You want to know the safest way to have quality traffic ? Without spending insane amounts? Without killing yourself on the job? Email marketing. It’s radical. Still, your emails must be open and your subscribers click to find out more. You want to learn to write a newsletter who converts? Let’s go…


Why is sending a newsletter essential?

Because people like it

Write a newsletter allows you to hit a wide target and increase
the number of your prospects.

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See rather:

  • 90% of Internet users use email at least once a week, and 81% have subscribed to at least one newsletter (EMA study – Email Marketing Attitude, 2017);
  • 94% of Internet users look at their mailbox once a day (National Syndicate of Direct Communication)
write a newsletter

And if you are worried about bothering your subscribers, know that email is the preferred channel for Internet users to interact with brands (52%) in front of social networks or applications.

Pretty good, isn’t it?

Because it costs nothing

Except for a little while.

Imagine how much money
it would cost to reach thousands of prospects through
more “classic” marketing channels, paid SEO or
Google ads campaigns.

Your email list is there, warm, ready to listen to what you have to say, without having to explode your advertising budget.

To develop a privileged relationship with your list of prospects

Consider publishing your newsletter as a way to build a strong bond with your subscribers. You pamper them, allow them to be regularly informed of the latest news in their industry and to deepen the subjects that interest them.

You retain them. You convert more efficiently.

To increase your traffic

Everyone who has set up a newsletter knows this: the day of publication corresponds to a peak in traffic. Write a newsletter allows you to boost your organic traffic because it attracts new readers and brings a loyal reader base back to your site.

And that’s good for your SEO.

Because the newsletter is a powerful conversion tool

Write a newsletter is good for your business.

76% of newsletter subscribers
declare having already purchased a product or service online from an included link
in the mail.

75% say they go to the store to buy products or services mentioned in a newsletter. (EMA study – Email Marketing Attitude, 2017).

This power of the newsletter is further enhanced by the fact that you can easily analyze the behavior of your subscribers and offer them tailor-made offers.

Tips for writing a newsletter that converts

Attack with a punchy headline

The title is the only element that
whether a subscriber opens your email or not. It must arouse desire. Make you want
to know more.

A bad title, and bam, these are
hundreds, thousands of readers lost. Euros that spin you between

All that, but how
to transform a title “mouais” into a title “wahouuu”?

Play on emotions

Love. The fear. Happiness. The
sadness. The surprise. The fright.

A coschedule study done on 10 million titles (it starts to make a good package, doesn’t it?) Shows that the more emotion a title conveyed, the more it was shared.

Here is a list of 233 magic words to use to help you write magnetic titles.

So instead of:

  • How to prepare a good snack?


  • How to prepare a snack that will make your
    children overjoyed?

Instead of :

  • 15 signs that your son-in-law is
    not for your daughter


  • 15 signs that your son-in-law is a
    threat to your daughter

Do you see the difference ?

Advertise color with numbers

For write a newsletter with a good title, present the
benefit of your reader.

With numbers, it’s still

If your article lists 89 ways
to get rid of cellulite, start your headline with this figure.

As for what numbers to use for your article titles, this venngage infographic should really help.

Don’t take your readers for fools

Gone are the early 2000s.
flashy headlines with content as bland as hospital soup. Internet users
are no longer fooled.

Mails titled “Winning
5,000 euros a month without moving from your sofa ”or“ How
become a millionaire in 3 days? Are unlikely to be open.

Keep it simple. Be sincere.

Don’t say “3 secrets
incredible to have a dream body in 15 days “but” 3 effective tips
to lose your extra pounds. ”

Why ?

Because by writing headlines
too promising, you may disappoint your readers (let’s be serious, who owns
the recipe for having a dream body in 2 weeks?).

Once, it can pass. Of them
times, I doubt it. Three times, you no longer exist.

Seduce with quality content

Internet users receive dozens
of emails per day. Seek their attention only if it’s worth it
sentence. Otherwise, your newsletter will end up in the trash.

Always remember this
rule at the time of write a
: it must above all serve the reader.

You must have heard this old man
saying: “Money is in the list”.

That is true. As soon as you
provide value to your subscribers. The more you do, the more you can
establish a relationship of trust with them. The more likely they are to buy from

Give pleasure to your readers, in an original tone, a nice anecdote. Even if they don’t buy anything from you, they will still remember reading your emails as a pleasant moment.

If you want to write high-end content, download my free guide “7 writing tips for compelling articles.”

Don’t knock out your subscribers

Nothing worse than a stuffed newsletter
information and CTA (“Click here”, “Share this”,
“Buy this”, “Follow me there”).


Limit yourself to a short text and a
CTA (Call to Action) by email.

Consider your newsletter as
a teaser. If your subscriber wants to see the rest of the film, he will have to visit your

Serve more than you sell

If the majority, if not the
all of your emails are intended to sell your products, excuse me
say you will pass for the service cracker.

You will not be able to blame your subscribers for not opening your emails or worse, for unsubscribing.

So try to offer more than
ask (a free ebook, checklists, a short bonus video, etc.). You
should notice a clear difference in your statistics.

Talk to your subscriber as a friend

Forget the cold, stylish content
corporate, which makes you want as much as an accounting encyclopedia.

Take advantage of your newsletter to start a conversation with your reader. Tell him about your successes, your failures, your fears, your dreams.

Advice for write a newsletter that looks like a nice moment over coffee: record yourself first, without taking the lead. Transcribe your script, rework it quickly. Then click on

Show how your newsletter is useful

Ask yourself the benefit that the readers of your newsletter
could withdraw. And show them.

Never forget that people don’t care that you spent 1 month writing your € 17 ebook. What interests them is to understand how it will change their lives.

Tell a story

The stories are interesting.

Capture the attention of your
readers by staging your pitch.

What type of story should you
tell ?

Be creative.

Remember the beginnings of
your company. Tell how you got there, stage your
customers, etc.

No matter what you say,
Always respect these basic principles in storytelling:

  • Know your audience;
  • Be sincere;
  • Connect with your prospects by helping them to identify themselves through emotions;
  • Get your audience first, talk about your product after;
  • Be brief, concise, direct.

According to several studies, storytelling boosts conversions:

Instill a sense of urgency

Tick ​​tock. Tick ​​tock. Tick ​​tock.

Let your subscribers know
your offer is limited in time. A subscriber who knows he has plenty of time
to buy your product will be more likely to procrastinate (and forget about you!).

Take care of the layout

The average attention time of a
surfer is lower than that of a goldfish.


I’m not the one saying it, but very serious studies.

What are the basic rules in web copywriting to counter this worrying phenomenon? Choose:

  • Short paragraphs;
  • Structured content (titles, subtitles);
  • The visuals (but not too much);
  • A police force 14 or 15;
  • Words / expressions in bold.

Personalize your shipment

Always with the idea of ​​creating
link, personalize your newsletter with the first name of your subscriber.

An Aberdeen Group study shows that personalizing emails increases the click rate by 14% and conversions by 10%:

Admit that a “Hello Mathieu”
is more engaging than a “Hello Mr. Duschenes. ”

Don’t underestimate the power of the PS

A great copywriting tip that explains why so many of us take a look at the postscript before we even finish reading the email.

The postscript is that little text right under the signature. It allows you to capture the attention of your reader, to emphasize a particular point, to invite your readers to react, to add the little thing that will make the difference like the testimony of a former customer, a reader’s comment, etc.

Think about it when you write your next newsletters.