Brand content, influencer relationship, web series, mobile experience … digitizing a brand can take many aspects. Everyone is talking about digitalization but, ultimately, few brands go through with the process. Some, such as Béaba, a company specializing in childcare products, go all the way. In order to better understand how a brand can successfully digitize, we met Sylvain Caubel, Director of communication, digital and CRM for Béaba and Red Castle. Exchanges rich in lessons …

Focus on the strategy adopted by the brand

Just before the interview, I invite you to discover the different actions that Béaba has undertaken as part of its digitalization started in 2015.

Training & Co'm

Already, we can salute the significant effort in creating “brand content”, the brand has created real series and shows. We’re on high quality content that brings real reach to the audience.

We have for example, the web series “A spoon for” whose first season offers 14 episodes and was launched in July 2015. It offers to follow the daily life of parents, a bit like the short series that we can see on different channels (example in family on M6). Parents will enjoy following the tribulations of these families and for those who do not yet have children to make fun of them nicely 🙂 Here the scenario is really worked like a real series and the promotion of the brand is done discreetly by staging the different products. More recently, in April and May 2016, a program “Cooking People” made bloggers (Emma and Mommy Floutch’s notebook) and people (Elodie Gossuin) talk about cooking and infant nutrition, again fine examples of content. videos.

Beyond the video content, the brand has also established a real relationship with bloggers via a freshly launched influencer program. They managed to bring together a community of 30 digital native parents to exchange views on the brand and set up joint activities.

Finally, who says digitalization necessarily says mobile: here Béaba has focused on personalization (personalized recipes) and after-sales service with the launch in December 2015 of the Beaba & Me application.

In short, pretty things and a successful digitalization strategy. I now give the floor to Sylvain Caubel to tell us more 🙂

Interview Sylvain Caubel, Director of communication, digital and CRM for Béaba and Red Castle

Hello Sylvain, to start, can you summarize for us a little what has been done in the last two years concerning your digitalization?

sylvain caubel Hello, we have started 3 projects at the same time, each comprising several sub-projects.

First of all digital communication where we have made our sites evolve in terms of design, navigation and technique. In general, we have brought in all the functions that allow our consumers to be as informed as possible about our products. We also organized ourselves to manage social networks and animate a program called “Bande de Parents”. The latter aims to bring together a community of parents active on the web, to establish intelligent exchanges between them and our brands. It is within this first project that the audiovisual productions mentioned in your introduction were born. The device is never finished, we have an action plan for 2016 and 2017.

There is also the E-business project which aims to integrate commercial aspects into society, both in terms of internal organization and of services for consumers or our distributors. Two good examples are the launches of “Business To Consumer” e-commerce sites dedicated to our spare parts, and the setting up of the “deal product locator” function on our BÉABA brand site. This solution allows visitors to the site viewing a product sheet to be immediately informed of the availability of products from our e-commerce distributors. It also allows, and this is an exclusivity in England for a brand site, to consult the availability of products in physical stores. If it’s not new to other industries, it’s for our market. I would like to take this opportunity to invite all of our distributors to contact us to start reading the stocks in their stores. It’s free, uncomplicated and we transfer several thousand prospects per month to our distributors with this function.

Finally, to make the link, our third project is a brand relationship program (CRM). It was launched with a logic of collection, qualification and dissemination of targeted messages to our prospects and consumers. Today it is an active base of 70,000 members and several more or less automatic programs that provide information on the brand’s products and news.

This set allows both to have independent actions that can sometimes be sufficient in themselves, and which find, in a combination of communication and business, all the power that the digital media allows us.

We see that your video content strategy is very advanced, you offer a lot of content without sacrificing quality, how did you organize yourself internally to be as productive?

We work a lot… The team at the controls has experience and our partners are full of resources to find the best adjustments without compromising on quality, especially on video formats where you can quickly switch to the wrong side. We also sometimes do not launch a project because we have neither the means nor the skills. It’s always a game of balance and you can’t see what we missed! I would say that we repeat our ranges by adjusting them to what we want to say and to the needs of our consumers. We do not work in the same way, or with the same expertise, for a product demonstration or for a web series.

The web series “A spoon for…” has already obtained more than 100,000 views as well as a victory at the Online Video Trophies in June 2016. Beyond these successes, has it really met your expectations in terms of notoriety ? King’s ?

We are satisfied with the results obtained but we would always want more: o) This production marked a new beginning in the communication of BÉABA: treated in this way, on our market and on this media, it was unprecedented. She was noticed and still is. It is also a strong content, which does not expire quickly and which serves the brand both in partnership support and in media events. You will still see exploitations of this format in 2016 and 2017! Personally, I would have liked a viral effect beyond the baby sphere, but it will not be this time. Perhaps in 2017, we are preparing some surprises!

Can you tell us about your cooking people show, how was the relationship with the bloggers and with Elodie Gossuin organized?

“Cooking People” is already a concept led by our expert in food diversification Laurence Haurat, nutritionist psychologist, renowned on this subject. During several discussions, we realized that each individual has a story with food and that it changed with the arrival of a baby. In the end this always leads to the same question: “how to feed my baby well, with my qualities and my faults …?”. To answer it, we said that the uninhibited interview, with referent people and known in the sphere of parenting was an interesting and fun way to deal with the subject, without going through the sacrosanct rules of food diversification ….

For the initial casting, as simply as possible, we presented this project to several “people” in their field and we chose those who seemed to us the most appropriate to anchor the program.

A priori, it worked.

In any case, what I appreciated by watching your different videos is that we are faced with real content that is pleasant to watch. There is almost no advertising aspect, the products are integrated very discreetly. If in terms of user experience we can not do better, does this very discreet highlight still allow you to work on your brand and your ROI?

That reassures me, the brief was not an advertising spot; o) Yes without any concern, once again the goal was not to click on a decoration product and generate a basket… Although we can today do it with the technologies available. The goal was to produce branded content either to position it or to answer questions from our consumers. In both cases we reach the goal. Our indicators are improving and we are increasing our digital footprint, our traffic and our commitment to “digital mums and dads” every month. Certainly not fast enough for my taste, but with the conviction that we are moving in the right direction.

Beyond the creation of content, what have you planned in terms of media coverage and generation of views?

Our brands had never really communicated on the web with media-test logic. This year, they each benefit from a digital media plan built around sponsorship, display, Facebook Ads, etc. It’s several million ads that are targeted exclusively to affinity targets. Then, there is all the digital activation that we manage with the market partners: tests, contests, parents’ opinions … Finally, our community animation “Band of Parents” has taken off since January 2016.

When we research Béaba on Youtube, we see many videos of product tests, a bit like what we can see for high-tech products … Great visibility for Béaba! Did this happen naturally or is it the result of your blogger relationship campaigns?

Yes, it’s BÉABA’s strong reputation in this market. I remind you that we were the inventor of Babycook® 25 years ago and many other references on this market. There is a huge background of content that has been created by our users and so much the better. Now with the blogger campaigns we are launching, brand-consumer relationships are woven more. For example, they have access to new products before the market or participate in product development with our R&D department. It’s an evolution in work and in consumer relations.

And the relationship with influencers … You have set up a program with them, can you tell us more?

Ahhh: o) Band of Parents are the most active, those who come knocking on our door with their desires, their comments … We thought it would be nice to answer them: o) Band of parents they are key influencers , activated according to their interests and our content needs. Bande de Parents is made up of 30 connected parents with whom we have monthly relationships around an annual event program. Everything is online and I take this opportunity to answer a question that I am often asked … Why 30, no more? Well, because to take care of it both in terms of human and financial resources, you can’t have more …

Today, the traffic is done more and more on mobile support, you understood it by creating an application, what really brings the application in your communication?

If we don’t follow media consumption trends, it’s difficult to communicate with our consumers. Let’s take an example: How often as consumers do we use our laptops for this or that reason? Well I will reveal a big secret to you, the generation of dads and moms today does not communicate with “baby phones”; o) We have chosen to provide them with several functions that seemed important to us. have in your pocket: activation of guarantee for our new products, transfer of guarantee during a resale, support for food diversification with cooking recipes and videos, “store locator” or brand news.

Such digitalization must have required internal organization or even reorganization, right?

Not necessarily, given our size, it is rather changes in the organization in place. There are 2 people specifically in charge of digital and different projects. We raise awareness among the members of the management committee and adjust, if necessary, priorities and needs. It’s always too long … but the structure is agile enough to react well and simply.

And in terms of budgets, what do they represent to reach the level you have today?

This is very confidential, certainly not tens of thousands of euros, not millions of euros but a few hundred thousand euros; o) Afterwards, budgets are necessarily related to the objectives and the maturity of the company. It also depends on what we put in: payroll, licenses, media, development, maintenance, …

So far the resources have been sufficient to assemble the set we have been talking about. There is still an operating reserve on the assets created, on a number of digital and exploratory subjects. The energy used can compensate for budgetary constraints.

You have already started a lot of projects, what are the next steps?

Consolidate the achievements of the past 24 months and use the entire digital environment put into operation to serve the information of our consumers and the business of our distributors.

A word for the end?

Encourage, educate our consumers and direct them to our distributors, whether for online or in-store purchases. These are the founding elements of all the projects implemented and to come.

Thank you.