Storytelling can boost sales of training or coaching: Yomi Denzel knows all about it …

Introduction: why storytelling can save the life of your business

The next sentence will be blunt: your passion (or the skill you want to monetize) will not be enough to have a business that works and be financially independent.

Creating a training or coaching program is just the start. To make a living from your activity, you will then have to sell what you have built … but still it is necessary know how to sell.

It is a tragic reality that is all too often overlooked: to sell, you have to know how to sell.

But then how to sell? I do not know. Finally, this article does not pretend to make you a great seller.

However, I have something else to offer you: do storytelling.

Here is the definition of storytelling: it is telling someone a story in order to subtly persuade them to do something (like buying a product for example).

Storytelling is by far the most powerful weapon to sell support or training.

For example, there is someone who now makes a lot of money with his training business thanks to storytelling: it is about Yomi Denzel.

Google Loves Me Workshop

I) Yomi Denzel: marketing focused on storytelling

Storytelling on YouTube
Yomi Denzel marketing focused on storytelling


As I write this article, that’s how many views there are on this Yomi Denzel video titled STUDENT FAUCHE TO MILLIONS IN 1 YEAR ”.

Do you know Yomi Denzel? In barely 2 or 3 years, he has dominated the e-commerce and dropshipping training market; and its training program is among the bestselling on the French market.

Yet just a few years ago, it was just a young Swiss student who had just turned 20. He doesn’t come from a business family, nor did he get a loan from the bank to start his online training business.

So how was he able to make millions in sales training so quickly?

What I have found is not exhaustive. But believe me, it is worth sharing it with you. As I dissected its marketing, I learned that it focused primarily on one thing: telling your story.

Of course, he uses other marketing techniques like social proof or even showing off his wealth. But the center of gravity of all of this is storytelling. This is what gives meaning, consistency and impact to everything else.

Do not think that his story is very complicated, because in reality it can be summed up in a very simple sentence: “I went from broke student to millionaire in 1 year”.

He was able to come on Swiss TV to tell it and contacted Forbes to write an article about him.

Yomi Denzel on forbes to tell her story (storytelling)

But let’s go back to his video that I showed you at the beginning.

Yomi Denzel marketing focused on storytelling

This viral video caused a lot of growth on Yomi’s YouTube channel and business. As its title suggests, its mission is to share how “He went from broke student to millionaire in 1 year”.

At the psychological level, it will engulf the majority of people who will look at it with full hope.

This video and its storytelling are there to motivate people and give them hope that they too can get by with e-commerce.

As people are motivated, they have a boost of energy like they had just had a cool coke in a heatwave. They want to act, they also want to do something to be successful.

But there’s a problem: they don’t necessarily know what to do or where to start. And that’s where Yomi Denzel comes in.

Towards the end of his video, he tells them the following: “There will be a video in the description that teaches you how to start your dropshipping business in 4 steps. “

Capture email on youtube

The link is available from the first sentence of the description and directs you to a landing page on which you can leave the email in exchange for free training to start in e-commerce.

Attract people to your landing page through storytelling

This video where he tells his story is in fact only a portal which attracts its target clientele and makes it enter its business. Now that he has captured several tens of thousands of email addresses, he can then quietly sell his complete e-commerce training for € 1,497.

Do you understand his system?

Without the storytelling, he still could have sold … but certainly not in such a massive way. Everything is mathematical here: storytelling brings in a lot of people, which in turn brings in a lot of money.

But the question is: why does storytelling work so well to sell training or coaching?

II) But why does it work so well?

First, we have a profound impact in the psychology of our target client when we do storytelling.

We are going to tell them the story of someone who looks like them, who knows the same problems as them, and who still managed to get out of it. They will be able to identify with this person, and see themselves through this achievement.

The more the “hero” of the story shares similar characteristics with the audience, the more the persuasive impact of the storytelling will increase.

For example, Yomi Denzel has a very strong impact in the black community and a very large part of his clientele has “the same skin color as him” (which he himself indicated in an interview on Jonathan’s channel. Hatchi).

This is something that is perfectly understandable, because he is very transparent about his origins and his previous life. He says in particular that his father was an African immigrant who arrived undocumented in Switzerland and that they lived in social housing.

“From broke student to millionaire in 1 year” : this is the story that Yomi Denzel’s customers would like to experience and tell themselves. Yomi Denzel is just a kind of mirror that allows them to see themselves and to taste an impression of success.

At the end of his video, you feel inspired and you will have a little more confidence in yourself and in your future. It’s like you came back from a psychic who showed you the bright future that awaited you.

But that’s not the only reason that makes storytelling such a powerful tool for selling training.

If we do more down to earth, we will say that storytelling shows you that someone has experienced the same problem as you, that they have solved it, and that they can help you solve it. too.

And all this in the most educational way of all: by telling a story.

History also helps to bond and develop sympathy for the “hero-storyteller” in front of us – which makes it easier to see him as our future coach, mentor or trainer.

This human-to-human relationship prevents you from being seen as a “dirty salesman” and it is very favorable for selling training, because people largely buy the trainer and not just the training.

So that’s why storytelling will be very useful for you to sell.

Now that we’ve seen all of this, I have one final question for you: what are you going to do with all this information?

III) Sell more through more human marketing

If I’ve done my job well so far, then you must want to do more storytelling for your offerings.

To do so you will need:

  • A story (yours);
  • A medium to spread it to your target customers.

When I tell you “story”, it’s not about telling your whole life: just essential and well-framed elements to attract your customers. (The difficulty lies in sorting and selecting these items).

And when I say “media”, did not think of England 2 or TF1: just a marketing channel on which you can share your story with the right people (those who will be sensitive to it and who will be able to buy your coaching or training).

If Yomi had told his story to children of billionaires, he would never have achieved the same commercial success.

You need an audience that is experiencing the same problems that you were before and that can buy your solution.

Here is a concrete example.

If a few years ago you were a woman with children, recently divorced, and you managed to rebuild your life, find love again and be fulfilled professionally and personally; go tell your story to other women who are now going through what you have been through and you can attract them to sell them training and coaching.

Plus, Yomi’s story wouldn’t have made him so much money if he hadn’t had access to a medium to tell it. Why ? Because its target customers wouldn’t even know it exists (which you might be right now).

Now know that I can help you build your story. Then, we can use Facebook to share it massively with a well-targeted clientele who will be sensitive to it and will be inclined to buy your training or your coaching.

I wish you good luck in your entrepreneurial adventure – and see you soon, I hope.