Every second, Google registers 71,000 requests that will bring up the web pages of websites offering quality content. This is where the web editor comes in, the person who will be responsible for writing the texts to be published on blogs, websites and various platforms and showcase websites for brands and companies. But what are the qualities expected and the steps to follow to make writing a profession?


Web writer, a profession of the future

As a true enthusiast, the web editor learns about various subjects, reformulates or creates a text in order to attract the attention of internet users, and this, by writing according to the expectations of search engine algorithms.

Webmarketing training

To maximize the chances of arriving at the 1time Google SERPs page, websites therefore rely on quality content, and in this case on the expertise of a web editor. And with the 6 billion Google searches that 1.17 billion unique users perform each day, sites must follow by offering quality content, which will solve internet users’ problems, present an interesting and captivating subject, with added value.

The content must inspire the reader, educate and entertain them, which are real commitments for the web editor. Also note that the profession of copywriter is constantly evolving. It is necessary every day to adapt to new subjects, especially for generalist writers, to offer quality content, without ever making plagiarism, to have all the knowledge required to deal with a specific theme and to set up a documentary watch.

And as long as millions of blogs and billions of pages are created across the 1.60 billion websites worldwide, web writing will continue to be a profession of the future.

The qualities and missions of a web writer

To produce good content, a web editor must have a minimum of baggage and indisputable assets. A web writer is therefore a person who likes to write and who is curious enough to be able to multiply searches and choose the most effective keywords in relation to a given theme.

The web writing expert is passionate about writing and has the linguistic skills necessary to avoid spelling, grammar and syntax errors. To do this job, you have to be able to organize yourself, to work alone, but also to build a solid relationship with customers.

Regardless of the subject matter and the universe in which the website belongs, the web editor will have to adapt to create quality and unique content. To achieve this, he will have to write according to the specifications of the website and the specific requests of the client.

Thus, he will use keywords to research the subject, whether through websites, books or videos. Then, when it has gathered the necessary sources, it will verify the veracity of the information obtained, in particular with regard to consistency.

It is only from there that he will be able to write in his own words to limit plagiarism as much as possible, and this while making sure to remain neutral and fluid so that the content is pleasant to read for the internet user.

The missions of the web editor also include natural referencing techniques, which refers to the strategic location of the keywords chosen around a pre-established semantic field, internal and external links that will play so that the page is considered by the engines. of research.

Certain missions of the web editor involve putting the article online on a CMS (content management system) of WordPress type, ensuring that the font size, colors and quality of the display are consistent to customer requests.

Training opportunities to become a web writer


Before you can start a job as a web writer, it is essential to follow a suitable training. After the baccalaureate, it is better to opt for a professional license of SEO and web editor, or a three-year training oriented humanities, social activities and communication techniques. A specialty in journalism or digital media can also be considered.

For those who are masters, the curriculum of a web editor can be oriented towards the master in arts, letters, journalism, languages, communication, foreign cultures or digital technology. Business schools, journalism and communication schools and institutes of political studies also offer competitions to train in web writing.

Learn online to become a web writer

Because the job of web writer depends essentially on the evolution of the internet, more and more websites offer online training. Hence the importance of consulting a comparison to get an overview of the available offers and current prices.

Among the selection criteria for training modules in web writing, you have the variety of modules, the availability of the trainer for any questions, the possibility of doing exercises which will then be corrected, the proposal of individual coaching sessions and grouped.

Also know that you can opt for the purchase of complete packs for beginners, that you are in the phase of learning the basics of writing, knowing the secrets to find customers, building a portfolio, finding the methodology perfect for a personalized pen, to become an SEO expert, or to integrate web writing platforms.

The little extras that will make you an outstanding web editor

If the curriculum to become a web writer is accessible to everyone, you have to be original to stand out. Also, you need to be listening to understand your customers’ expectations and be able to communicate them through the article.

And if you come across someone who does not know anything about SEO, but who needs regular texts for his blog, it is your duty to tell him about the specifics of your profession and what makes you the ideal person to do this job.

Since the expectations of Internet users and search engines evolve day by day, we must stay abreast of the latest trends and adapt the content according to the specificities of digital content.

What status should you choose to become a web writer?

After a solid training in web writing, you will have to choose a status. So, for a first experience, it is better to work internally in a writing company or a press agency to acquire good bases.

The other possibility is to become an entrepreneur-employee in a CAE (cooperative of entrepreneurial activities) and have a Siret number, expert advice and the services of an accountant. But it is also possible to become a freelance web editor, under the status of auto-entrepreneur or by opting for a one-person limited liability company (EURL) with start-up capital and statutes.

Whichever you choose, make sure it matches your expectations and your growth prospects. Especially since the profession of web editor is constantly evolving and we are talking today about Inbound Marketing, a strategy which consists in anticipating the demands of Internet users.