▷ How to trigger the desire to read a newsletter? 2020 Guide -

In an email campaign, collect data from your prospects to send them personalized offers is an essential step. However, there are techniques to get them to open the email you sent them. Very few prospects do it most of the time. Now, this stage is decisive to have a high opening rate. In this article, we will give you some tips to follow to arouse the desire to read your newsletter, considered an official media of a company …


The title of your newsletter

When your prospect receives your newsletter in his mailbox, the first thing he sees is the title. To arouse the desire to open and then read your newsletter, in the middle of all its emails, the title of the latter must first be catchy.

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To do this, start by identifying the reasons why your prospect signed up for your newsletter. The answer to this question will help you formulate issues that can be used to compose the title of your newsletter.

You have the option of formulating titles in the form of a question. But on the condition that as soon as your prospect reads your newsletter, his answer is “yes”. In addition, you must take care to make the emailing that you send to your prospects more humane. It’s about putting your first and last name or your company identity for the sender of the email. So, as soon as your prospect sees your newsletter, he already knows who he is dealing with. There is a higher chance that he will click on it.

In addition, you must make sure that the title of your newsletter is as short as possible, that is to say 70 characters maximum. This is necessary because the short titles are easy to read. In addition, the title is not likely to be cut as soon as your newsletter appears in your recipient’s inbox.

Likewise, you must make sure to write a specific title. As soon as your prospect receives your newsletter, he should immediately understand what it is about without having to think too much. In this regard, we recommend that you avoid word games.

The content of your newsletter

Your email campaign will not be fully effective if your recipient receives your newsletter, opens it but cannot find its relevant content. There is no doubt that he will not visit your site. Therefore, the information in your newsletter should be useful for your prospect.

In fact, if by reading the title of your newsletter, it aroused a desire in him, the content must also satisfy this desire. The content of your newsletter must meet a specific purpose. This may include providing information related to sales or the launch of new products. But that is not to say that your newsletter must contain a long text. Make an effort to avoid this.

The ideal is short, personalized, airy content, written in a readable font with an editorial language that corresponds to that of the recipient. Thus, if your recipient is young, the language must be cool, and supported if it is a professional and finally dynamic, if you are talking to an athlete.

In addition, you must remember that it is necessary that the content of your newsletter is attractive. To do this, insert images, colors or even the logo of your sign. However, the mistake to avoid with images is to insert them in abundance. This could slow down the loading time of the newsletter and discourage your recipient.

Include links and call-to-action in your newsletter

If there is one thing that is certain, it is that you must make sure that the sending of your newsletter causes the prospect, the visit of your site after reading. But for your recipient to do it, you have to push them to do it. And this is only possible thanks to call-to-action and links that you will insert into the content.

Call-to-action actually acts as a guide for your recipient. They have to push your recipient to do what you want. It can be going to your site, buying a product or agreeing to attend an event you are hosting.

This is why it must be simple, of adequate form and defined in a color distinct from that of the text. As for links, they will serve to better inform your recipient on a subject.

Choose the right timing for sending

One of the biggest reasons a prospect doesn’t open a newsletter is that it happens when they’re busy. Send your newsletter at the right time. You can do this early in the morning, during your lunch break or after a day of work. It’s up to you to decide when is the best time.

In addition, reduce the frequency of sending your newsletter because your recipient must above all not feel harassed.