We talk about it regularly here, set up a content strategy is essential for communication. The content is moreover at the center ofInbound Marketing, quality content will give you visibility on social networks and search engines. It will also position you as an expert on your topic and convince your prospects and customers to call on you. I tested, for this article, TextMaster a service of content creation, my feedback and one discount code to test yourself later in this article

Although we are aware of the importance of content, it is sometimes difficult to produce quantity and quality. In addition, when you are targeting the international and you want to localize your site in several languages, it is better to call on natives who will produce content adapted to the country you are targeting. In this context, I wanted to test TextMaster which allows publishers looking for content to access a community of writers / translators.

To do our test, we used article 7 tips to get more Facebook “likes” that we submitted to TextMaster for an English translation.

If you want to test for yourself, here is a code allowing you to have 15% additional credit when ordering: ContentisKing (respect the capital letters)

Once the account is created, you access an interface allowing you to make requests to editors in the community (60,000 editors and translators in 10 languages).

1st step: buy credits

You have several packs allowing you to write more or less content. Note that the price of a writing or a translation will depend on the different options.

The offer starts from € 0.02 for the word written and € 0.03 for a translation. Then the price per word will vary depending on the level of the writer, his expertise in a field of activity and different additional options (proofreading by TextMaster to ensure better quality, writing complex documents …). For example for an article of 300 words, the price will fluctuate between 6 and 45 € depending on your level of requirement. On our side to test, we opted for a credit of € 35.

Textmaster pack

We will now test the translation of our article. To do this, click on “New project”.

Textmaster new project

2nd step: create a project

A project will contain one or more articles to translate or write. For example, if you want to translate an entire section of your site or write several content around the same theme, you will create a project for this.

The project will contain, a type (writing / translation), a source language and a target language, a theme as well as your brief. At this level you have different options such as quality control by TextMaster, calling an expert in a given topic or a particular author if you have already dealt with a talented author whom you have put in your favorites.

Based on these criteria, TextMaster tells you how many writers meet your criteria.

textmaster option

You can then make recommendations on the formatting of the content and specify your need thanks to options such as the use of a specific keyword, the type of vocabulary (popular, technical, etc.), the target audience, etc. In my case, I have specified a technical vocabulary intended for adults.

3rd step: create content sheets

A content sheet will contain a title (in our case the title of our article to be translated), the number of words required as well as the source (where I pasted the French content of our article). You can also give instructions visible to the entire writing community and others accessible only to the editor assigned to the editor.

textmaster file

By using a Premium translator, the cost per word was € 0.06 or € 21 for an article of 350 words. Since this is a blog post, I wanted to have it proofread by someone from TextMaster, so I added the quality control option (+0.04 per word) for a total cost of € 35.

Once the form is filled, you just have to save it. If your project contains several essays, add as many files as there are subjects to be treated / translated.

4th and last step: submit the project

Once you have completed your brief and your forms, the total cost appears. You must then verify the information and click on “Launch the project”.

Your project then appears in your project tracking, you can then follow here where the creation is.

textmaster project finished

We just have to wait. The author assigned to the article or the translation may contact you to specify elements of the brief. In my case, half an hour after submission (despite the fact that it is a Saturday evening) the translator contacted me to ask for a clarification on a blurred passage of the article.

I then waited only one working day for my translation. You can see the result of the translation of the article here: 7 ways to get more Facebook Likes.

To conclude

TextMaster offers a very easy-to-use interface and a community of responsive writers. With the different quality levels, we can either obtain a large quantity of articles at low cost or prefer, as we have done, a higher quality level and a proofreading in order to obtain qualitative articles.

Also note that there is a WordPress plugin to order editors of content directly from the interface of your site.

References like Au feminine, Webedia, AWE or Allociné use TextMaster which is rather reassuring. And you, have you ever used a content creation service of this type? What do you think ? Feel free to test with the ContentisKing code to get 15% more credit!

To create your account and test, go to the TextMaster website.