Hi, I’m Theo. I have been a professional copywriter for two years. For two years, I have had the chance to write dozens of sales pages, on dozens of different themes. I was able to increase the sales of dozens of customers (that’s a lot of dozens …). Recently, I wrote a sales page that passed one of my clients (Laurent) from € 2,500 to € 4,000 – per MONTH.

Throughout the week, I’m showing you how I did it – step by step. Today we’re looking at the fifth (and final) part of a sales page: the conclusion. so here’s how to write a conclusion which brings in 4000 € per month

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This is it: you’re finally there.

After spending so much time on your sales page …

After putting in place and writing all the elements you need …

You arrive finally at the end of this sales page.

You just have to write a few lines to close it definitively, and after that FINITO. You can swing it online, your readers will read it, and your sales.

There is just one (very) little catch: How do you end a sales page?

I mean … after writing your title, your introduction, your offer …

After even making the effort to write a nice guarantee to reassure your readers

How do you write a good conclusion? Admit that it would be a shame to lose sales just because you end your sales page badly.

It would be a bit like eating in a star restaurant…

Taste the best dishes of your life …

In a sublime atmosphere…

Then finish with a disgusting dessert.

Not great, is it?

That’s why today I’m going to teach you how to write a slamming conclusion.

The kind of conclusion that convinces your last reluctant readers to buy your product …

And which confirms those who already wanted to buy in their choice (by making them take out their credit card faster than Lucky Lucke draws his gun).

Would you like to ?

So put on your belt, because it’s going to be fast.

Note : At the end of this article is a “bonus” gift for you, to learn how to write sales pages that sell.

How to write a conclusion that brings in maximum sales

When you write your conclusion, you have one (and only) mission:

Show your reader that your product is exactly what he needs.

There are several ways to do this. But I’m going to show you (in my opinion) THE most effective.

The one I use on ALL of my sales pages, which has allowed me to increase the sales of dozens of customers so far.

I used it in particular on Laurent’s wind page, the client I told you about at the start (which I increased from € 2,500 to € 4,000 per month).

This means is “The Binary Conclusion”.

Let me explain how it works …

The Binary Conclusion: A Powerful Tool

The principle is simple. It takes place in two parts:

  1. You are going to ask your reader in your conclusion to imagine his life with his continuing problem (usually he doesn’t like this vision);
  2. Then you ask your reader to imagine his life with his problem solved, thanks to your product (usually, he likes it, and he buys it).

A demonstration is worth 1000 words.

Here’s how I did it on my client Laurent’s sales page (the sales page was to sell a diet to help overweight men):

You see ? It’s very simple.

  1. I show the reader what could happen if he continued on this path: nothing will change, you will continue to gain weight, etc. ;
  2. Then I show him what his life could be like if he took matters into his own hands: he really starts to lose weight, he feels better about himself, people’s eyes change…

Basically, you show your reader his zero life VS his good life.

You don’t need to manipulate: just describe the reality of things to your reader.

The binary conclusion is powerful, because it makes your reader aware that YES, if he wants to change and solve his problem / reach his goal, he must act.

And if he feels ready … if you built your sales page well before your conclusion … he will end up buying.

Boom: the circle is complete.

Honestly, I could give you other tips on concluding your sales page … but that would only confuse you.

The point is not to spend hours and hours on your sales page like a professional copywriter.

Your goal is to write quickly a sales page that WORKS.

In a simple way.

And that brings you real sales.

This week, I showed you all of this through my articles. You can review everything here:


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It’s here : The Structure In 5 Steps To Write A Sales Page That Sells SAFE

It’s free, it takes less than two minutes, and you’ll know exactly where to start (and exactly what to do) when you need to write your next sales page.

I’m sure it will help you.

See you soon,

– Théo, Le Copywriter