▷ How to succeed and be recognized as a copywriter? 2021 -

Discover hands-on tips for success as a copywriter …

I) Introduction: A copywriter who earns a lot of money helps his clients to earn even more

The job of the copywriter is to find the right words to sell (this is the very definition of ” copywriting “).

People come to us because they think that we are better at copywriting than they are and that we can help them make a lot more money than they already do.

So as long as we manage to help our customers sell more, we’ll keep them as customers and they’ll recommend us to other people.

The results are therefore at the heart of the business. But what can be done to help them achieve maximum results?

I could tell you “Well being a good copywriter”, but that would be too vague and not necessarily useful. So let’s go into the precise.

To have good results in copywriting, it all starts with the title.

The title must draw attention and make people want to consume our advertising or our sales page.

Now what happens when he doesn’t complete these missions? well people won’t stop at our ad and they won’t read our sales page.

” It’s serious ?! “

Definitely yes.

The advertisement and the sales page are used to showcase the products and explain why they should buy them. But if they don’t consume them, then they will never buy.

A good copywriter must therefore constantly have good titles for the marketing of his clients. As we often say in the trade, the title is the hook with which we take people.

However, the bad news is that finding great titles doesn’t have to be an easy task.

But the good news is that there is a practice to fix it. To harness it, you must first understand how a creative brain works.

Trainer training

To fully understand what follows, I must first tell you about myself.

Every human being has his strengths: for some it is sport, others chess, and for me it’s human psychology.

I am very good at reading the minds of others, understanding their deep motivations, sometimes teaching them things about themselves that they do not even suspect.

A friend of mine in first year of college once asked me how I was doing.

I explained to him that when I meet a person, my mind is very attentive to the facial expressions, the clothes, the words, the expression of the face and the body of that person. In fact, I try to be receptive to all the messages that he conveys consciously or not.

My brain then stores all this information – and at this point, it is useless to us.

And then, when I need to predict the actions of this person or understand who they are deeply, my brain takes all the information previously stored, links them, and allows me to make predictions about this person, which are confirmed. very often.

At that point, I become like Patrick Jane in The Mentalist series.

I thought my brain was the only one that worked like this, or at least that I was part of a minority of people. But I was completely wrong.

3 years later, I picked up a book from my university library: “The man and the city” Henri Laborit, a biologist and researcher.

In his book, he has talked a lot about how the “neocortex” part of the human brain works.

The neocortex is the front part of the brain. Simply explained, it is thanks to this part that you can think and understand.

Henri Laborit explains that it is this part of the brain that allows Man to link the information he acquires throughout his life in order to find new solutions to problems, ofinvent and D’to be creative.

So the more information there is available in the brain, the richer the links will be and the better our creativity will be.

Because yes, there is a big misunderstanding when it comes to creativity: no creative mind creates anything out of nothing.

Creativity is nothing other than the linking of various information to “create” new information. You take something that already exists, you combine it with something from another realm, and from there you get something new.

It is by mixing opposing styles and separate knowledge that we bring something new to the world.

But why is creativity important in the profession of copywriter?

III) Creativity: a factor of success and enrichment in copywriting

To make money, you have to sell. But in order to sell, you have to have something that others want to have. What do they want to have? They want solutions to their problems.

But they don’t want any solution. If you come up with a solution that already exists, you will have a hard time being successful.

Many people today are trying to create a new social network capable of stealing Facebook and Instagram users… but very few succeed.

To dethrone a well-established player in a field, you have to come up with a new solution and promote it in a different way, because only then will you capture the attention.

Attention. Attention is the raison d’être of marketing. We must attract the attention of a given clientele to make them discover a solution that they are going to buy.

In your job as a copywriter, you must attract the attention of customers with your titles and thumbnails in order to get them to consume your advertising message.

And the best way to get attention is to come up with something new.

It always makes me laugh when I see new faces trying to sell a “Training to start an online business and get rich”. I laugh. In my head I say to myself “Dude, you are 5 years late”.

It has been 5 years since I saw the same thing sold with the same approach. Today, it works very hard.


The idea here is that creativity will allow you to find new angles, new ways to sell a solution to a problem (i.e. your customer’s product / service).

As you will come up with something new and of different, you go more easily capture and hold attention. And assuming that your sales funnel is well optimized, you will make more sales only if you offered your product like everyone else.

So you need more creativity to improve your copywriting skills. The question is: how do you improve your creativity when you are a copywriter?

IV) Improve your creativity to be a better copywriter

If you are looking for good hooks for your texts, you have to start with consume and store good hooks.

And when I say hooks, I’m not just talking about hooks used on advertisements, landing pages, or sales pages. I’m talking about all the hooks possible and imaginable that there are in the world, whether in marketing, media, newspapers, etc. I’m talking about all those who manage to capture the attention of a lot of people.

Because yes, copywriters are not the only ones seeking to attract attention: yououtubers like Tibo Inshape, the media like the Huffington Post or Buzz Feed, in short. everyone who creates content needs attention.

I have a folder on my google drive called “Hook” in which I collect the titles, thumbnails or photos that are very effective in attracting attention on the web.

When I need to write a catchy headline for a Facebook ad and I don’t have any inspiration, I just have to go to that folder and see the headlines that could be reused in my context.

Collected titles have the advantage to have already worked in the field which minimizes the risk of it not working.

But I don’t just collect titles. I’m also looking to understand why the hook worked by asking me questions like:

– What made me click to consume content?

– How did I feel when I saw the thumbnail or the title?

– What does the person say about their title or what does they show on their thumbnail?

These kinds of questions allow me to have a deep and intuitive understanding of what attracts attention.

By going through this process and rewriting the right titles, my brain internalizes this structure. It engraves itself in my mind, which allows me to use it in my clients’ Facebook ads.

I therefore invite you to do the same: each time a content catches your attention, you will have to try to understand how the hook has been built.

Then store all those nuggets in a folder and reuse them as needed to improve your clients’ bottom line.

In this way, you will become a much more successful copywriter and your brain will be worth gold.