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What a pain to increase traffic on its site. It seems impossible. It’s so frustrating. You know that with traffic, your business will take off. But nothing to do, this damn traffic never happens, like an SNCF train on a strike day (or every day of the year in fact 😀) According to this article by Neil Patel (one of the best American marketers), 93% of online experiences start with a search engine…


And what is the N ° 1 search engine, LOOOOOOOIN in front of the others?

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Google obviously.

Basically, if you want to hope to have traffic on your site. You better be a friend with Google.

In contrast, 75% of Google users never go to Page 2.

Traffic = 1st page of Google. And that’s all.

But that, you already knew that, right?

You have probably tried to reference your site, with more or less success elsewhere.

SEO is not an exact science, and it takes forever.

This is what you did.

Old school referencing “à la 2000”.

Obviously it didn’t work, you still have 0 traffic.

The first reason is that Google has gotten smarter, it can recognize a good link from a broken link.

The second reason is competition.

With the ton of articles published every day, you might as well say that it is always harder to fight against the little comrades on the same keyword to grab the first places.

Positioning yourself on Google takes forever. Especially if your site is not that old, or you have never worked on your SEO seriously.

According to the blog of SEO tool Ahrefs, it takes at least 4 months to reach the 1st page of Google.

Psst … I have a much faster method for you to get traffic and finally make money from your site.

A method you’ve never heard of elsewhere.

A mix between guest blogging and SEO.

I called him: la Natural PAS Referencing method.

1 / The PAS Natural SEO method

For its ranking, Google is based on lots of different criteria. He compares the sites and chooses the lucky ones. Those who are going to see torrents of traffic on their site.

And one of the biggest criteria that Google looks at is the authority of your domain. This is what is missing from the majority of sites that are struggling to get traffic.


The authority of your domain is the trust that Google places in you.

Can you imagine that Google doesn’t trust you as much as it trusts the government site? It is suspected that if they post information, it is true.

It takes time to gain Google’s trust, even with the right method. Google doesn’t trust anyone.

But you want traffic quickly, right?

So what you need is the natural NOT SEO method.

What you’re usually taught is that you need to properly reference your site to get traffic. Today I say the opposite.

You need to reference your competitors’ sites to get traffic faster.

AHA. Haven’t you seen this one coming?

I’ll explain everything to you.

You surely have competitors (I prefer to call them “partners”) in your field or sites on very similar themes.

And they’ve probably been there much longer than you.

They have something that you don’t have and that you want more than anything …

Google’s trust.

Their authority reaches new heights.

There you probably say to yourself: “OK cool, good for them. But what do I do ?! ”

Are you ready to hear it, are you sure?


You are going to write an article… for their blog (a guest article).

And you’re going to reference it on Google, like it’s your own blog.


Result, your article on THEIR blog will be at the top on Google. This guest article will not only bring traffic on the day of its publication, but ALL life.

Your article will receive waves of natural traffic. Everyday. And even if the article is not on your blog. As you are the author and you took care to refer to your own blog in the article, by sowing links. You will boost your traffic 🙂

(In your guest article, take the opportunity to put a direct link to a “bonus” page / landing page, to transform all these readers, every day, into subscribers to your list of subscribers)

Magic isn’t it?

Who says you have to reference your own blog to get traffic?

It’s much easier to reference the blog of a big partner, who is already favored by Google.

It’s Win-Win, everyone is happy.

Traffic for your partner. Traffic for you.

And if you tell yourself that giving traffic to a “competitor” is too dangerous.

  • You should rather see your competitors as partners and make your blog unique (your personality is unique, no worries);
  • It is better to have 50% of traffic rather than 100% of nothing at all. No ? 🙂


2 / How to Apply the PAS Natural SEO method

To apply the method of NOT Natural SEO, you are going to do exactly as to reference your blog. Except that your article will be published on another blog.

2.1 Search for keywords

You will start by finding the theme of your article, the keyword group on which you want to reference. Do a classic keyword research.

Find keywords with a lot of research, and little competition. Nuggets.

Here is a complete guide to keyword research:

La sélection de mots clés de A à Z !

2.2 Write the article

Then you’re going to write a great article. Long and detailed. 2000 words at least.

Why 2000 words? Not just to look pretty and to embroider. No, I think if you force yourself to write 2,000 words on a subject, and do it seriously. Naturally, you will go into details, dig deep into your subject.

Result, you will write a useful article for your reader, not already seen everywhere else. And rich enough in “words of the same theme” for Google to love it. This is partly how Google understands whether your article is complete or not.

It’s like you’re asked to name 50 states in the United States. If you cite only 20, it is that you are not familiar with the subject. Whereas if you get out 49… you’re an expert.

Google loves experts.

Your article should also be optimized for SEO.

2.3 Offer the invited article to a big blogger

Here you are with an optimized article, ready to race for 1st place in the Google ranking.

You have the best driver in the world, but your team is still very young, remember. So you’re going to get close to the big teams, the ones with the best engineers and the best cars. Like that, better driver + better car = you’re going to win the traffic race for sure.

To find out if a site is a big team, you are going to look at its authority (the authority of its domain). Find a partner site in your area with strong authority.

For that, find the best blogs in your field.


  • You can also use Buzzsumo: type a keyword of your theme and look at the sites that have the most shares:


Then check the authority of each site. Here’s how to do it:



(The Majeistic SEO tool is also used a lot to assess a domain thanks to the famous “Trust Flow”).

Once you have found a blog that you like, whose style you like, with top authority, you will have to get closer, make yourself known little by little to your future partner to be able to offer him your great guest article.

Here is a detailed 8-step method for successfully posting on a big blog.

Example of an email to send to request a guest article:

Hi [Gros Blogueur],

Bravo for your last article on [Sujet de son Dernier Article]. I particularly like :

Today, I wanted to offer you a guest article. A bit special.

Indeed, I would like this article to be win-win, that it also brings you traffic. On the long term.

I identified that the keyword “[Mot-clé]”Is interesting, if we manage to place the article on the 1st page of Google, you will receive natural traffic every day.

I take care of writing the article and we will promote it together to get backlinks to this article.

I hope the adventure tempts you, let’s conquer the first Google results together 🙂

a +

[Petit Blogueur].

2.4 Promote your guest article

This is where the method is unconventional. You are going to promote a blog that is not yours le

It may sound weird, but it’s also in your interest that this article reaches the top of Google results.

Let’s go for the backlink hunt.

To start, you can see with your big blogger partner how to make internal links to this new article. Find articles from his blog on a similar topic, and link to the new article to give him SEO juice already present on the site.

Then ask your partner, for his part, if he thinks he can contact his own blogging friends. In the same field, who also have big authority blogs.

(Or at least give them their contact and allow you to contact them on their behalf).

Here is a list of tips for getting quality backlinks to your new article:

Stratégie de Netlinking: Comment Obtenir des Backlinks [Le Guide Ultime 2020]

Explain well to your blogging partner your approach in complete transparency.

This is not a guest article like any other.

This is a guest article created to rank, to position yourself on Google that will bring traffic to it. And to you. Show him that it’s Win-Win.

In addition, new backlinks to his site will also boost his domain, and therefore all of his articles.

Two, you should succeed in making a heist and land quickly on the 1st page.

Faster than if you had posted in your corner, on your blog which has the authority of a young teacher. replacement in a college classified ZEP.

This is how the method of PAS Natural SEO allows you to get traffic faster.

3 / Case study: The Natural PAS Referencing method in Action

I have not yet tried this method myself, but I have seen it in action.

By doing it on purpose or not, here is what Sophie from the blog “contentologist” did. A master stroke, really.

Tap “storytelling” on Google and look at the 3rd result.

An article from CWT Advertising & co’m …


… Not quite 🙂

Sophie is the one behind this (excellent) article.


Sophie was therefore placed in 3rd position, for the keyword “Storytelling”.

And my little finger tells me that the authority of the domain of the huge webmarketing blog CWT Advertising & co’m there for something:



The proof, this other article on the same keyword “Storytelling” on Sophie’s blog this time only appears on the 9th page of Google:



Obviously, the authority of the domain is not the only criterion.

The article on CWT Advertising & co’m had more exposure and probably received more visits and backlinks.

But that’s one more reason to use the method of PAS Natural SEO.

For a keyword you might never have been able to reference on your own blog. There you have direct access to the 1st page of google. Nice isn’t it? 🙂

Let’s talk about results.

How many visitors / day report to Sophie this guest article.

Let’s call on our super friend “Yooda Insight” to assess the traffic that this article receives, every month.


5,400 people type “storytelling” on Google every month.

Super keyword, large volume, low competition.

In 3rd position, Sophie’s article receives a good part of this traffic.

How much exactly?

I asked Sylvain from CWT Advertising & co’m, for exact figures 😀

(as long as you have to be precise)


3000 visitors / month on Sophie’s article.

And since Sophie is clever, she took care to insert links to her blog at the end of the article. To recover some of this traffic. Does she deserve it?



To find out exactly what traffic this article generates on her blog, I asked Sophie to take a look at her Google Analytics, which she kindly agreed to do.


100 visitors / month coming from his guest article.

Hop hop hop, I see you coming:

“Uh, is that all? it’s not huge 100 visitors / month ”

Comparé aux 3000 personnes/mois qui arrivent sur CWT Advertising & co’m, oui c’est peu.

Hm, analysons ça ensemble.

  1. Sophie n’était pas sûre de ce chiffre, et je pense qu’il est un peu plus élevé en réalité 🙂
  2. Les liens vers le blog de Sophie sont à la fin de l’article. Même si l’article est super, le lecteur moyen ne lit que 20% d’une page web (d’après cette étude sur les comportements des lecteurs, du cabinet de conseil Nielsen).

La leçon à retenir :

Pour tes prochains articles invités, essaie autant que possible d’avoir un lien vers ton blog en début d’article.

Si tu arrives à placer un lien vers une page de capture d’email, tout en haut de l’article dans un encart spécial, t’es un champion.

Exemple :

Cet article invité a été rédigé par Jean-Louis du blog “CheveuxSoyants.fr”. Téléchargez maintenant son guide gratuit “7 Secrets Bien Gardé Pour Faire Repousser ses Cheveux en 1 Nuit (les lobbies de l’industrie capillaire en tremblent)”

La méthode du Référencement PAS Naturel est :

  • Un excellent moyen de choper du trafic que tu n’aurais jamais pu choper tout seul ;
  • Un excellent moyen de choper du trafic rapidement.

(Rapidement ça veut pas dire en 2 jours en se tournant les pouces hein. Ça veut dire beaucoup plus rapidement qu’en référençant ton propre blog).

À toi de jouer !

Évidemment, il est toujours plus intéressant de capter le trafic directement sur ton blog, grâce au référencement naturel. Mais si tu identifies un super mot-clé (gros volume de recherche) et que ton blog est encore trop jeune pour se positionner dessus, tu sais quoi faire maintenant 😉

La méthode du Référencement PAS Naturel est un excellent moyen de booster ton trafic rapidement, et tes abonnés à ta liste d’inscrits. Pour peu que le lien vers ton blog dans ton article invité mène tout droit vers une page de capture (landing page).

Par contre, ce n’est pas de la magie. Et le mot “rapidement” est à prendre avec des pincettes.

Tout va dépendre du mot-clé que tu choisis (volume et concurrence). Prends le temps de bien cibler un mot-clé intéressant.

Ensuite, la promotion est importante, votre capacité à obtenir des backlinks. Toi et ton partenaire 🙂

Et surtout le plus important, la qualité de l’article que tu vas rédiger.

  • Déjà, pour que ton partenaire accepte de publier ton article. Ben oui tu n’es pas chez toi, tu ne publies pas ce que tu veux ;
  • Et ensuite, pour que Google adore ton article. Ton article doit être complet et apprécié des lecteurs (Google faisant de plus en plus attention aux critères liés à l’expérience utilisateur comme le temps passé sur l’article et le taux de rebond).

Référencer un article sera toujours plus simple pour un gros site que pour un petit site. Voilà pourquoi la méthode du Référencement PAS Naturel permet d’accélérer les choses pour avoir du trafic plus rapidement.

Google met une plombe à référencer ton site et te donner le trafic que tu mérites.

Pas de soucis, maintenant tu connais une méthode pour hacker Google 😉

Tu vas y arriver. Tu vas obtenir le trafic que tu mérites.

PS : Pas si vite, il y a encore un truc que tu peux emprunter aux gros blogs : leurs méthodes pour toujours avoir du trafic. J’ai réuni toutes ces astuces dans mon guide gratuit : « Les 39 Secrets des Blogs qui ont du Trafic ». Récupère-le maintenant.