▷ I tested Switchy.pro the outsourced telephone reception for entrepreneurs 2020 -
You probably have the same problems as me in
as an entrepreneur: time management. Between off-peak periods and
those where we no longer know where to turn, it became difficult to
to concentrate
, and even a luxury of being able to “cut a little” to
to take some fresh air.When I happened to come across a
telephone reception service, my first reaction was ” it’s not
not for me, i don’t need it and i can’t afford it anyway
“.What is certain is that I cannot afford to hire a secretary or an assistant, but I ended up becoming addicted to Switchy.pro which I had tested out of curiosity (after reading that the service was mainly aimed at entrepreneurs and freelancers).

So what benefits have attracted my competitors?
I’m going to explain to you how I was able to sign one of my biggest contracts for
the year and finally give me a few days of vacation.

Switchy.pro: a flexible service, at a very correct price and which does not
don’t commit

After a few minutes on the site www.switchy.pro, it is quickly understood that an army of secretaries is hiding behind the service.

telephone permanence switchy

To my surprise, registration is done entirely in
line. So I fill in the name of my agency and my e-mail on the page
, I receive a confirmation email to create a password, and my
account is already active.

What is interesting for me and entrepreneurs
general is that the model works without a subscription. If I don’t consume,
I don’t pay anything. Upon registration, I was credited with 10 calls for
start using the service. Then, when the counter approaches 0, we
can reload as many calls as necessary (from 20 to 250).

How can the telephone reception service respond to my
square ?

telephone transfer number

I now find myself on my personalized space where I
see that I have been assigned a “transfer number”. I decide
then test the service. I call this number and what is not my surprise
to hear a young man pick up ” Name of my agency,
Hello “.

I am surprised and I understand at the same time that I gave
the name of my agency at registration. This was enough to give the illusion that
I had just enlarged my teams

To see how far the service could go, I
asks if it is possible to “make an appointment with Vincent for
offer my work-study services for the year 2019/2020 “.

The young man replied that “the person concerned is not reachable at the moment” but that he will “transmit the information to him in order to be contacted again”. All done very realistic, as if my interlocutor was in Vincent’s neighboring office, I am amazed.

When I hang up, I get an email with all
the information of the call and I find this report in the section of
messages, see for yourself:

email recap telephone message-transfer

How to use a telephone reception service on a daily basis

Again the site explains the procedure quite well. I have 2
possibilities: I communicate the transfer number directly to me
, or I transfer my usual line to this number.

Very independent in nature, I decide to transfer my mobile phone to the number where my calls will be answered. I compose the * 21 * telephoneNumber# and the call transfer is activated. In other words: all my calls are redirected to the reception agents.

To stop the transfer, it’s even easier, I
dial it # 21 #.

telephone transfer

A little trick that I discovered while looking for a
bit: sometimes, when I no longer know if I have disabled the transfer, I
dial it * # 21 # and my phone tells me if a transfer is in progress
or not.

It’s pretty easy to handle and it saved me from
several situations.

I adopted Switchy, clearly made for entrepreneurs

Let’s get to the basics: everyday life. If I have decided
to share with you my experience today is that Switchy saved me from
several situations. It may well be the same for you.

  • My social life: like all
    entrepreneurs, it’s quite difficult for me to organize my days (and my
    nights) of work. Whether with my friends, my family, my partner … it’s not
    not always easy to “disconnect” from work. I tell myself that with
    Switchy, my customer relationship is improving and I’m no longer afraid of missing a call
    important or urgent. I now give myself 2 evenings a week, which
    I had a hard time holding on before using this service.
  • My professional life: the least
    that we can say is that the service competes frankly with a recruit to
    full time (which I couldn’t have hired anyway). Switchy picks up
    calls that I transfer Monday to Saturday from 8 to 20h. The amplitude
    schedule is just perfect for continuously accepting incoming calls
    when I am traveling or performing for a client. This summer,
    I was able to sign one of my biggest clients thanks to a call received at 7 p.m.
    . Not sure that at this time, in the middle of summer, I would have answered a
    unknown call if I had not transferred my calls to Switchy. With this client,
    I paid for the service for several years. Like what !
  • My holidays : an important point
    for me not to be overlooked! And for good reason: in August, I
    am granted 4 days vacation, which had not happened to me since
    almost 5 years. When I returned, I was able to efficiently handle the calls that
    I had received in the meantime. Next year, I’m already planning to take a week

What is the price of peace of mind with Switchy?

This is certainly what convinced me to try Switchy. It is
also the reason that will certainly make me a loyal customer. A quick
calculation on the packs offered for purchase makes it possible to understand that the call is
billed around € 1. In the end, last month, I spent more on my
budget “baguette” at the bakery, only on Switchy!

I hope my feedback will help others
entrepreneurs to find a little freedom thanks to a low investment.

Test for free the 10 calls offered for registration,
I’m sure it will change your vision of entrepreneurship.

Website: www.switchy.pro

Article written in collaboration with Switchy