▷ How to use your social networks as a freelance? 2020 Guide -

As we enter the digital age, social media now occupy an important place in communication. And if some people are content to share their personal life and the feelings on these networks, the smartest use it to develop their freelance industry. But how to use your social networks as freelance ? How to expand your professional network and become a freelancing expert on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? Discover our tailor-made advice…


Join LinkedIn, the professional social network par excellence

Baptized ” professional social network Since its creation, LinkedIn has today brought together a wider community of freelancers in the whole world. In England alone, the platform brings together nearly 16 million users looking for new opportunities and freelance activities. This networking and prospecting tool exceptional allows you to add all the important details of your professional career. It also allows enhance your skills with maximum precision.

Webmarketing training

To boost your chances of finding new partnersor interesting projects in the short, long and medium term, you must work on your profile as much as possible.

  • A priori, the summary located below your photo must include essential keywordsrelated to your expertiseand your freelance activities;
  • Also, participating in group discussions or sharing relevant content from time to time can only increase your visibility level .

Get closer to customers and prospects on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook is certainly the most used social network by Internet users in the four corners of the world. A “ Social Network essential “, It attracts nearly 40.8 million users every month in England alone. As freelance , you can use it to:

  • Find new customers, partners and collaborators;
  • Share your expertise and your customer feedback;
  • Make story-telling;
  • Use it as a connection tool to your website;
  • Offer services, sales of products or articles …

Although Facebookis more a personal network than a professional one, we can very well use it to develop freelance activitiesAnd much more. In addition, today, more and more job seekers are recruiting their future partners on the social networks like Facebook from sharing groups. However, you are advised to create two different accounts: a personal account and a professional account.

Twitter, your interactive social network

Interactivity network, Twitter attracts nearly 20.6 million French users per month. The ultimate professional sharing tool for freelancers, it provides above all a set of interesting network connections that can be used to its benefits.

On Twitter, Hashtags are the most common kings of communication . So don’t hesitate to wear them while choosing word sequencesrelated to your freelance activities. In addition, as other users share your tweets, your posts will increase in terms of visibility to attract a maximum of customers or simply followers.

YouTube, an excellent video support platform

2e most used social network in the world after Facebook,Youtube gathers more than 37 million users per month in England alone. The channel is dedicated to sharing videos. You will not be able to create an account there, but rather chains .

As’ independent , it would be very interesting for you tomake video supports of your activities, sales and services that you’ll have no trouble sharing on YouTube. And from the perspective that people are easily attracted to videos than images and texts, you may well build a small community where expertise is king. On the platform, you are free to:

The important thing is to best evoke your expertise and highlight the ones you offer to your readers. Do not hesitate to choose a good format responsive design videothat can be viewed without problems and without black bands on mobile media. This way you will touch a maximum of prospectsand a high conversion rate. Also, be aware that today, more and more more freelancers earn a living by becoming influencers on social media.

Instagram, photography at the service of your expertise

Currently owned by Facebook for more than 7 years, Instagram attracts nearly 19.3 million French users per month. Although at first glance the platform is mainly dedicated to shots and photos , however, it can be used for develop freelance activities.

You could mainly use it fordevelop the graphic charterof your brand or company. Since Instagram only allows photo sharing, nothing prevents you from posting photos of your activitiesas a freelancewithout forgetting the explanations of your routes in legend.