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8:31 am, all stack. Your hot coffee is on the desk. You are installed in front of your PC (or your Mac, I’m not chauvinistic). That’s it, your work day starts. You came up like a jumping dick at Gifi’s. Ready to do battle with traffic acquisition, SEO and capturing emails from future prospects. You already have eyes that sparkle when you imagine the curve of your PayPal account that will overshadow the Empire State Building …

8h42, all stack.
You’ve finished your coffee. 4 tabs are open in your Internet browser.
2 for YouTube with cat videos.
On the next one, there is Facebook and photos of your friends on vacation in Thailand.
On the last one, you opened Twitter to post something … but you no longer know what it is.

Training & Co'm

Badly crossed to bring visitors to your site and prime the prospect pump.

Having a blog, dreaming of financial independence, being self-employed. It is commendable, it is beautiful. I even wish you.

Except that to get there, we will have to work.

Otherwise your dreams will end up in the closet. With the running shoes you wore only 2 times after a resolution of 1st January.

The purpose of this article?

Show you that you don’t necessarily have to work 15 hours a day to be effective and advance your projects.

Because there are things you can put in place.
Without it taking your head. But who will help you move forward. In the short term, but especially in the long term.

Because that’s what you’re aiming for. No winning 3 peanuts at the end of the month. But to have something prosperous and profitable.

In a word: attention

A riddle for you.
What is the most expensive currency of our time?
An idea ?
Come on, I’ll give you the answer.
It’s attention.
It’s your attention.
That of your prospects and future customers.

The American entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck understood everything when he said “I day trade attention”. His job, what he does well above all else, is grabbing people’s attention.

Because capturing people’s attention is the first thing to do to then successfully sell your products and services to them.

Every time you hang out on the net, watch videos, surf Facebook. You give part of your attention. And that, the big guys on the web (Google, Facebook, etc.), they understood. Because that’s how they make a living. They resell your attention to companies that advertise. For you to consume.

The worst part of it all?

Most of the time, you don’t even know why you signed in. Why are you going to Facebook. Why you are on YouTube.

The first thing to do, if you want to advance in your activity, is to keep your attention under control.

And if you want it to work. You have to be a bit extremist.

When you start your day, you need to move forward on a subject, if you are afraid of being too distracted, you can do this:

  • Internet cut. Turn off WiFi if necessary;
  • Uninstall Facebook and Messenger from your phone. And also the ton of applications that are only there to disturb you;
  • Disable all notifications from your smartphone that will disturb you while you work.

Because otherwise, all this time, you give your attention.
On a subject that you did not ask, but that you were pushed (hence the name “Push” notification on your smartphone).

Do you use Facebook for your job?

Perfect, it’s a good idea. But just spend the time it takes to work. So that the use is not addictive.

The ideal is to work in batch mode. To do all the things you need to do at once and avoid going back to them every hour.

Do you want to post statuses on your page? Write 20 and schedule them throughout the week. No need to start the next morning like this.

Same when you start unstacking your ton of emails.

You can stop being pushed around to choose by whom and when your attention should be diverted from its purpose.

You took the first step. But we’re not going to stop there.

Pack your bags

When you go on vacation, do you go to hell?
Like, are you showing up at the airport with half-empty suitcases and no passport?
In any case, I don’t wish it for you unless your trip is to spend 10 days in Roissy.

It’s the same for your work day.
If you don’t prepare it, it will not go well.

My advice in 6 words?

Prepare your day every day.

This is probably the best tip I can give you. Because it is done in 5 minutes when you are a little run in. And if you don’t take those minutes, it can cost you dearly in the end.

So how do you do it?


Before you even throw yourself on social media like a hyena on a carcass, take a deep breath.
Sit at your desk, take a paper and a pencil (or a tablet, a computer, I’m not chauvinistic I tell you).

You will note the task the most important thing you have to achieve in your day. If there was only one to do.

It’s her. And no other.

If this task is short, write 2 or 3. And work on it. In priority. The rest must become incidental.

In the evening, when you take stock of your day, what has been noted should be finished.

Well, we are moving on. Let’s take a closer look at this day.

Find your rush hour

During the day your energy fluctuates.
There are ups and downs, it’s like on Space Mountain. When you are upstairs, it is top, you have a racing heart. Downstairs, it’s immediately less fun.

For work, it’s the same. When your energy is at its maximum, this is where you have to work and produce.

At that time, usually there is only one per day. It will last between 60 and 90 minutes. If you let it pass, you can come back the next day at the same time. But it would be a shame not to enjoy everyday.

When asked how I manage a salaried job, my family life and an entrepreneurial job, I answer that it is not complicated.

But you have to work.

Tough yes, but above all intelligently.

If you spend 2 hours on a task that should only take you 30 minutes because you are replying to emails at the same time as you are writing an article, you have lost 90 minutes.
And this time, nobody will give it back to you.

Do as you feel.

Put a helmet on your head. With the music that you love to spin your potato while you are focused.
Are you going to pass for the painful service? The one you shouldn’t disturb when he works?
Perfect, that’s the goal!
Do not forget.
Your day.
Your hours.
Your work.
Your results.

Because that’s how it works.

By the time I start writing this article, it’s 9:30 p.m.
It is a problem ?
I left work at 5.30 p.m.
I gave my son the bath. I played with him and ate family. At 8 p.m., he’s in bed (don’t mess around either, he’s 17 months old).
Until 9pm I relaxed, I chatted with my partner. Then half an hour of video game to feed my suppressed teenage side.

21:30. It’s an hour when I’m good at working. I have a boost of energy, of inspiration. So I’m enjoying it.
And you should do the same.
Find your hours.
Those during which the conditions are ideal for you.
Or nobody bothers you.
Or you can produce more results in 1 hour than most of the rest of the day.

Because the goal is not to work like hell, but to do it at the right time.

Work less

Do you know guys who throw themselves everywhere?
The guys tell you that they are multitasking and that they manage a lot of things at the same time.
Don’t do like them.
It does not work.

Science has proven that the more you navigate between subjects, the more you tire your brain.

The ideal is to take your subjects 1 by 1.
And to chain them.

Ford, he understood this a long time ago when he created the first assembly lines.

If your job is intellectual and not physical, it works too.

Do you have an article to write?

Just do that for 30, 45, 60 minutes, while the inspiration is there.

And especially.


Mute notifications from your phone. I already told you, I know. But it’s so important.
Seriously, do you need to know that Jean-Michel liked one of your posts while you are writing your article? No. No and no.

The more accessible these temptations are, the more attention you will give them. And the less your article will advance.

Because in order to start producing more results, you have to start by doing less.
You have to focus on the important topics (the ones you defined just above when preparing your day).

This is how you are going to move forward.

Ideally, these important subjects are those that will feed your goals for the year, advance your projects.

Which means that they have to be clear, defined, precise, concrete.

Come on, before you leave, let’s talk about your night.

The night carries sleep

Fortunately, the days come to an end. And you will even have to go to bed.

Seriously, I love to sleep. The moment I slip into bed. I grab a good book, I hold some music. Perhaps even one of the best times of the day.

Your brain needs rest.

Your body needs rest.

These 2 there, if you deprive them, they will make you pay at one time or another. Not in the short term no. But it is the accumulation that is dangerous. Cutting back on hours of sleep to work more, longer, it doesn’t work.

It is not for nothing that sleep deprivation has been used as a weapon of torture.

I’ve never been tortured, but if like me you have a child who thinks more about playing with his stuffed toys at night than sleeping, you know how much it affects your morale, your nerves and therefore your productivity.

It is dangerous to negotiate with your body and your health as you negotiate a credit with your banker.

Have you ever had a sleepless night?

Difficult the next day to think and strike when we talk to you. And what about the accumulated physical fatigue.

Sleeping, resting, relaxing is the best way to stay efficient over time.

My advice so that your sleep remains a key point of your productivity?

Go to bed and get up at a fixed time. This will give you a steady rhythm and help you fall asleep more easily. For example, I go to bed around 11 p.m. and get up between 7 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. Maybe your rhythm will be going to bed at 1 am to get up at 8 am.

It doesn’t matter, everyone has their own.

Nothing worse than having a chaotic sleep cycle. Look at the workers, the nurses, who have to change schedules all the time. A blow in the morning, a blow in the evening, a blow at night. A sleep catastrophe. Not to mention the impact on social life, but that’s another debate.

How to find your rhythm? Try it out.

You can see what time you hit the bar at night and try to go to bed at that time. Also watch what time you get up in the morning when you haven’t set the alarm.

There is no magic recipe. Just practice and analysis.

On the other hand, no need to go to bed dressed at night to save time in the morning. It is not profitable and in addition your shirt will be wrinkled.

The final word

You see, there is no miracle. Which is good news because otherwise you may have to wait a long time.

On the other hand, I am convinced that by putting into practice the 5 points that I touched on, you can obtain real changes. Because that’s what happened to me.

One last tip, don’t try to change everything at once (see tip 4). Take one of these tips. The one you feel the best maybe, to start. And apply it in your daily life. Then when it looks like it’s going to go on to the next one.

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