case, they must be made by a web designer.

You can also create a free training : by email, video or podcast why not. This is what I recommend you do, because if your training brings a start to a concrete solution for your prospects, they will trust you and will be in good mood to buy paid training afterwards. In short, you will have “warmed up” your audience.

Well, I hope the advice in this article is useful for you and allows you to advance in your business. What I invite you to do now is to get training that will offer you 10 very profitable online business ideas that you can start now!