▷ How to use TikTok Video Editor, TikTok's new video editor? 2021 -

Notice to advertisers! The new TikTok video editor allows you to create TikTok video ads very easily. Discover how to do it…

What is TikTok Video Editor?

Creating great branded video content is usually quite expensive and time consuming especially for small businesses. TikTok understood this well and decided to make our job easier! The platform introduces a brand new video editor that offers a range of “intuitive shooting and editing tools built into the app.” This will allow you to easily produce native TikTok video content more easily and therefore create better links and better engagement with the audience. All it takes is a good dose of creativity and authenticity and voila!

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TikTok Video Editor is an online editor that uses smart tools to help advertisers produce native TikTok-style content quickly and accurately. These tools include the music, fonts, colors, and criteria you need to create quality short videos.

Advertisers can easily add custom captions, crop their elements, and trim their scenes exactly the way they want, frame by frame.

You can find TikTok Video Editor in the menu:

  • Either “Create a video” from the TikTok Ads Manager dashboard;
  • Or Creation of ads when you set up a campaign.

1. Choose your videos and images (from your resource library or upload new ones from your desktop). Drag them into the bar below to start editing them.

2. Add your soundtrack by clicking on the musical note icon. To do this, either:

  • You choose from a library of music;
  • You upload your own soundtrack;
  • You choose from the recommendations of TikTok Video Editor

Consider adjusting the volume of your music after clicking on the music or media track.

3. Add text by clicking on the text icon. Enter the text editing page to overlay text on the video. You can choose from several font styles and colors to use with your text. Remember that you need to minimize text by image to read it easily. Large blocks of text will only work for captioning.

4. You can also add some effects, split audio tracks, layers …

5. Before recording, you can preview your ad to make sure your text and images are fully visible behind the text and icons you are using.

Source: TikTok