To write a good email marketing, you have to follow certain rules and arouse the curiosity of your prospects. We will see in this article techniques and hacks that increase its opening and conversion rate …

1 – The sender

First, the person knows immediately who they are dealing with. To put it simply, she should see your last name, first name, followed by the name of your website. You can also insert an image (banner) at the top of your email that reflects one of the characteristics of your business, a color with the logo for example.

google loves me workshop banner

To add your last name, first name, followed by the name of your site, go to the settings of your autoresponder.

2 – The object

The subject is one of the most important aspects when writing an email. It is thanks to the object that you will be able to increase your click and open rates. If it’s not optimized, you’re going to have a hard time selling by email.

A good object generally has three points:

  • Remove one of the three brakes (money, effort, time). For this, you can add at the end of your sentence “without money”, “in 5 minutes”, “easily”;
  • Don’t make it too complicated in the subject: the person must immediately understand what the email is about;
  • Advertise a benefit in the object, it can be a reduction “-50% on …” or even “earn 1000 euros with …”.

Examples of objects:

  • Traveling with your business
  • -5 kilos without sport
  • 2000 euros in 5 days
  • Learn… in 3 minutes
  • Independence in 31 days
  • Your new source of income!

Once you understand how to write an object, let’s go to the email structure.

3 – The structure of an email

I’ll give you the optimal structure of an email as dots. It’s up to you to use this structure and adapt it to your business.

  • Add the banner (company image / logo);
  • Say hello (you have to humanize the relationship);
  • Announce the reason for sending the email (I’m sending you this email because I’ve released a new video that will teach you how to …);
  • Add three dots each time with benefits (most emails do). Try to convince people (do a bit like in the example objects);
  • Insert the call to action (imperative phrase with the hyperlink “click here”);
  • Add a picture preferably, this can be your YouTube thumbnail if you send the email to announce the release of a video. Put a link to redirect people if they click on the image (yes, many people click on the images);
  • Insert the original link “http: //www.mfiwmfm… ..” to be sure to make yourself understood. Some people only click if they see a real link?
  • Sign the email (again to humanize the relationship). You can use the formula “Immediately” which indirectly encourages the person to click on your link;
  • Finally, but it is not mandatory, add a “PS:”. Either a slightly funny sentence, an anecdote, or a complementary product or complementary content.

If you apply the tips in this article effectively, I can assure you that you will increase your click and open rate in your next emails! To learn more about email optimization, I explain how to use your database in this other article. See you soon !